Bissell big green vs rug doctor: which is the best carpet cleaner?

Carpets will always pick up dirt, especially if you have kids or own a pet. That is given. For that reason, you will need to deep clean your carpet time to time, but which is the best carpet cleaner?

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If you have tried to do some research on carpet cleaning, you have probably heard of the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 and the Bissell Big Green. These two cleaners are top performing deep carpet cleaners from reputable companies and deciding among the two is not that easy.

So, to make it easier for you when hiring or purchasing any of these machines, I have compared the Bissell big green vs rug doctor in detail.

Bissell Big Green Vs Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

In this section I am going to unleash the main differences between the Rug Doctor
Vs Bissell Big Green

Tank capacity

The Big Green has a tank capacity of 1.75 gallons, and on the other hand, Rug
Doctor boasts of having a tank capacity of 3.9 gallons.


The Bissell Big Green weighs 42 pounds while the Rug Doctor weighs only 36 pounds. This indicates that the Rug Doctor is lighter than the Bissell Big Green, but
this only applies when both are empty.

Remember, the Rug Doctor has a higher tank capacity compared to the Big Green. This means, when both the machines are loaded, their weight is almost the same.

Cleaning Method

The Rug Doctor offers a single pass cleaning method while the Bissell Big Green
offers a forward and backward cleaning method.


Due to the forward and backward cleaning method offered by the Bissell Big Green,
your cleaning is much quicker and effective. So, the Bissell Big Green wins the
performance trophy.

Power Cord Length

The Rug Doctor is equipped with a power cord whose length is 28 feet while the
Bissell’s power cord stretches up to 25 feet.

Those are the key differences between the Rug Doctor and Bissell Big Green, let’s go
ahead and review these two cleaners

The Bissell Big Green is among the best carpet cleaners out there. Backed up with great reviews, this machine is a top performing cleaner. Let us see what the Bissell carpet cleaner has to offer.

Key Features of the Bissell Big Green:

Ergonomic Design

The design of the Rug Doctor is just but awesome, and its handle is at the proper
height. All this ensures you don’t strain and also enjoy your cleaning.

Cleaning Method

Contrary to the Bissell Big Green, the Rug Doctor offers a single pass cleaning method. This means the manufacturer does not advise moving the cleaner forward and backward to clean tough stains.

In fact, they recommend you wait until the carpet is dry to pass the cleaner again
over tough stains.

Adorable Performance

To ensure the performance of the Rug Doctor is adorable, its cleaning system has
been designed to be a high-end performer. This design helps the Rug Doctor take
out tough stains in only one pass.

High Tank Capacity

The Rug Doctor boast of having a 3.9 gallons tank capacity. A high tank capacity is
an advantage since it enables you to clean a larger place before doing a refill.

However, this high tank capacity comes with a small price; the weight of the cleaner is increased which negatively affect its maneuverability.


With only the 36 pounds that the Rug Doctor weighs, you can count on easy
transportation and great maneuverability when cleaning.

Super Boost

On top of the high-end performance, the Rug Doctor Carpet cleaner features a super
boost spray that you can activate when cleaning areas with tough stains or heavily soiled.

Handheld Cleaning Tool

The rug Doctor comes with a handheld cleaning tool that allows you to clean the
hard-to-reach places and also clean car sits and furniture.

Things We Liked

  • angellist
    Rug Doctor is a high-end performer
  • angellist
    High tank capacity 
  • angellist
    Super boost
  • angellist
    Incredible performance
  • angellist
    Handheld cleaning tool 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • square-o
    High tank capacity affects maneuverability 
  • square-o
    Does not recommend forward and backward cleaning method

Bottom Line

Believing in its single pass cleaning method, the Rug Doctor is really a beast when it comes to carpet cleaning. It is best for people who want to clean their carpets for ones and final. 

Here is another great carpet cleaning machine with stunning features and excellent performance. It also remarkable reviews from happy customers and users.

Key Features of the Rug Doctor:

Elegant Design

The Bissell Big Green has been constructed with an elegant design that assures you of comfort and elegancy as you maneuver over the carpet.

Great Cleaning Method

Bissell Big Green provides a forward and backward cleaning method. This method offers a very efficient way of dealing with stubborn stains, but it requires more water
and solution which attracts an extra cost.

Excellent performance

For enhanced performance, the Bissell Big Green is equipped with rotating dirt-lifter power brushes that efficiently scrub your carpet. Coupled with the backward and forward cleaning method, the performance of the Big Green becomes superb.

Reasonable weight

Weighing only 42 pounds, you will easily push the Big Green over your carpet even when loaded. This is a great feature since it enhances maneuverability.

Adequate tank capacity

The Bissell Big Green has a tank capacity of 1.75 gallons which is adequate to clean a larger portion of your rug or carpet. Also, both the dirty and clean tanks are removable. This makes it easier for you empty or refill.

Lengthy Power cord

To ensure your cleaning reaches the peak, Bissell Big Green has been equipped with
a 25 feet power cord. This helps you stretch longer while cleaning.

Flow indicator

This feature kicks guess work out of your house by monitoring the water and solution
for you. It lets you know when the tanks need attention.

Comes with a Stain Tool

Due to the arrangement and design of furniture, there are some places on the carpet
that a deep cleaner machine cannot access. To save you from shifting the furniture, Bissell Big Green comes with a stain tool that helps you reach the difficult areas.

Things We Liked

  • angellist
    Excellent cleaning method
  • angellist
    Great performance
  • angellist
    Carpet dries faster
  • angellist
    Comes with a stain tool for the hard-to-reach areas

Things We Didn’t Like

  • square-o
    The 1.75 gallons tank capacity betrays its forward and backward cleaning method which requires more water
  • square-o
    The aggressiveness of the forward and backward cleaning method may pluck the carpet’s fibers. 

Bottom Line

With such great potential and capabilities, the Bissell Big Green is a tough deep carpet cleaner. It is best for those who are looking for a tool to punish the stains and odor on their carpets. 

Important Notes 

Compared to the Rug Doctor, the Bissell Big Green releases a lot of heat when cleaning. Because of this reason, it is advised you open windows and turn on the air-conditioner to avoid the risk of skin irritation.

Rug Doctor on the side is not perfect; its ability to suck up water from the carpet is not that good. So, carpets cleaned using the Rug Doctor take longer to dry as compared to those cleaned using the Big Green.

Additional Tips

  • Before purchasing or hiring a carpet cleaner, the outcome performance should be your first priority.
  • After checking the outcome performance, the method of cleaning comes next. Make sure its cleaning method is brilliant.
  • Since the cleaner is intended to be used in the house; weight, power cord length, and tank capacity are minor concerns.

Which is which, the Rug Cleaner or the Bissell Big Green? 

Both the Rug Doctor and Bissell Big Green incorporates great technologies that
maximizes the efficiency of your cleaning. But let us face the truth; there some stubborn stains that require several passes regardless of how good the cleaner is.

For this reason, the forward and backward method is more promising and also enables you to clean your carpet more vigorously. Having said that, we can conclude
that the Bissell Big Green offers the best cleaning method and hence the performance.

Final Verdict 

Deep cleaning you carpet is a very important exercise that enhances the hygiene of
your house. After discussing the difference between Rug Doctor deep carpet
cleaner Vs Bissell Big Green, we can conclude that the Bissell Big Green is the
winner of the day.

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