Miele C2 vs C3: Main Differences – ‘Full Comparison’

Buying Miele vacuum products has never been easy. The different range of models on offer makes it difficult for most users to differentiate them. 

So how can you differentiate between Miele vacuum brands? Before you can purchase any Miele vacuum brand, you need to know and appreciate the differentiate features of these models.

I understand this struggle, and in this brief, I have decided to compare Miele C2 vs C3 so you would know their major differences. 

Why select these products? 

Miele vacuum cleaners enjoy an excellent reputation and most users consider them as the best vacuum cleaners in the market. 

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, Miele brand comes with inbuilt excellent HEPA filters that are fully covered so no allergens or dust particles can escape.

Besides, Miele C2 and C3 vacuum cleaners come with fingertip controls for suction regulation, large high-efficiency fiber bag, and exceptionally easy swivel action. The company has designed different models that offer users a wide range of options. 

It has grouped its vacuums into three distinct series that users can choose from. 

So you can rest assured that this series presents unique designs that will suit your needs and personal preference. 

Miele C2 and C3 vacuum cleaners Reviews

Miele C2 represents the vacuum cleaners with power heads that can clean large area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, and bare floors. They come with tightly sealed systems, HEPA filtration compatibility, and genuine Miele dustbags. 

Miele C2 machines categorized in these series are the names that correspond to the names of some stones. 

For instance, the Miele vacuums in these C2 series are Topaz, Quartz, and Onyx. All these names are derived from stones. 

Miele C2 series products are designed by Miele Company. 



Our rating

Things we liked:

  • They are slightly smaller and easier to transport unlike C1 series vacuums
  • Operate at slightly lower volume with an average output of 55-67 decibels
  • They come with automatic cord rewind and six-setting suction control dials
  • They possess air clean sealed system

Things we didn’t like:

  • Can provide a total cleaning radius of 33 feet unlike C3 that provide a total cleaning radius of 36 feet
  • Highly expensive compared to other brands of carpet cleaners

As you can see Miele C2 has a strong suction capability and therefore they are suitable to clean difficult to remove dirt and pet hair 

Who are the target users of this product? 

Miele C2 is mainly suitable for users who intend to clean soft carpets because they cannot easily destroy the carpet’s fabrics. 

Miele C3 series are the vacuum cleaners that come with a complete package of 100% gasket-sealed systems, electronic suction control panels, on-board tool storage system and pre-installed active HEPA exhaust filters. 

Examples of models in these series include Miele’s high-end Kona, Calima, Alize, Marin, Brilliant and Cat & Dog canister vacuums.

All the brands in these series are the products of Miele Company. 



Our rating

Things we liked:

  • These models can accommodate Miele’s height-adjustable Electronic Premium power nozzles
  • They are suitable for floors with soft carpets and all smooth flooring
  • Can clean a total radius of 36 feet
  • These machines effortlessly adapt to the cleaning task at hand

Things we didn’t like:

  • They are highly expensive compared to other types of cleaners

Just like Miele C2, C3 are relatively expensive vacuum cleaners compare to other brands, However, it has excellent cleaning features

Who are the target users of this product? 

As you can see this machine is suitable to clean all types of floors and therefore it is recommended for users with both soft and heavy carpets. 

Key features and benefits 

Speed Control

Miele C2 and C3 possess different speed control. Miele C2 uses a rotary dial that has six variable power settings.
On the other hand, most Miele C3 carpet cleaning machines possess a speed control that is regulated through a step on settings that will allow users to choose six different power levels from 300-1200 watts. 

Besides, Miele C3 comes with an Automatic Power Setting which automatically adjusts the speed control to the power setting you need. 

Filtration System and Bag 

Miele C2 and Miele C3 have different filtration systems.

Miele C2 has AirClean Filter alongside 3.7 quart Type FJM AirClean dust bag with a flap for dust-free removal and pre-motor filter. 

Miele 3 comes with a 4.76 quart capacity alongside G/N AirClean FilterBag and Active HEPA filter. 

However, both Miele C2 and C3 have multi-layer dust bags which can accommodate HEPA filter cartridges that trap allergens and other dust particles. 


Both Miele C3 and C2 operate on 1200 watt of power using a vortex Motor system.

Rug and floor combination 

The two brands of Miele Vacuums possess two different rugs and floor combination. Miele C2 comes with a rug and floor combination nozzle which can rotate the agile 180 and it is able to maintain a gentle care on smooth surfaces.

Unlike Miele C2, Miele C3 series has an inbuilt AllTeQ combination rug and floor tool. This feature makes Miele C3 machines to be ideal for homes with soft or deep-pile carpets. 

Cleaning radius

Though the two series of vacuum cleaners have a long electrical cord, stainless steel and a telescope with a single-touch automatic rewind, they differ in the total cleaning radius. Miele C2 provides a clean radius of 33 feet whereas Miele C3 provides a total cleaning radius of 36 feet.

Therefore, C3 is more suitable for all types of floors as it can remove debris and dirt easily from crevices of hardwood tile. 

FAQ and additional tips

Many users frequently ask whether C2's electric motor brush is compatible with this Miele. The answer is no, it is not compatible because Miele C2 model does not have an electric connection in the canister to operate a powered nozzle.

Also, you should know that once you purchase any machines in these series, all the required filters are included in the box. So you will start using right away the machines.

Win: Miele C2 vs C3 ?

As you have seen, Miele C2 and C3 represent several series of Miele models that come in different designs. 

The two series mainly differ in the filtration systems used and the total cleaning radius inbuilt into the two vacuums. 

The two Miele vacuums come with excellent features such as the ability to regulate the amount of power. Though they have some similarities they differ in several aspects. 
So Miele C2 and C3 are the best-rated vacuum cleaners, and if you consider purchasing one then I highly recommend C3 brand

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