Uncover What Propelled Me To Write Polar Bear Cooler Reviews?

Long ago, I had this camping trip lined up at a place where the temperature levels were high at that time. I decided to look for things that could help me enjoy camping comfortably. The first thing that crossed my mind was about getting cool drinks in the middle of a jungle.

Someone at work suggested getting a cooler if I intended to go for such trips. I searched more about coolers online. I was looking for something that could be good enough to store few drinks and other food items.

I found several cooler options in various shapes and sizes. After shortlisting a couple of them, I decided to go ahead and buy this one the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack in red color. It appeared to be a neat and sturdy cooler bag.

Although, there were options with 16 Pack and 48 Pack options available, I felt that the 24 Pack should suffice for my use. It was just the thing that I needed. I got the cooler bag delivered on time and it has turned out to be one of my best investments till date.

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So, here I am, writing this review based on Polar Bear cooler reviews to share my experience with this great product.

Polar Bear cooler reviews

Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack Red

Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack Red

My Review

When the cooler arrived, it was in a flattened state. As per the instructions, I had to pour hot water in it and keep it aside for 5 minutes for it to regain its proper form.Firstly, I will begin my Polar Bear Cooler Review by going over the standard features that made me want to buy it.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Style: Unisex
  • Manufacturer: Polar
  • Origin: China
  • Item Model Number: PB 243
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty with guarantee of staying Sweatproof / Leakproof


  • Rugged Exterior: The rough exterior of the cooler bag is made of 1000 Denier Condura Nylon which helps to protect it from rips, tears or scratches that tend to happen while travelling. I came across Polar Bear cooler reviews where users were quite impressed with the sturdiness of the product.
  • High-quality Zippers: The zippers and other hardware by YKK are of superior quality. They do an excellent job of perfectly storing the content inside the cooler.
  • Interior Liner: The interior of the cooler is made of high-quality TPU Double-Coated Nylon which is approved by the FDA. You can feel the quality of the liner which is sweat-proof and leak-proof with good puncture resistance.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads: The shoulder pads can be easily adjusted as per your comfort. The construction of the adjustable pads really helps to carry the stuffed cooler bag while travelling.
  • Custom Branding: I found out that it can be custom-branded. Well, I loved the product and if they are custom branding it then I would love to gift it or get myself a custom-branded if I need another cooler.

My Rating

After comparing the Polar Bear cooler bag with other similar products, I think I will give the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack Red cooler bag a 4.5/5 rating.


  • Perfect for short trips: Being a soft-sided cooler, the Polar Bear Cooler is good enough to store enough items for a day out with family or friends.
  • Store Chilled Beer: Enjoy chilled beer on the go with the excellent cooling provided by the Polar Bear Cooler.
  • Store frozen foods without ice: If you want to transport food items across the country or for short trips, you can carry them in frozen state without ice. Few Polar Bear Cooler Reviews online spoke about how people used this cooler to move frozen breast milk and deer meat.
  • Portability: The best part of using this cooler is that it can be folded when not in use. Although the nylon cooler is not extremely compact it is still good to have nylon ones than the ones with hard bodies.
  • Side release buckles: The buckles work together to maintain the form of the square-like cooler, making it easy to keep it upright on a surface.
  • Bottle openerThe zipper has a bottle opener attached to it that makes it really convenient while opening bottles.
  • Insulation Quality: The cooler comes with a high-density insulation that uses open-cell foam to keep ice for 24 hours in up to 100 degree heat and hot items up to 200 degrees for several hours in the Polar Bear Cooler.


  • Leakage through zip: Some users have spoken of a possible leakage through the zip, which they got replaced while it was under warranty. Since I generally keep the cooler upright, I haven’t really faced any issue with it yet.
  • Things don’t fit in: The cooler may not be able to fit in too many things. You need to be careful if you want to carry big bottles, you may need a bigger size cooler. For 12 oz 12 pack bottles of beer, you need to organize them carefully inside the cooler so that it fits in.

The Analysis: Final Thought on the Polar Bear Coolers

I bought the cooler for a trip and it has lasted me for few summers now. The cooler is strong and keeps my stuff cool just as I want it to be. The interior liner is far superior compared to similar products in its price range.

I have seen some other coolers fail to maintain the coolness while I go out on trips with friends. We opened the cooler several times during trips and it still maintained the cooling. Some of my friends loved my Polar Bear cooler and went ahead to buy it for themselves.

I believe the cooler can be placed or strapped inside a jet boat ride, on a snow machine or a four-wheeler, and it will still survive the travelling conditions with less wear and tear. They are perfect for everyday travelling and for going far off to meet dear ones.

I liked the red color cooler. You can check out the range of colors and designs that are available for the Polar Bear Coolers. You can check out the various cooler sizes depending on how you plan to use it.

The durability and utility value of the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack cooler bag overshadows its minor drawbacks. The cooler makes me believe that Polar Bear is definitely as reliable brand. And that’s why, I feel it deserves a 4.5/5 star rating.


My Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series 24 Pack has stayed long enough to prove its great quality. Therefore, I decided to write for the Polar Bear cooler Reviews today to share my experience with a product that surpassed my expectations and was worth its price.

If you love the outdoors or need a cooler, look no further this Polar Bear Cooler one will give you good value for your money because it did for me.

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