RTIC Soft Cooler Reviews: How to Make the Best Choice

If you are a frequent traveler or an outdoor person, RTIC has your back when it comes to coolers. They are one of the challengers in the coolers industry offering quality products that will not empty your pockets.

Among the popular cooler lines of RTIC is SoftPak. These are soft-sided coolers are lightweight and portable compared with the hard-sided ones.

If you are traveling on a short trip, SoftPak coolers are great to bring along as you can carry enough ice or beverage. In this article, we shall be discussing RTIC soft cooler reviews and features.

Design and Sizes: RTIC Soft Cooler reviews

There are three sizes available in the SoftPak coolers line – SoftPak 20, SoftPak 30 and SoftPak 40. They all have similar look and feel about their design. Moreover, they come in different colors which includes black, blue, steel blue, rift blue, viper, viper snow, strata and kanati.

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

This cooler is great for fishing, camping, and hunting trips as it is the lightest among the SoftPak coolers. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 13.75 x 9.5 inches and only weighs three pounds.

It can hold up to 20 pounds of ice or 20 cans of beverage. It can be filled up of up to 15 quarts or 3.75 gallons of liquid. Moreover, it promises ice retention of up to three days.

RTIC 30 Soft Pack

RTIC 30 Soft Pack

This cooler is also great to bring along on trips which can last a little longer. If you need a cooler that is something in between, not too big, and not too small, this is the perfect one for you.

Its dimensions are 12.75 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches and weighs four pounds. It can hold up to 30 pounds of ice or 30 cans of beverage. It can also be filled up of up to 22 quarts or 5.5 gallons of liquid. Furthermore, its ice retention is up to 3.5 to four days.

RTIC 40 Soft Pack

RTIC 40 Soft Pack

If you are packing for a long trip or a huge group, SoftPak 40 can be the best option. Its dimensions are 17 x 18.5 x 12 inches.

It can hold up to 40 pounds of ice or 40 cans of beverage. It can also be filled up of up to 35 quarts or 8.75 gallons of liquid. Its ice retention is up to four days.

Functions and Features

SoftPak coolers from RTIC is made from a flexible insulating material which is at most two inches thick. The insulating material helps in keeping the temperature of the beverage cold.

On the other hand, the exterior of SoftPak coolers is also made from a soft material. Nonetheless, the material is a heavy-duty shell made from nylon which is tear and puncture resistant.

You are guaranteed that it will last for a long even after multiple uses. Here are some of the key features that SoftPak coolers have.

  1. Easy-open Lid

SoftPak coolers have the lunch box style or body. To get the contents inside the cooler, the user must unzip the lid. With this, RTIC designed a wide and flip-top lid to easily access the items inside the cooler.

  1. Leakproof Zipper

One of the key features of SoftPak coolers are its waterproof or leakproof zipper. With this, you are guaranteed that any liquid or melted ice inside the cooler shall not spill out of the cooler.

  1. Heavy-duty Shell made from Nylon

The material of these coolers’ exterior is made from a nylon shell that is heavy-duty. It is tear and puncture resistant, guaranteeing you with its durability and toughness.

  1. Sweatproof

The outside of the SoftPak coolers remain dry as it is sweat proof. The moisture from the cold or hot beverage inside will not cause any liquid residue on the outside.

  1. Good Quality Insulation

The insulation of this cooler line is made from a closed-cell insulating material. The top of the cooler has two inches thick insulation. On the other hand, the sides are one-inch thick. This allows the temperature to remain cold.

  1. Mold Resistant Liner

SoftPak coolers are resistant to mold due to its liner with anti-microbial properties. With this, you are assured that your cooler remains clean always.


SoftPak coolers are lightweight and portable coolers from RTIC. Though they are made from a soft material, it remains tough and durable.

This line is packed with features that are useful to consumers. Nonetheless, RTIC remains true to its promise to deliver quality coolers at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty soft-sided cooler without emptying your pockets, you may consider browsing through RTIC Soft Cooler reviews for your reference.

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