Smartthings vs. Wink: Which the Better Smart Home Hub

SmartThings vs. Wink are two most recommended hub. Automation of one’s home help in controlling connected devices.

The devices work hand in hand, such that during the sleep, home automation turns off lights.

People who had related challenges can adopt this technology as it has helped many. The article will educate on how to solve the challenges facing people.

Smartthings vs Wink

What is SmartThing?

SmartThings refers to a platform that commonly known as to as an “Open Physical Graph” which is a representation of the physical world which is accessible and open to all users.

It helps one control his devices from anywhere, and monitor the happenings at home from far.


  • Prevent small leaks.
  • Control lights from anywhere.
  • Secure homes.
  • One connects families when far.
  • Saves energy.

What is Wink?

Wink just refers to a signal that occurs like a small interruption continuously. It indicates different conditions or cause specific actions that need to get performed by telephone switching system.

The button lights attracting the attention of the user.


  • Quick access.
  • No extra switching.
  • Secure homes.
  • Robots do a lot stuff.
  • Activities monitored at one place.

Comparison Table: Smartthings vs Wink




Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2

Power Supply

Has battery backups

No backup.


Smaller measures 4.2 x 4.9 x 1.3

Slightly bigger 7.25 x 7.25 x 1.25

App Interface

Confusing and appealing

Has intuitive interface

Security Features

Has Smart Home Monitor which arms or disarms entire system

Lacks Smart Home hence alarms need connected on the Wink

Maximum device connected

No limit

Up to 530 devices


No integration with Nest

Offers integration with Nest


No help to pair with smart products

Helps to pair with smart products.

Bluetooth LE

No connection

Connects s

A Comprehensive Review of Smartthings vs Wink

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub Reviews

SmartThings is the second- gen hub that is outfitted with USB ports and Bluetooth radio for every future integration. It connects with the Z-Wave and also ZigBee-enabled gizmo to connect to Wi-Fi, and it monitors one’s property from far.

Company Behind

SmartThings Company is the one behind the manufacturing of SmartThings whose headquarters is located at the Mountain View. Samsung bought SmartThings in 2014.

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

Key Features

  • Dashboard: Enables one to have a top level view of the status at his home using the favorite and the smart home monitor.
  • Smart Home Monitor: Enabling one to understand whether his home is safe or not.
  • Favorites: Makes user to have direct access to his routines as well as the favorite devices far from home.
  • Marketplace: User to connect new devices, purchase them, peruse the manual as well as checking the recommended smart apps.
  • Routine Screen: One create several scenarios like Goodbye, Good morning, Good night. “Good Night” might turn off the lights, close the garage, lower the temperature and lock the front door.


  • Good cleaning performance
  • Long 3 week battery life
  • Body is completely sealed preventing any bacteria to get through the toothbrush.
  • Dual charger option for home and travel
  • Comfortable seamless handle
  • Sleek and modern design


  • Much pressure needs to be applied to shut off the toothbrush or to change cleaning modes.
  • No charging tracking feature
  • Glass cup type charger takes so much counter space.
  • Quite expensive.


  • Able to prevent small leaks from causing disaster.
  • The owner automates his lights and control them from anywhere.
  • Quickly and affordably secure one’s home in case of danger.
  • Teaches dump things to start talking to each other.
  • One is connected to his family from far.
  • One locks and unlocks the doors using his mind.
  • Able to watch and protect one’s children from far.
  • Saves the energy bills, since lights are operated from far.

Bottom Line

People who use smartphones and wishes to upgrade their homes to smart homes are advised to adopt SmartThings.

The product is meant for everybody. All the people who wish to monitor of their properties from far can adopt it.

Wink Hub 2 Reviews

Wink is easy to set up when one has compatible devices. It is able to connect with others.

Company Behind

Wink was founded at Wink Lab at Quirky, and CTO Nathan Smith founded it.

Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2

Key Features

  • Shortcuts: Ability to use shortcuts enables one to control multiple products.
  • Schedules: A given event takes place after a given time like switching off lights 45 minutes after you leave for the job.
  • Robots: They program products to work automatically together by the use of triggers.
  • Individual Product Control: Connected products with Wink will always show on the home screen. One will be able to check its status and make all the necessary adjustments.


  • Works with majority of home control technologies.
  • It is affordable.
  • Is simple to set up.
  • No monthly fees.


  • Wi-Fi doesn’t work very well sometimes.
  • Not compatible with every smart device.
  • Non- certified Z-Wave inclusion is buried.


  • Shortcuts, buttons ensures quick access to one’s favorite setting.
  • There are no extra switching between the apps.
  • Simple robots able to do several kind of stuffs for the owner.
  • A single app monitor and controls all connected products.
  • All activities can be monitored at one place.
  • It ensures clean consistent as well as intuitive controls.

Bottom Line

Wink smart home is a significant starting point for automating home. It connects to Android and iOS mobile.

The product is suitable for all people who wishes to monitor their properties from far.

Final Verdict

SmartThings vs Wink are the highly recommended hub. SmartThings is the best due to many useful features and its advantages against wink.

It has a battery backup, small in size and no limit to the device connected, unlike Wink. The product is useful and people should acquire one.

People should, therefore, get more about the product from this article.

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