All You Need To Know About Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers Reviews

The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers is a product that is very well designed and has very specific functions. The product helps is reliving sore foot and foot pain.

It is designed uniquely and gives the user a complete experience by pressing every point of the nerve endings in order relieves the pain.

The product is made out of plastic and is shaped as two half balls with hard knobbles. Although they don’t seem like much they work pretty well.

It happened that I was visiting a relative’s house that I came by this product for the first time; my aunt was watching the television while rolling her feet over the massager.

Intrigued, I asked her about it and she was very happy to have purchased a product like this. I bought it a few days later and here is one of my Yamuna body rolling foot wakers reviews.

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Design and durability

The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers is a product that doesn’t have the most appealing of designs. The design is rather awkward and funny but take it from me that the best of products out there are not necessarily the most good-looking.

As a matter of fact, way the product works is fantastic and its ability to withstand shearing stress is remarkable.

I was initially doubtful and afraid as to whether the Yamuna body rolling foot waker would be able to hold my weight. But to my surprise, it did and worked perfectly.

The nubs on the spherical surface and smoothly designed to provide you comfort as you massage your feet.


The product itself works really well once you start using it regularly although the first time can be painful.

I would recommend wearing a pair of thick socks for the first few times until you get used to the nubs pressing into your feet.

The product was specifically designed to relieve foot pain and also provide a cure for Plantar Fasciitis. It is also a great tool for increasing blood flow in the foot area, most acupuncture treatments work on the concept of pressure and that what the Yamuna body rolling foot wakers also does.

It performs very well in its basic function and I certainly saw a great improvement after using the product for a few days.

The main advantage the product holds is that it allows you to perform several exercises, sometimes simultaneously.


If you read various Yamuna body rolling foot wakers reviews, you will notice that this product allows you to work out the complete lower limb with various exercise variations are available online. The various exercises can be done while in a sitting or standing position.

Standing and massaging your feet increases the intensity of the nubs pushing into your feet while sitting allows you to relax and calmly massage you feet.

The product aids in increasing the flexibility of the feet by taking advantage of its spherical design which provides pressure at various points in your feet at the same time.

The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers reviews also state that the product has also increased the body balance of the users in a great way.

All You Need To Know About Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers Reviews

All You Need To Know About Yamuna Body Rolling Foot Wakers Reviews

Yoga Benefits

This product although not specifically designed for this purpose has proved to be a great tool for yoga practitioners.

The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers can be incorporated in various yoga routines and including the product in your routine will increase your blood flow.

Toning and Shaping

Most of the Yamuna body rolling foot wakers reviews state that the product has greatly influenced the shape of their feet.

Using this product with the right technique such as alternating toe movements and heel movements can really play a major role in the shape of your feet.

Yamuna body rolling foot wakers kit comes with the product itself and also includes an instructional DVD which is very helpful in many cases.


There are various routines that can be executed with this product. The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers can be used at any moment throughout the day.

It can be used just as a massager for 15 minutes every day and can also be used as a fitness equipment to help shape your calves and work out you hamstrings.

To use as a massager, simply place your feet over the two half balls and press your feet into the knobbles; you will be able to see an instant relief and improvement.

To use it as workout equipment, stand on the product and do heel raises and single leg balancing routines.


The product performs really well and also has many benefits so for those reasons the product scores a 4.9/5


  • Easily useable with instructional DVD
  • Multiple benefits
  • Highly durable to stress


  • First experience is painful


The 4.9/5 rating is a wonderful rating for any product and the reason why this product scores this high is due to its immediate effects and versatility.

The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers reviews all state that on first few usages all the users experienced an immediate relief although the first time was painful and unpleasant.

Nevertheless, this product appeals not only to the general public but also to a gym buff who wants to increase his/her flexibility and clave strength.

The product proves to be a great tool for treating Plantar Fasciitis and other foot related pains and aches.

The build, quality and design are on point giving you a quality product made from the best materials making it highly durable to any kind of weight or stress.

The pressure produced by the knobbles attack the right areas giving you total relief. Overall, it is a great product and has very interesting uses.


The Yamuna body rolling foot wakers is an absolutely great product with several features and benefits but if you feel a little turned off using this product, there are other products out there to help you.

The Theraflow Dual-Foot massager roller is also another product that works on the principle of acupressure that also provides relief from plantar fasciitis.

The product is completely made out of wood and has spikes embedded into it to help produce pressure at various point on the feet.

Foot massage rollers are also another great cheap option which provides similar benefits. They are designed specifically for solving foot pains and other ailments in the foot region.

The product comes with a one-year warranty and also is completely light weight and can be easily portable to various places.

Compression socks are also another great tool to treat foot ailments. They can also be worn during walks and runs and are a great utility for getting the most out of your feet; they also increase the strength of you feet and are anatomically designed to fit your feet.

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