11 Impressive Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and soft enough to be a valuable ingredient for incredible recipes and smoothies. Right? But do you know what are the benefits of sweet potatoes? Sweet potatoes are a source of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to our health, starting from digestion to the skin.

To help you learn more about their health benefits, here are 11 impressive
benefits of sweet potatoes.

Top 11 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

1. Great source of Beta-Carotene 

Sweet potatoes have a ridiculous amount of beta-carotene which the body later converts into vitamin A. In other words; sweet potatoes unleash an excellent amount of vitamin A which is good for your body, skin, and sight.

2. Excellent Source of Vitamin D 

Vitamin D has a good reputation when it comes to strengthening bones and teeth, right? Vitamin D is also very essential for your nerves, skin, and the thyroid gland.

Amazingly, sweet potatoes are a good source of Vitamin D. So, by incorporating some sweet potato recipes in your diet, you will get to enjoy all the benefits of vitamin D that we have just mentioned.

3. Source of Vitamin C 

Vitamin C means a great deal to our overall health and skin. It helps in the formation of blood cells, boost the immune system, and also strengthens your bones and teeth. On top of that, Vitamin C helps your skin build collagen.

Sweet potatoes have ensured these benefits do not slip your fingertips by providing you with a fantastic dose of Vitamin C.

4. Reduces Inflammation 

Sweet potatoes hold anti-inflammatory properties which are made present by the choline nutrient. Choline helps improve muscle movements and relaxation. It also maintains the structure of cellular membranes and the transmission of nerve impulses.

A study in the journal medical food shows that sweet potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce chronic inflammation.

5. Blood Sugar Stabilizer 

Once you consume sweet potatoes, the carotene and Vitamin B6 present in them responds to your body’s insulin, and as a result, the blood sugar level is stabilized. This stabilization of blood sugar level lowers the risk of diabetes.

6. Improves digestion 

A healthy and proper digestion is another impressing benefit of sweet potatoes. This benefit is presented to you by the astonishing amount of dietary fiber contained in sweet potatoes.

The dietary fiber works by cleaning the gastrointestinal tract which in return rebukes constipation and improves digestion.

7. Promotes Your Heart’s Health 

Did you know that including sweet potatoes in your recipes improves the health of your heart? Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of potassium and magnesium. These two nutrients are incredibly beneficial and crucial to the functioning of the heart.

Additionally, research shows that people with low potassium and magnesium levels are at a higher risk hypertension and stroke.

8. Reduces Stress 

Reduces stress? Yes, you got it right. Sweet potatoes contain magnesium which has been proven to reduce stress and promote the health of your nerves, arteries, muscles, blood, and bones.

Also, the Department of Public Health, Los Angeles has confirmed that the magnesium contained in sweet potatoes promote mental relaxation, good mood, and calmness.

9. Skin and Hair Doctor 

We talked about Vitamins A and C which are present in sweet potatoes. There is also another important Vitamin that sweet potato holds, Vitamin E. Vitamin E together with Vitamin C encourages the growth and development of collagen and skin cells (promoting the healing of fresh wounds).

Vitamin A on the other side helps protect the skin from sun damage. Having that said,
no doubt that sweet potatoes will leave your skin gorgeous and glowing.

10. Fights Cancer 

Sweet potatoes hold anti-carcinogenic properties which work together with antioxidants like beta-carotene and Vitamin C to fight cancer.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has confirmed and reported that sweet potatoes have the capability of fight various types of cancer including colon, kidney and prostate cancer.

11. Reliable Source of Energy 

Sweet potatoes contain about 77% of carbohydrates which makes them an excellent dish to boosting your energy. Also, sweet potatoes contain proteins and iron which contributes to your stamina.

Final Thoughts 

Having discussed the 11 impressive benefits of sweet potatoes, we can comfortably answer the question; what are the benefits of sweet potatoes? So, for you not to miss out all these benefits, get yourself some yummy sweet potato recipes!

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