The Best Coasters for Absorbing Water – Coasters to Absorb Water Reviews 2018

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All homeowners hate the site of water ring marks on their dining table, especially so with wood surfaces. The water ring not only looks irritating but more importantly it may cause damage to wood table tops.

It is therefore important to have the best coasters for absorbing water to protect the surface of your table from any damage condensation may bring.

Coasters are small items and are often left out when shopping for things for the home. Some homeowners buy coasters for their aesthetic appeal even when they do not have any function.

Coasters are meant to absorb moisture release from cold beverages before they evaporate. Coasters should function to handle condensation so they so not damage the tabletops. Coasters that do not absorb water will create messy drops of water causing marks and stains that are difficult to remove.

When shopping for drink coasters, choose one that has a combination of beauty and function. Choose coasters that will protect the surface of your table, will not slip from the table and one with a beautiful design.

There are many coaster types available on the market. Silicone and stone, as well as cork, are the most popular coaster materials.

 Top 4 best coasters for absorbing water

1. Drink Coasters by Barvivo Set of 8

This 8- piece round coaster set from Barvivo is made from high-quality silicone material making it a durable investment. The coasters come with a special coating on the bottom making it slip resistant so your drink will never skid on the table. The coasters also come with high edges so water condensing water does not overflow to the tabletop.

These coasters do not only protect your table from water ring marks, they can also be used as trivets because they can withstand high temperatures.

A user says these beautiful coasters are sturdy and lightweight. He takes them to the bar so he can always have fresh coasters.

These coasters are ideal for use in almost all types of table tops including glass, wood, marble, granite, stone, sandstone and soapstone.

2. Absorbent Stone Mediterranean Car Coaster

This set of two Stone Mediterranean coaster with the exquisite design is for use in cars and other vehicles. It comes with a 2.5-inch diameter is perfect for car cup holders. These coasters are made from stoneware material which effectively absorbs water condensation.

Each coaster features a side finger slot so it can be easily removed and cleaned. The coasters feature a Mediterranean inspired design.

A user says these coasters look so good and are extremely absorbent. He says they take care of condensation without making any spills.

This Absorbent Stone Mediterranean Car Coaster prevents any of the condensations from your cup holder from flooding the cup holder.

3. Thirstystone Drink Coasters

This 4-inch diameter round Thirstystone Drink Coasters comes is a set of 4. Each coaster is made from natural sandstone and has a corked bottom to make it anti-slip and so it will not scratch the tabletop.

These coasters work extremely well in absorbing condensation and dry quickly, too. . They are heavy so they will not stick to the glass when lifted. They come in an attractive design and will not stain the table top.

A user says these coasters really work and they are expensive looking. They are really made from real sandstone and have natural veins making them look stylish.

Being of natural sandstone, the look of the coasters are unique. The striations and veins vary.

4. Lifver 6-Piece Absorbent Stone Coaster

This 6-piece Lifver Absorbent Stone Coaster is made from high-fired ceramic. These coasters can absorb drops of water from the bottom freezing containers. They can even absorb spilled water and juice from the tabletop.

These stone coasters came with soft cork backings to ensure the coasters sit firmly on the table to prevent slips and skids. The cork backing also protects the table top from being scratched by the stone material.

A user says these coasters are life-changing. She gas never had condensation rings on her table ever since she started using these coasters. She had no slippery glasses on her dresser, too. She further says that these coasters saved her furniture from havoc icy glasses once caused.  

The geometric grey line designs are eye-catching and fashionable making these coasters ideal not only for the home but for officers, bars, and restaurants, too.

Types of Coasters that Absorb Water

The best coasters for absorbing water are made from natural absent materials. These materials absorb moisture released glasses of cold drinks until they full evaporate. Coaster made from absorbent materials protect tabletops and furniture from hard to remove water rings that may form.

  • Marble coasters often come with pretty designs. They protect table tops form any marks or stains caused by iced glasses. They are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes.
  • This material has the famous sedimentary rock. Sandstone is capable of absorbing messy drips coming from your favorite drinks. Sandstone coaster is extremely durable.
  • Ceramic coasters are made out of clay. They are often hand-painted and are available in exquisite designs. They perfectly protect tabletops from ugly water rings and prevent your drink from slipping on the table. Ceramic coasters need to be handled with care as they are breakable.
  • Cork material comes from the Cork Oak tree. They are lightweight and extremely absorbent. They protect table tops from beverage marks and stains. They are also non-slip.

All the coasters reviewed work well in keeping tabletops protected from water rings and beverage marks. The Thirstystone Drink Coasters stand out from the rest. Their earth colors are elegant and they will never slide off the surface of the table.

Being made from real sandstone, these coasters work extremely well in absorbing condensation. It comes with a cork at the bottom to make it sit firmly on the table top with the risk of slipping.

These coasters have a 4-inch diameter so even bigger glasses and cups can fit on top of them. They are easy to clean, too. There is one of the best coasters for absorbing water.

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