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When enjoying your cold glass of drink, the least you want to worry about is water getting into your table or any piece of furniture. The best way to avoid this is to place your drink on top of a coaster. Not just any coaster, but the best coasters for sweaty drinks.

Beer cans and iced based drinks tend to be sweaty and often leave water rings on the table. These water rings create marks that may be difficult to remove in some types.

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You buy a set of the coaster to protect your table from such ring marks. Sure, they keep water rings out of the table but some coasters leave a pool of water on the coaster which may still get to the table when you lift the glass.

What you need is a coaster that absorbs moisture from the glass to prevent sweat from getting into the table. Absorbent coasters will solve this issue and allow you to enjoy your cold drink without worrying about any mess in your dining table and working desk.

 Reviews of the best coasters for sweaty drinks

1. The Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster

The Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster set consists of four 4-inch round coasters. These coasters are made from solid sandstone which work well in absorbing moisture from your sweaty glass keeping your table free from any liquid drippings.

Although made from solid sandstone, these coasters will not scratch your tables because of the cork layer underneath the coaster.

A user says that these coasters are interesting items and are impressive to display. They keep sweaty drinks well controlled and do not leave messy and unsightly water marks on the table.

The Thirstystone Cinnabar Coaster is available in beautiful patterns. They are heavy so they will not slip on the table. These coasters will not fade or warp. The coaster will not stick to the sweaty glass when lifted.

2. Upright Iron Metal Coaster Holder

Coaters are important to protect tables from water rings. Coasters though are small items that need to be organized and stored the proper way so they are always ready for use.

This upright coaster holder from Enkore is handcrafted from iron metal and can hold up to 6 pieces of square or round coasters without any difficult out each piece of the coaster.

A user says this holder is a perfect complement to her coasters. It keeps her coasters organized and is a nice accent piece for her dining table.

The Upright Iron Metal Coaster Holder features a cork base. The feet feature protective soles so they do not scratch your table.

3. MountainStone Yellow Grapes Absorbent Stone Coasters – 8 Pack

This pack of 8 round coasters comes from MountainStone, a company that has been manufacturing homewares for over 40 years.

These coasters are made from sandstone and come with a cork bottom. Sandstone is an absorbent material so sweaty drinks will never create water rings on your table when placed on this coaster. The coaster features raised edges preventing eater from overflowing into the table. The cork bottom keeps the coaster firm on the table. Each coaster features a grape design.

A user says these coasters are really absorbent. She also loves the rim around the outside of the coaster which keeps moisture from overflowing before being absorbed by the coaster.

These are the elegant looking coaster that is great for absorbing moisture. They are easy to clean too. They can last long as long as handled with care.

4. Coastero Absorbent Stone Drink Coasters

These coasters are made from ceramic stone which has maximum absorbency properties. It comes in a wide 10.3 cm diameter and it will never stick to the bottom of your sweaty drinks.

The unique designs will never fade as they are permanently printed on the UV Ink Technology.

A user says these are fantastic coasters that are really absorbent. Water never drips off the coaster’s sides and she now never gets her legs drenched with water each time she picks up her glass of gold drink. She also says that with this coaster, she finds it completely safe to have her glass of cold drink next to her computer.

The Coastero Absorbent Stone Drink Coasters are extremely durable. It can handle several drops and bumps. The designs will never fade and more importantly, it absorbs all the moisture from your sweaty drinks. 

Reasons You Need Coasters

Glass coasters may be small pieces that many consider irrelevant to own. Take a peek into how these tiny darlings can make protect your dining table and working desk.

  • Coasters make it safe to bring your cold around. Your cold drink on top of a coaster makes it safe to take around without worrying. It makes your furniture waterproof and protects your glass from easily getting knocked off.
  • Keeps tables ring-free. Each time you are having a cold drink, place your glass on a coaster so you can avoid water rings on your table. This water rings can often be difficult to remove.
  • Coasters can add aesthetic appeal to your dining table. Coasters not only absorb water from your glass to keep your table mess free, they also add beauty and a touch of class. Coasters come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and designs. They are made from various materials, too.

You may not realize it but coasters are things you really cannot do without. Have you noticed that the dink you order in a bar always comes with a coaster?

Coasters that absorb moisture to prevent the appearance of water rings on the tabletop are available in various materials, shapes, sizes, and designs. All the coaters above do a great job on this and they are beautiful additions to your home, too.

The one I like the best though is the Coastero Absorbent Stone Drink Coasters. These ceramic coasters are super absorbent leaving your table completely dry. The coasters are available in attractive designs that will never fade because of the UV printing technique.

Coasters protect furniture and provide an elegant look for your table. These coasters passed the test with flying colors.

Ring and watermarks on your table caused by your sweaty drinks are such a hassle. Get one of these best coasters for sweaty drinks and never worry about messing and damaging your furniture.

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