Best electric potato peelers in the world

The Best Electric Potato Peelers in the World A Rundown

They say everything just gets better with potatoes. Imagine not having mashed potatoes on the side or French fries and potato chips during dinners or while watching your favorite movie. Things will feel incomplete right? But at the back of your head, may be you’d think, these dishes take a lot of time to prepare because you’ll have to peel all the potatoes one by one.

Well it’s time to say hasta la vista to peeling potatoes and other fruits and vegetables because we will introduce you to the best electric potato peelers. Everything can now be done easily because of the power of electricity and peeling potatoes are no exemption.

So sit back and make the choice as we give you some of the best electric potato peelers in the world.

Eleoption Automatic Multifunction Peeling Machine

If you think it’s impossible to peel potatoes and other fruits in just one press then you’ll have to think again. Eleoption’s peeling machine peels fruits and vegetables at the push of a button. All you have to do is put the potato or fruit in between the robotized arm and press the button. The automatic thumb knife will do the job for you.

In just a matter of thirty seconds or so, peeling is done. Safety is evident it this peeler’s design. It has a non-slip base and you don’t need to hold the potato or fruit while it peels. Why? Because the arm is sturdy enough to support varying fruit and vegetable thickness, shape and texture. Since it peels thinly, your kitchen counter will not be that messy.

Spiralizer Magnesium Peeler and Corer

this fruit peeler is commended for its sturdy build because it is made of die-cast magnesium. Not only this, it also has a rubber vacuum base so it can hold onto the tabletop even when it is wet.  It is also particularly loved because it is small and portable yet very dependable not only for peeling any fruit and vegetable but also for slicing and coring. This makes this peeler very versatile and recommended for fruit carvers.

You can also depend on this peeler in terms of safety. It has stainless steel blades, rust proof winding rod, a poly handle, and three prong extensions with safety cap where you will stick the fruit. So whether you are fruit carving, potato peeling or making pie, and want a compact yet sturdy potato peeler that is easy to set up and convenient to clean, this one’s for you.

You can also visit Amazon if you want more information regarding the product. You might also want to watch this video for more insights about the Spiralizer peeler. Just follow this link,

LOHOME Electric Potato Peeler

Soft or hard fruits, this electric potato peeler from Lohome will do the job superbly. You can now conveniently peel your veggies in just a matter of ten seconds with its stainless blades and sharp thumb knife. It smoothly pares the skin ensuring that no part is wasted. The robotized arm seamlessly adjusts to the thickness of the fruits while the bottom holder rotates to get an evenly peeled fruit. Plus, it comes with a non-slip, sturdy base so you won’t need to hold the fruit for additional support.

It is not just the four out of five rating that keeps people from choosing this peeler but also because of its power efficiency and added components. With these, you definitely get more than what you pay for. Why? You can use this electric peeler using either 4 AA batteries or a charger.  It also comes with a handy thumb knife and three extra stainless blades for replacement.

Starfit 93209 Rotato Express

The best thing about the Rotato Express is that no fruit flesh is wasted because it really only peels the skin. Pare and peel potatoes and other fruits in just 10 seconds with this peeler. You can even do other things while it peels because it will automatically stop after peeling.  And it is cordless, operating only through batteries so you can take it during picnics or basically anywhere where it’s needed.

It is very easy and safe to use at the same time. It has a non-slip base which can hold onto any kind of work surface. It also comes with a plastic knife which is stored safely under the base. You can also save money because it has two extra stainless blades tucked in a built-in compartment. All you have to do is center the potato or any fruit in the bottom holder and then gently lower the upper holder to stick with the fruit. After that, just press the button and voila, the fruit is peeled.

How do I choose the best potato peeler?

Choosing the best potato peeler can be tricky especially if you are only basing your choice in their capacity to peel which they obviously are all built to do. You have to understand that specific features matter.

When choosing one, consider asking yourself these questions: is the peeler I am choosing portable? Does it waste more fruit flesh than skin?  Am I sure that it will live up to its features? Does it really have a sturdy base? What if the blades rust, do I have to buy replacements?

If you consider these questions, we think that the clean winner is the StarfitRotato Express. First, it is cordless and portable. Second, it only peels 5.5 mm of fruit skin so it does not waste more flesh than skin. Third, it truly has a sturdy base for any work surface and it has blade replacements stored in its compartments. With all of these, it will surely live up to its features.


Are electric potato peelers any good?

That’s a lot of potatoes which means a lot of potato peeling! This recurring chore can be made much easier, thanks to an innovative range of electric potato peelers. Overall, we recommend the Starfrit 93209 as it’s a trusted brand that does a great job of peeling. (Source)

Do they have automatic potato peelers?

It’s quick. Plop on a potato, peel it and pare it in 10 seconds flat! The Electric Rotato Peeler instantly peels at the push of a button. It stops automatically when the peeling is over. (Full article)

What potato peeler do chefs use?

After nearly 20 hours of research, testing across two years, and consulting with numerous culinary professionals and chefs, we’re confident that both the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler and the OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler are the best peelers for most people. (More…)

What kind of peeler is best?

4 Best Vegetable Peelers, Tested by Food Network Kitchen

  • Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler.
  • Best Y-Peeler: OXO Good Grips Pro Y Peeler.
  • Best on a Budget: Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler.
  • Best Serrated: Messermeister Pro Touch Serrated Swivel Peeler.

(More info)

How do you sharpen a potato peeler?

How to Sharpen a Vegetable Peeler? – Which?

Who invented peeler?

Alfred Neweczerzal, the inventor of the vegetable peeler turns120 this year. This gadget was developed after Alfred had the chore of peeling potatoes during his tenure at the army. (Source)

Are there machines that peel carrots?

The Clever Upright Carrot Peeler The fastest way to peel a carrot

How do you clean an electric potato peeler?

Wash the Bowl , Peeling Disk* and Lid in hot soapy water using a non- scratch brush or scourer, then rinse. Dry thoroughly using a soft cloth. No parts of the Potato Peeler are suitable for dishwasher use. Never use harsh abrasives to clean the Potato Peeler. (Full answer)

How do you peel potatoes automatically?

Electric Automatic Potato Peeler

Why are OXO products so good?

They’re well designed

Beyond the aesthetics, OXO products are designed with ergonomics in mind, adhering to a philosophy of “universal design,” which means that lefties, righties, old people, young people, men, women, large hands and small hands will all find their gear comfortable to hold and to use. (More info)

Does cutco sharpen peelers?

All Cutco® Products are backed by The Forever Guarantee. This is Cutco’s unwavering promise and it is at the heart of everything we do. Performance is guaranteed and this includes free sharpening. (Full article)

What is the safest potato peeler?

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler

No matter what, it cut easily and felt smooth. Our tester found that the handle was comfortable to hold even after a long session with potatoes, and the blade cut in both directions, making it ideal for any cutting method and for both left- and right-handed users. (Full article)

How long does a potato peeler last?

If you are going to buy a potato peeler it should last decades. This type of peeler is so tried and true that as long as you get one from a quality brand, you should be happy and just pick one you like. (The full answer)

What is Y-peeler?

A Y-peeler is a y-shaped vegetable peeler that has horizontal blades at the top of a vaguely y-shaped handle. Unlike most other models of peelers, this one has its blade perpendicular to its handle. The blades swivel. (Source)

Do vegetable peelers get dull?

Vegetable peelers go dull rather fast. I spent many, many years just tossing them out and buying new ones. (More…)

Do potato peelers need sharpening?

Diana – A potato peeler doesn’t need sharpening because it still works well even when it’s blunt. But there’s also something about the angle of cutting which makes using a less sharp tool even easier. (Full article)

How do I keep my peeler Sharp?

Keep your Vegetable Peeler Sharp!

How many types of peelers are there?

There are two main types of peelers; a Y-shaped peeler and a straight peeler. What is this? A straight peeler had a blade that is vertical and is in alignment with the handle. A Y peeler has an edge that is perpendicular. (Reference)

Who invented potato peelers?

Alfred Neweczerzal, the inventor of the vegetable peeler turns120 this year. This gadget was developed after Alfred had the chore of peeling potatoes during his tenure at the army. (Full answer)

Who invented apple peeler?

The apple peeler was the first of the labor-saving machines David Goodell designed or improved. The firm he founded, the Goodell Company, also manufactured a number of kitchen devices still in use today. In addition to his inventions, David Goodell became a prominent Republican in New Hampshire politics. (Read more)

Is peeler a knife?

A peeler (vegetable scraper) is a kitchen tool, a distinct type of kitchen knife, consisting of a metal blade with a slot with a sharp edge attached to a handle, used to remove the outer layer (the “skin” or “peel”) of some vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli stalks, and carrots, and fruits such as apples and pears.. (The full answer)

How do factories peel carrots? How baby carrots are made

What is julienne peeler?

A julienne peeler is a nifty kitchen tool that works well on a variety of fruits and vegetables, quickly cutting them into thin, elegant strips. (The full answer)

What’s the easiest way to peel carrots?

How To Peel A Carrot WITHOUT A Peeler

What are vegetable peelers used for?

As its name implies, a peeler removes the peel or skin from fruits and vegetables. Most often, peelers have a steel blade attached to a handle made of steel, metal, rubber or plastic. (More…)

How do you clean potato Rumbler?

Hobart – 6430, 6460 Potato Peelers Operation

How do you disinfect a vegetable peeler?

Cleaning Stained Fruit Peeler or Slicer

How do electric potato peelers work?

All you have to do is pop in your unpeeled potatoes, add a little water, secure the lid using the two strong clips and turn it on, and BAM. It’ll start rapidly spinning your spuds round, while all the little ‘teeth’ in the stainless steel graters quickly remove all the skin. It’s basically magic. (More info)

What’s the quickest way to peel potatoes?

Super Quick Potato Peeling! – Life Hack

How can I peel potatoes without boiling them?

When the potatoes are tender, drain them and then let them cool for a few minutes until you’re able to handle them (or hold them wrapped in a dish towel). Pull away at wherever the skin has begun to peel, or use a paring knife to slip the skin open. The rest of the skin should slide off easily. (Source)

Is OXO an American company?

OXO (/ˈɒksoʊ/ OKS-oh) is an American manufacturer of kitchen utensils, office supplies, and housewares, founded in 1990 and based in New York City. (Read more)

Who is OXO owned by?

Today, Oxo is owned by Helen of Troy, a maker of personal care products. Its Good Grips line now comprises hundreds of items, including cleaning, gardening and barbecue tools. (The full answer)

Why is it called OXO?

In 1899, the company introduced the trademark Oxo; the origin of the name is unknown, but presumably comes from the word “ox.” Since the cost of liquid Oxo remained beyond the reach of many families, the company launched a research project to develop a solid version that could be sold in cubes for a penny. (See more)

How much is Cutco at Costco?

Compare with similar items

This item Cutco 1200816-Costco, Cutco 7″ Santoku Chef Knife With Sheath Classic WÜSTHOF Classic 7″ Santoku Knife
Price $23499 $17000
Sold By Cen Cal Nutrients Cutlery and More
Color Stainless Steel Black
Item Dimensions 11 x 1.5 x 6 inches 14.37 x 3.15 x 0.98 inches


Who owns Cutco?

Jim Stitt Jr. is the current CEO of Cutco Corporation. When he was about 10 years old, his family was part of the team that purchased Cutco from ALCOA. Since that time, the entire organization has been molded in the image of the Stitt and Laine families. (Full answer)

Is Cutco Cutlery a pyramid scheme?

The bottom line is that selling Cutco knives for Vector Marketing is not necessarily a scam. After all, its workers are being paid for their work to sell a product to potential customers. (Full answer)

How old are potato peelers?

It’s the invention of the mechanical potato peeler in the 1920s that paved the way for potato chips to soar from a small specialty item to top-selling snack food. The one who invented potato peelers has been discussed for a long time. (More info)

What knife is best for peeling a potato?

Using a 4″ Paring Knife or Vegetable Peeler, peel the potato. (Click here)

How do you use a euro peeler?

PADERNO Euro Peeler – Anna’s Testimonial

Can a Euro peeler peel potatoes?

This peeler is very easy to hold and it just slides smoothly through the potato skin as I peel the potatoes. It doesn’t get stuck in the vegetable meat and is very easy to clean. If you do a lot of peeling, as I do, you want a peeler this easy to use and that is so affordable. (Source)

What is a straight peeler?

Straight peelers have sharp blades that slice easily into firmer produce, allowing you to peel the skin away with little waste of the vegetable or fruit flesh inside. Straight peelers can also be used to slice thin slithers of vegetables or fruit for a salad, or to add some decoration to a plate. (More info)

Can you sharpen a Rada vegetable peeler?

Ready to Last a Lifetime

When Rada’s high-quality non-serrated blades need sharpening, there’s no need for a professional knife-sharpening service. You can do it yourself in a matter of seconds with the modest but oh-so incredibly effective Quick Edge Knife Sharpener. (Read more)

How do you sharpen an OXO potato peeler?

DMT Veggie Peeler Sharpening

How do you sharpen a Kuhn Rikon peeler?

Use & Care

  1. Select the sharpening stones for your straight or serrated blades and gently pull the blade through the sharpening stones.
  2. Wipe your knife blades after sharpening.
  3. Wipe the sharpener clean with a damp cloth.
  4. Warning: not suitable for children.

(Click here)


End Notes

Electric potato peelers are really convenient investments for kitchen use. With them around, you can just easily serve friends and family with your signature dishes without going through a lot of time peeling what needs to be peeled. It is like having an assistant that doesn’t talk but definitely does all the work and more.

All that’s left is for you to make the choice on which one is the best electric potato peeler that will make your kitchen experience better and easier.

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