The 9 Best Foods for Acne-Free and Healthy Skin

The 9 Best Foods for Acne-Free and Healthy Skin

Undoubtedly, when you add natural power foods to your diet, you reduce the vulnerability of your body to chronic health complications such as diabetes and heart failure. However, did you know the potential that lies with these foods when it comes to giving you a healthy skin?

There is a lot of debate whether the type of diet one consumes has any significant influence on the health of their skin and their complexion. Dermatologists have carried out studies on this topic, and have given sufficient evidence that the food you eat has significant impacts on your skin. Such are the observations in research by dermatologists who argue that your diet plays a significant role in determining your hormonal balance, regulating inflammation, and preventing or causing acne and eventual aging of the skin.

This justifies that the food you eat serves the same purpose as the creams and serums that you apply topically to the healthy skin. For this reason, we have compiled the best foods to prevent acne and give you healthy skin. It is about time you started reviewing your grocery list because we are about to share the secret foods that will help you to prevent acne.

1. Green Tea

Green tea has beneficial impacts on your skin. Alongside its numerous health benefits, green tea contains significant amounts of antioxidants which are helpful in preventing sebum oxidation, a necessary stage before the formation of acne. Research supports the assumption that green tea polyphenols are effective in the reduction of sebum secretion which leads to acne treatment.

Intake of green tea supplies your body with adequate antioxidants which in turn inhibit any inflammation symptoms, leaving your skin as smooth as never before.

Take two to three cups of green tea. For the best skin care results, settle for Matcha green tea which has the highest antioxidant amount compared to other green tea types.

2. Fish Oil Supplement

The essential nutrients present in fish oil are the Omega-3 fatty acids. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are the two major omega-3 fatty acid types. EPA is beneficial to your skin for adequate hydration maintenance, oil production management, and, most fundamentally, acne prevention. The ability of your body to fight inflammation is dependent on the levels of both DHA and EPA present in your diet. You can find the best natural fish oil in the market here.

Supplement your diet with these essential omega-3 fatty acids by consuming ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, anchovies, sardines, or salmon.

3. Avocado Oil

This oil is helpful in the improvement of acne. You may opt to include it in your diet or to apply it topically; either way, the results will be great. Acne is thought to develop from the consumption of polyunsaturated fats. This is the reason avocado oil is recommended. It is rich in monounsaturated fats which are known to minimize the incidence of acne.

Avocado oil also has phytosterols which reduce inflammation caused by the acne-causing Propionibacterium bacteria. The oil’s antioxidants and vitamin E are essential in sebum oxidation-reduction by protecting the skin against free radical damage.

Substitute your cooking oil with avocado oil today for healthy skin.

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have rich selenium deposits. This antioxidant has been associated with acne improvement. Selenium treats acne through providing adequate anti-inflammatory protection to your cells as well as improving the elasticity of the skin. Brazil nuts will achieve optimal acne improvement if it is consumed together with foods rich in vitamin A and E. therefore, it is recommended that these nuts be eaten with red bell peppers and almonds.

Eating a single Brazil nut provides an adequate selenium dosage recommendable for a single day.

5. Oatmeal

Did you know that an oatmeal wholegrain is a better breakfast serving compared to a bagel? Oatmeal is preferred for its double benefits for your skin. Firstly, it limits androgen hormone production, and, secondly, it discourages the intake of refined, sweet carbs which trigger the manufacture of insulin. A reduction in the production of androgens triggers reduced oil secretion by the sebaceous gland; thus, less oil will be trapped in the pores of the skin, resulting in fewer pimples.

6. Nettles

I would understand it if you hate nettles for their stingy garden nuisance. However, nettles have a significant effect on your skin when taken in tea. Nettles can also be used in preparing your soup or swallowed as a capsule. Nettles possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, nettles can be relied on in calming the skin as well treating related skin conditions including acne and eczema.

Nettles also possess extreme detoxification abilities as a result of their high antioxidant levels. The antioxidants are essential in limiting free-radical overproduction thereby preventing possible DNA, carbohydrate, fat, and protein damage. Try nettles for a smooth skin free from acne.

7. Warm Water

You must have already known that drinking two or three liters of water results in improved health and well-being. What about the temperature of the water you drink? While cold water is essential in triggering metabolism, warm water, on the other hand, is vital in the regulation of digestion and detoxification of the body.

Cold water triggers the body to focus on appropriate temperature maintenance at the expense of nutrient absorption and food digestion which result in water loss. Inadequate water levels in the body will naturally lead to dehydrated skin. Drink a cup of warm water in the morning as your perfect way of kick-starting the process of detoxification. It also will unclog skin pores while fighting bacteria which could trigger acne.

8. Natural Cherry Juice

Disclaimer: We do not recommend cherry juice that has been sweetened with sugars purchased from your local grocery.

Natural cherry juice is not only a refreshing beverage but also a potent skin treatment dosage. Cherry juice is rich in vitamins D, A, C, and B, and it has an ample antioxidant amount. Cherry juice is recommended for skin pH balancing. The juice possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties, and it can even improve your sleep as a result of its melatonin. In my terms, this juice is what I can call a miracle drink.

9. Evening Primrose Oil

With its high omega-6 fatty acids, evening primrose oil is known for its unique affinity for skin treatment. Be it psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or acne; evening primrose oil will be your best shot. Through the reduction of inflammation, evening primrose eradicates skin redness caused by rosacea and eczema.

This oil further treats acne through its effectiveness in sebum dilution which leads to reduced chances of clogged skin pores. This oil is recommended for acne that is characterized by the appearance of bumps on the chin.


Acne is a condition caused different factors. This has resulted in many, conventional treatments. However, these remedies are known to trigger irritation, redness, and dryness. This is why we have shared the above home remedies which are worth trying. Our underlying reasoning is that if your diet is full of healthy foods, then you are likely to develop a healthy, acne-free skin with a glowing complexion.

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