What is The Best Keurig Coffee Maker for Home and Office? – Difference between Keurig Models.

What is The Best Keurig Coffee Maker for Home and Office

The Coffee industry brings in billions of dollars every year. In the US alone, millions of cups are consumed on a daily basis. This makes Americans the biggest coffee customers in the world.

For most people like us, our day isn’t complete without drinking at least one cup of coffee. It’s the first thing we drink in the morning as soon as we get up from bed.

In my case, I take a minimum of three mugs a day. I drink one in the morning, another after lunch, and the last cup during early evening. If I could have more, I probably will. However, I stop myself at three because I don’t want to exceed my limit.

Drinking coffee is quite an obsession most of us can’t get enough of. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, buying a personal coffee maker may be a good choice for you.

Why you Should Use a Keurig Coffee Maker for Home and Office?

The Keurig brand is the leading single cup coffee maker in the market. They offer various types of coffee makers that you can use both at home or at the office. Most models may have similar features and functions.

In the real world, most of us don’t have the time to brew our coffee in the morning. We are always rushing to get to work and barely have an extra few minutes to prepare our breakfast. Brewing usually takes time and many of us just don’t have it, especially in the morning.

In effect, most of us resort to instant coffee because it’s easier, more convenient, and faster to prepare. However, the Keurig coffee maker may just be the solution to your problem. There are models that are specifically targeted for home consumption while others are for office use.

Why you Should Use a Keurig Coffee Maker for Home and Office
Why you Should Use a Keurig Coffee Maker for Home and Office

Different Types of Keurig Coffee Makers

The Keurig brand has produced a variety of coffee makers that can be used at home or in the office. We’ve narrowed it down to the Keurig 2.0, K-Cup, Vue, and Rivo models.

What is a Keurig 2.0 Brewer?

This coffee system allows you to brew using K-Cups as well as small K-Carafe packs. This brewer can only operate using original Keurig coffee pods with special readable lids including all K-Cup flavors. Keurig is focusing on this model which is why they decided to stop the production of the Vue as well as some K-Cups models.

The Old and Classic Version

The original models include the K-Cup Brewing System have been in the market for a long time. In fact, the brand has already grown its variety of K-Cups which refer to coffee pods. These K-Cups are packaged individually for single use and contain coffee grounds with filter.

K-Cups are produced to provide customers with great tasting coffee in the most convenient way. The brewer allows you to prepare your choice of flavored coffee fast and easy. Thus, making the K-Cup Brewing System a very popular brand in the personal coffee maker category.

Some K-Cups are already discontinued such as the Special Edition, Platinum and Platinum Plus.

The Newer Versions

The Keurig Vue Brewer offers more options for brewing compared to the K-Cup version. However, this model has been discontinued but the Vue Packs which are created with more flavors and beverages are still produced.

Another model is the Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System which produces espresso using Rivo Lavazza Espresso Cups with a foam of milk. This coffee maker works best for brewing specialty coffee.

Both the Vue and Rivo versions do not brew K-Cups.

Things to Look for When you Compare Keurig Models

When comparing the different Keurig models, there are some important facts you need to consider. Here is a list of features you should look for in a coffee maker.

  1. Use – Most Keurig machines are built for a specific home or office use. Check the brewer if it is listed under household use. On the other hand, if you are going to use it at the office or other buildings, it is listed as commercial use.
  2. Size – Check the size of your kitchen counter and cabinet. This will help you determine if the machine you are looking for can be stored easily.
  3. Cup size – Keurig machines are built to produce single-cup servings. However, you can select the size of your coffee and choose between 4 to 12 ounces a cup.
  4. Brewing time – Most Keurig models can brew your coffee in just one minute or even less. Other models without water reservoir can take 2 to 3 minutes. The brewing time of Keurig coffee systems are much faster compared to other coffee makers.
  5. My K-Cup compatibility – Not all Keurig models is compatible with the reusable K-Cup filter or third-party filters including the 2.0 brewers and the commercial models except for the K155. If you often use K-Cups, the Keurig models will do but if you want to have the option to brew ground coffee, the Mini Plus, Elite or Office Pro Premiere model may be a suitable choice.

Comparison Chart

Keurig K10 vs. K15

The Keurig K10 Mini Plus and Keurig K15 K-Cups are both compact sized personal coffee makers. These are built small, portable, and serve a single cup.  The K10 model is already discontinued and has been replaced with the K15 model.

K10 K15
Since the K10 brewing system has no water reservoir, you’ll have to add water to every cup. You can brew your coffee in just 2 minutes. You can choose from 3 cup sizes between 6, 8, and 10 ounces.


This coffee machine can accept K-Cup packs as well as reusable third party filters. Aside from coffee, you can also brew tea, hot cocoa, and other specialty beverages. It comes with a removable dip tray to accommodate small travel mugs.

 Meanwhile, the K15 coffee maker has similar features as the K10. It has the same brewing time and can prepare any cup size between 6 to 10 ounces. The K15, on the other hand, is manufactured with a water reservoir.

It also has a removable dip tray that can accommodate travel mugs with a height up to 5.2 inches. Once you finish brewing your cup of coffee, the system will automatically turn off to save energy.



– Brews nicely and you can adjust the taste of the coffee by altering the level of water. A stronger brew requires less water.


– Just leave the lid open and the water will dry off easily.



– It is a nice personal coffee maker that is suitable for people who have a small kitchen area since it takes up less space.


– This brewer is lightweight and easy to clean.


– It is easy to operate and can quickly brew coffee even when you’re in a hurry.


– The pods are a bit expensive.


– The handle on the coffee pod section appears a bit flimsy.


– In some cases, the machine may have quality issues.


– There are also some quality issues. The machine may easily breakdown after some time.




Final Recommendation

Both brewing systems are great for people who are satisfied with drinking 1 cup of coffee. The K10 mini plus may be more appealing to travelers because of its light and compact design. You can easily take it on your weekend holiday trips.

Meanwhile, the K15 may be a good choice for people who have a smaller space at home because this personal coffee machine will not take up too much space.

Keurig K50 vs. K55 vs. K45

However, the K45 has already been discontinued and has been replaced by the K55 model. The Keurig K55 is one of the most popular models for first-time users. It has all the basic features and works well with a variety of K-Cups.

All three models can brew a cup size of 6, 8, and 10 ounces and have a removable water reservoir.

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod
Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod


K50 K55 K45
This all-purpose coffee maker is great for brewing coffee, tea, hot cocoa, specialty drinks and iced beverages. However, it doesn’t come with a filter but it does have a variety of 6 coffee pods to get you started. This single serve coffee maker comes with K-cup pods, 2 water filters and water filter handle. It has a water reservoir that allows you to brew at least 6 cups before requiring a refill.


This model includes a water filter handle, 1 charcoal filter and a 12 piece K-Cup variety pack.

– It’s a great way to create specialty coffee.


– It brews quickly making it convenient for a quick cup of coffee in the morning.



– It’s fun to brew different flavored coffee pods. You won’t have to worry about tasting last night’s brew from the machine.


– It is quite affordable.


– It doesn’t make noisy sounds which makes it great for an early morning brew.


– It may have the tendency to breakdown after some time.



– The coffee is just warm and not hot which was disappointing.


– The machine seems to easily deteriorate after a couple of uses.


Final Recommendation

The K50 may be more suitable for people on a budget while the K55 may be appropriate for individuals who are satisfied with the basic features of a coffee maker. The K45, on the other hand, may be better suited for a single user.

Keurig K425 vs. K450 vs. K475 vs. K525 vs. K550 vs. K575

The K425 from the Plus Series uses a Keurig 2.0 brewing technology and can accommodate K-Cup and K-Carafe coffee pods.  Meanwhile, the K450 brewing system has already been discontinued and is replaced by the K475 model which can optimize the recommended setting of your beverage.

The K525 Plus Series is designed as the ultimate premium coffee maker while the K550 is also equipped with the Keurig 2.0 brewing technology. The K575 Brewing System provides a 2.8-inch touch screen

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker
Keurig K575 Coffee Maker


K425 K450 K475 K525 K550 K575
You can brew 4 cups of carafe as easy as a single cup serving. The machine is built with strength and temperature control buttons so you can adjust the taste of your coffee depending on your preference. You can brew your coffee in 9 different sizes. The K450 can brew 10 sizes between 4 to 30 ounces. It is built with a color touch screen display, programmable settings, strength control, water filter and an automatic on and off system. It is identical to the K400 model except that the K400 doesn’t have a water filter system.


This coffee maker includes 6 K-Cup pods, water filter handle and 2 filters. You can brew at least 8 cups before you have to refill your machine.


This premium coffee maker can serve up to 10 sizes. It has similar features to the K475 and more. This machine has an extra hot water system and night-light feature. The K550 includes a Carafe, 4 Carafe pods, 6 K-Cup pods, water filter handle and cartridge. It has an auto brew system and customizable night-light. The K575 comes with 6 K-Cup pods, water filter handle and 2 water filters. It provides multiple sizes for K-Cup pods and Carafe-pods.




– This coffee maker is very easy to set-up.


– I had no issues on getting errors or clogging.


– The setting allows you to automatically turn on the machine at a specific time.



– It’s simple, reliable and convenient. Plus, it operates quietly.


– You can program the setting based on your preference whether you want your coffee strong or light.



– Your coffee is always strong.


– The touchscreen controls are easy to operate.



It’s great for customizing your coffee whether it’s the volume or temperature.


– The night-light is a nice addition.


– The large touch screen display provides clear information.


– The lid is wide enough for you to fill with water without spilling any.



– Since the water reservoir is larger, the water lasts longer in between refills.


– The touch screen feature is easy to operate.


– It can only accommodate Keurig branded coffee packs.


– This coffee maker is limited to using K-Cups.



– The K-Carafe tastes mild and is not as strong as it should be.



– It makes a noisy sound every time it operates.


– The needle tends to get clogged up easily.


– The pump of the brewer is noisy.


Final Recommendation

If you want a fresh brew of coffee with just a push of a button, the K425 may be a good choice for you. You can easily set and program your brewer to adjust your preference. Meanwhile, if you enjoy trying out different flavored coffees without worrying about the cost, you might just enjoy using the K450.

The K475, on the other hand, is a single serving programmable coffee maker that is premium made to satisfy your craving. The K525 may be suitable for people who like brewing more than 1 cup and prefer a bigger water reservoir.

The K550, on the other hand, may be a good fit for people who are looking for a coffee maker that instructs them what to do to help minimize errors. Meanwhile, if you like extra-large display screens, the K575 may be more appropriate for you.

Keurig K200 vs. K250

The K200 is a stylish and compact coffee maker while the K250 provide you more options to control the strength of your coffee.

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker
Keurig K250 Coffee Maker
K200 K250
The K200 has 11 colorful designs to choose from. You can brew your coffee in 9 different sizes. It has an efficient strength control system that allows you to adjust the taste of your coffee to suit your preference.



The K250 falls under Keurig’s 2.0 Brewing System. It can brew cups up to 10 ounces and carafe cups up to 30 ounces. This single serve coffee maker includes 4 K-Cup pods, water filter handle, 2 water filters and a descaling solution.

– The product looks great and the color choices are very attractive.

– You can easily adjust the strength of your coffee.



– The instructions are easy to follow and set-up.

– It is reasonably priced.



– It only accepts Keurig K-Cups made for this model.


– The fluid in the funnel doesn’t fully drain which often leaves residue on the tray dispenser.


If you like exploring more designs, the K200 has a variety of colors to choose from. On the other hand, if you like your coffee smooth or strong, the K250 allows you to easily control the strength of your coffee.

Keurig vs. Keurig 2.0

Both coffee makers offer a single serve coffee that uses K-Cup pods from different brands. At the same time, it can brew various cup sizes.

Keurig Keurig 2.0
The Keurig coffee system is the original version. This personal coffee maker is suitable for coffee drinkers who are on the go. You can quickly brew a cup even if you’re in a rush. The 2.0 has a more advanced brewing system that allows you to adjust the settings to match the coffee pod. It is also designed with a touch screen control that is easy to use. This coffee maker can also brew 4-cups of carafe.

– This brewing system offers coffee drinkers a convenient way to brew coffee.

– It is more compatible with K-Cups.



– It is equipped with new and improved features to enhance the user’s experience.


– Some models are already discontinued.


– Not all K-Cups are compatible with this coffee maker.


The Keurig coffee maker may be more appropriate for people who want a more versatile brewer. It allows you to use any brand of K-Cups unlike the Keurig 2.0 which can only use the newer versions of K-Cups.

Which Keurig is the Best & Should I Buy for home and office?

If you love drinking coffee every day, you should consider buying a Keurig coffee maker. There are a lot of Keurig models available and comparing them side by side may seem a bit confusing. This is why, we made these comparisons so you can have an idea which model may work best for you.

For Home

I highly recommend the Keurig K475 for home use. It has all the basic features that you need in a coffee machine plus extra functions that make this coffee maker a must-have. Since the K475 is built with the 2.0 brewing technology, you can choose from hundreds of coffee pods across different brands, unlike other systems that have limited compatibility.

This brewer has an energy-saving mode where it will automatically switch off when not in use. At the same time, you can program it to power up whenever you want.

For Office

For home offices or mid-size organizations, I would suggest you the Keurig B155 Commercial Brewing System. It is more optimized for commercial use and is designed with a bigger water reservoir of 90 ounces. You can brew in 4 sizes ranging from 4 to 10 ounces and select the water temperature you prefer.

It also has an auto-on/off program and a detachable drip tray for brewing taller mugs.

Keurig 2.0 Instructions and Maintenance

Knowing how to follow the instructions and how to maintain Keurig coffee makers is important if you want to extend the life of your brewer.

How Does a Keurig Work?

Keurig Coffee Systems are built to produce a single cup brew of your favorite coffee. These personal brewers are available all across US and have dominated the personal brewer market. The K-Cups or coffee pods are specifically designed for this type of brewer.

How to Use a Keurig

Start by pouring water on your water reservoir. Some models have a removable water reservoir while others are built in. Then press your preferred brew size and place your mug at the bottom.

As soon as you press the button water is pumped to the heating system to set the best temperature for your drink. The brewer has a slot to house the K-Cup and once you position the K-Cup in place, the lid should be properly closed.

Afterward, the small pins are released to puncture the cover of the K-Cup and release hot water into it. A separate pin pierces through the bottom layer to allow the brewed coffee to flow into your mug. All you need is to press one button to brew your favorite cup of coffee.


How to Clean a Keurig 2.0?

Just like any other machine, Keurig 2.0 brewers are also susceptible to wear and tear from daily use. Cleaning your brewer regularly can make your machine function a long way. Here’s how.


  • White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Clean cloth



  1. Before you start, make sure you unplug the coffee maker.
  2. Take out the parts that are removable. Wash them with soap and water then let it dry. This includes the water reservoir, lid, cup stand and K-Cup holder.

Use a clean cloth to wipe off the surface of the machine. Make sure you cover all areas, especially around the K-Cup where most residues are left.

  1. Descale with vinegar. Mix the white vinegar and water then pour it on the water reservoir. Press the button to brew the solution and don’t forget to remove the K-Cup.

Repeat the step until the water reservoir becomes empty. This will remove the buildup in your machine.

Repeat the entire step but use plain water. This will help get rid of the taste of vinegar in the machine. Descaling at least every 3 to 6 months is highly recommended to keep your brewer in good condition.

How to Replace Keurig 2.0 Water Filter


Keurig coffee makers are manufactured with water filter to effectively remove minerals from the water. With regular use, these water filters should also be replaced by filters that are designed specifically for Keurig coffee machines.

The first step is to soak the replacement filter in water for at least 10 minutes or until it becomes saturated. Then open the lid of the coffee maker and lift the water handle assembly from the water reservoir. Set the replacement dial into 2 months ahead.

Remove the old filter from the assembly and replace it with the new filter. Place the handle assembly into the water reservoir and press down the lid until it locks into place.

Can you Put a Milk in the Keurig?

The answer is no. The Keurig coffee machine is specifically built to process water only and not milk or any other kind of liquid. Pouring milk into the reservoir will degrade the material and will be difficult to remove.

If you really want a separate milk in your coffee, you might want to consider the Keurig Rivo that can milk your froth. The most practical solution is to just add milk in your mug after your brew.

Keurig 2.0 Problems

Most Keurig users often have the same issues whether you’re using an old version or the newer ones. Here are some of the most common problems and how you can solve them.

  • The Keurig 2.0 doesn’t brew – Try to wait until the machine starts to brew. The heating process may take about 3 minutes. If it doesn’t start to operate, check if the water reservoir is placed correctly and see if there is water in it.

Inspect if the handle is completely lowered and if the brew setting is turned on. If after 5 minutes and nothing happens, then call the customer service for troubleshooting.

  • Keurig 2.0 doesn’t turn on – If the machine doesn’t turn on after you press and hold the power button, check if the machine is properly plugged. You can try to unlplug and plug the brewer in a different socket.

You may reset your home’s circuit breaker if it still doesn’t turn on. If all else fails, call the Keurig customer service.

  • Keurig 2.0 displays an error on add water/more water please – Once you see this on your display, open your water reservoir and fill it to its maximum capacity. Check if it is installed properly then press continue.

If you are still getting this message, remove the water reservoir and empty it out. Wash it with a soap and non-abrasive cloth then rinse it thoroughly. Then fill it with water to the maximum level and install it properly.

If the machine is still displaying the same error message, call the customer service for additional help.


Which Keurig is the best one to buy?

The 8 Best Keurig Coffee Makers:

  • Keurig K-Elite K-Cup Coffee Maker – Best Overall. …
  • Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker – Best Value. …
  • Keurig Coffee Maker (Office Pro K155) – Best for Office. …
  • Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer (K575) …
  • Keurig Coffee-Maker (K475) …
  • Keurig K-Mini K-Cup Coffee Maker Model.

Read more…

Why you shouldn’t use a Keurig?

K-Cups have been confirmed to be BPA-free and made of “safe” plastic, but some studies show that even this type of material can have harmful effects when heated. When you come into contact with these plastic chemicals, they can act like estrogen in your body, throwing your hormones out of whack. (More info)

Which Keurig lasts the longest?

Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker coffee makers have longer lifespans than most Keurigs and can last more than 5 years with proper care and maintenance. One drawback to these machines is that they cost more in the long run due to the recurring cost of buying filters. (Source)

Is getting a Keurig worth it?

The cost per cup is less than going out for coffee, but it will still be more than buying regular coffee and using it with a regular drip coffee maker. If you value convenience more than anything else, Keurig machines are worth it. (The full answer)

Are K cups being discontinued?

Unfortunately, K-Mug pods are being discontinued and we will no longer be adding new inventory. Our My K-Cup Universal Reusable filter includes two fill lines; optimized for cup & travel mug brew sizes: krg.bz/2zacMBB. (Reference)

Which Keurig is on recall?

According to NBC News, Keurig Green Mountain is recalling 6.6 million of the single cup homebrew machines. The Mini Plus Brewing Systems with model number K10 can allegedly overheat and spray water during brewing. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall last month. (More…)

Do Keurigs get moldy inside?

Keurig coffee makers do have the ability to grow mold. Since water sits in the plastic reservoir, it is, unfortunately, a good breeding ground for mold. It’s essential to be able to tell when mold is starting to gather in your Keurig. You can prevent mold through routine cleaning and maintenance. (See more)

What is the healthiest way to make coffee?

A study published online April 22, 2020, by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that filtering coffee (for example, with a paper filter) — not just boiling ground coffee beans and drinking the water — was better for health, particularly for older people. (Click here)

Can you use tap water in Keurig?

Yes, you can use tap water. I usually use the filtered water that comes through my refrigerator, just because I don’t like the taste of our local water. The directions suggest using filtered water to make the coffee taste better, but I think any coffee maker would recommend that. (More info)

How long should you keep a Keurig?

Most Keurig customers say that their machines typically last for three to five years. But here are some other signs that might let you when to replace your Keurig before then: Your coffee doesn’t come out piping hot. (More info)

How long do K-Cups last?

Just like all coffee, it’s shelf life is between 8 to 12 months if stored properly. If you find an old K-Cup and you’re wondering if it’s safe to drink, use your judgement. If the seal is broken on the cup, or if they haven’t been stored properly, it’s probably best to get rid of them. (The full answer)

What are the 5 cup sizes on my Keurig?

Consumers can select from a choice of five cup sizes 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., and 12 oz. Extra Large 75 oz. Water Reservoir. (Full article)

Can you use K cup twice?

Can you use a K-Cup twice? If you ask any manufacturer – or just read the labels they put on their pods – the answer is no, you can’t use a K-Cup twice. K-Cups are designed to be single-use coffee pods. (Read more)

How can I get a free Keurig?

For Keurig Starter Kit purchasers, up to four (4) eligible boxes in your first order will show up as free when you purchase your K-Supreme Plus® SMART Coffee Maker and sign up for SMART Auto-Delivery via the Keurig Starter Kit program. (Reference)

Why is Keurig coffee so weak?

Most often, weak coffee is caused by a clogged needle. Keurigs have a needle in the top of the machine designed to pierce K cups and deliver water to the pod. In a healthy, functioning Keurig, the needle punctures the K cup, and then water flows through the needle into the coffee grounds, where it drains into your cup. (See more)

What happened to Keurig?

In July 2018, Keurig Green Mountain acquired Dr Pepper Snapple Group in a deal worth $18.7 billion. Legally, Dr Pepper Snapple Group was the surviving company; it remained publicly traded and changed its name to Keurig Dr Pepper. This created the third largest beverage company in North America. (More…)

What the difference in the Keurig models?

There are just two major differences between the B40/K40/K50 brewers and the K-Classic: The K-Classic’s slightly expanded brew sizes (6, 8, and 10 oz) Its upgraded brewing system that ensures you’re brewing with Keurig’s latest and greatest technology for hotter, stronger cups. (Reference)

Will Keurig send me a new brewer?

Keurig will, at its option, repair or replace a defective brewer without charge upon its receipt of proof of the date of purchase. If a replacement brewer is necessary to service this warranty, the replacement brewer may be new or reconditioned. (Source)

Can a Keurig be fixed?

The home line of Keurig machines cannot be repaired as parts are not available, aside from the drip tray, the k-cup holder and sometimes the water tank. The home line of Keurig is really designed to be throw away and they do not last forever. (Full article)

Does Keurig k10 have a filter?

No coffee or water filters are required for this machine, but the reusable My K-Cup filter for ground coffee can be purchased separately. (More…)

Why is my Keurig leaking water when brewing?

My Keurig is leaking when brewing.

The first is simply overfilling the water reservoir, which can be easy to do with machines like the K-15 Mini. It could also be a matter of the machine being clogged, in which case a good clean will remedy the issue. Another common cause of leaking is a loose or broken upper gasket. (Read more)

Is it safe to use vinegar to clean a Keurig?

Return all the removable parts and plug in the machine. Grab the vinegar: White distilled vinegar will help descale (remove lime and scale buildup) your coffee maker, which is key to helping it run. (You can also use a descaling solution.) (See more)

Why is my Keurig water green?

Algae will most likely abound in your water reservoir where the water is exposed to sunlight or other light sources. Then it can get sucked into the brewer from there. And besides any toxic effects, algae may affect the taste and smell of our coffee – giving it that pond water aroma. (More…)

What’s the best way to clean a Keurig?

Run the machine a few times with no filter in place, essentially brewing cup after cup of hot vinegar. After a few cups have cycled, let the machine sit with the vinegar solution in it for a few hours, and then complete the rest of the cycles so that all of the solution has run its course through the machine. (Reference)

Is Keurig coffee healthy?

K-Cups and Keurig machines aren’t great for your health

While most K-Cups tout that they are free of BPA, a cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemical once found in most plastics, even this “safe” plastic can have harmful effects when heated. (Full answer)

Does Keurig coffee raise cholesterol?

Since the 1980s, scientists have understood that drinking coffee can impact cholesterol. Research has shown that compounds called diterpenes in unfiltered coffee, specifically cafestol and kahweol (two kinds of coffee oils), can raise LDL or bad cholesterol levels. (Full answer)

What brand of coffee is the healthiest?

The Best Healthy Coffee Products in 2021

  • Volcanica Coffee.
  • Super Coffee.
  • Hydro Flask.
  • Purity Coffee.
  • Javita Lean + Green.
  • Javita Burn + Control Coffee.
  • Javita Focus Fusion Cocoa.
  • Life Extension Rainforest Blend Coffee.

(Full answer)

Do I need to descale my Keurig if I use bottled water?

How often do I need to descale my coffee maker? The frequency of descaling depends on the level of mineral content of your water. This is why we recommend using filtered or bottled water. Calcium deposits or scale may build up in your brewer and hinder your brewer performance. (More…)

How often do you have to change the filter in a Keurig?

For best results, replace your cartridge every 2 months or after 60 tank refills to keep your water tasting pure and chlorine-free. Includes 6 water filter cartridges (12-month supply). Water Filters help remove chlorine from your water and should be changed every 2 months, or 60 tank refills. (Full answer)

Why are you not supposed to use distilled water in a Keurig?

The Keurig 2.0 does not tolerate distilled water because it is too pure for its sensor. Due to electrical impulses, the unit may think there is no water in the reservoir. It will continuously alert you to add water. Using filtered tap water is the best option for this type of Keurig. (The full answer)

Should K-Cups be refrigerated?

Most importantly, we suggest storing your K-Cup® pods in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. It might seem intuitive to keep them in the fridge or freezer for freshness, but we would recommend against it. The reason why is simple: Your K-Cup® pods will absorb the aromas from the fridge, affecting their flavour. (Full answer)

Do Swiss Miss K-Cups expire?

Can they hurt you? The truth is, as long as the integrity of the seal and packaging of the pod are intact, these pods generally won’t go bad for at least eight months to a year, no matter what the date on the package says. K-Cup Pods are flushed with nitrogen and sealed tightly against oxygen, light, and moisture. (Full article)

Can K-Cups be frozen?

You can freeze K-cups, but the manufacturers don’t recommend it. K-cups are vacuum sealed, so freezing won’t change the longevity of your coffee or tea. (Full article)

Do all K-Cups fit all Keurigs?

No K-cups and Coffee Pods are NOT the same and are NOT interchangeable. K-cups are specifically designed to be used in the Keurig single cup coffee maker only. Keurig has recently changed the name of their “K-CUP” to “K-CUP PODS” but they are very different than actual paper coffee pods. (Full article)

Which Keurig option is 8 oz?

Cup Sizes Of All Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig Models Water Reservoir Capacity 8 oz
Keurig K-Classic 48 oz Yes
Keurig K-Supreme 66 oz Yes
Keurig K-Supreme Plus 78 oz Yes
Keurig K-Supreme Plus Smart 78 oz Yes

(More info)

What do the three buttons on the Keurig mean?

The more water, the fuller the cup and the thinner (weaker) the coffee. Less water will give you a shorter cup and a thicker (stronger) coffee. Some units have three size options others have five. (Reference)

Are K-Cups cheaper?

If you buy a 60 K-Cup variety pack with a twenty percent off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, a single K-Cup will cost you $0.53. Compare that to the cost of a regular cup of coffee from your typical coffeemaker at approximately $0.08 per twelve-ounce cup, using Maxwell House ground coffee. (Read more)

What are the three cup sizes on a Keurig?

Select from three convenient brew sizes: 6, 8 and 10 ounces Enjoy coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more at the touch of a button. (Read more)

Why do K-Cups say cool before peeling?

Cool before removing lid” or, space permitted “Hot! Cool to pierce and remove lid”. Both of these options decrease the likelihood of frustrated users with the unpeeleable K-Cups and improve the chances that they will pierce through and peel the lid from the inside. (Full answer)

Do Keurig have lifetime warranty?

Do Keurigs have a lifetime warranty? No, Keurig does not offer a lifetime warranty for coffee makers. (Read more)

Which is better K mini or K Mini Plus?

Both machines brew coffee identically and have the same water reservoir capacity. The main difference is that the K-Mini Plus has a removable water tank, making it easier to refill and clean. (Click here)

How much is a Keurig machine?

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 12 oz. Brew Sizes, Black

List Price: $79.99 Details
You Save: $3.99 (5%)

(See more)

How can I make my Keurig taste like Starbucks?

Simply take the following steps:

  1. Fill the Keurig’s chamber with white vinegar.
  2. Run brew cycles until all the vinegar empties out.
  3. Next, fill the chamber with water. You can squeeze a lemon into the chamber to help remove the taste of vinegar.
  4. Run as many brew cycles as needed to empty out all the water.

(Click here)

Why do my K-cups taste watery?

Why Does My Keurig Coffee Taste Watered Down? As mentioned in the introduction, there are many reasons why your K cup coffee can taste a little watery. If your machine is relatively new, you can skip the usual maintenance related issues such as a clogged coffee machine, chalk buildup, and poor water temp. (More…)

Do K-cups have instant coffee in them?

The short answer is no, K-cups are not made with instant coffee. K-Cups contain finely-ground coffee with a filter inside, sealed by tinfoil to keep the coffee inside even after use. Most regular coffee in the K-cup pods is made with Arabica beans, which is the most popular coffee bean on the market. (Read more)

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a comprehensive look on the different Keurig coffee makers available in the market, we hope you now have an idea on which brewer may work best for you. Whether you are looking for a personal single cup brewer for your home or a coffee machine for office use, Keurig has certainly something for you.

Most of us start our day with a fresh cup of coffee. Some people have a hard time concentrating and functioning well without caffeine in their system.

A good cup of brewed coffee requires a high-quality brewing system and a flavorful coffee pod. If you are always brewing a cup in the morning and another one in the evening, a Keurig personal brewer is a must-have for you.

A single cup serving has its advantages over larger brewing systems. This way you won’t have to waste extra or stale coffee. Instead, you can enjoy the aroma and flavor of your freshly brewed coffee.



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