Best Milk Frother for Bulletproof Coffee: The Best Bulletproof is Made with a Handheld Milk Streamer

27718244359_2762d4fc71_o Best Milk Frother for Bulletproof Coffee

When into the Keto Diet, you need to religiously stick to a high fat, low carb diet and that includes your morning coffee. Bulletproof coffee is a power drink that creates a huge impact on your energy levels and cognitive function. A cup of Bulletproof coffee is enough to substitute for a full breakfast.

A heavy carb breakfast will surely increase your blood sugar and boost your energy but before lunch, your blood sugar level will drop and you will feel hungry, unfocused, and tired.

Taking a cup of Bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast high in carbs will suppress your hunger, give you mental clarity and give you the energy to last until lunchtime because your blood sugar will not crash before you take your next meal.

The easiest way to make Bulletproof Coffee is to blend regular coffee with MCT oil and ghee butter using the best Milk frother. For Bulletproof Coffee if you are serious about your Keto Diet, your will be having Bulletproof coffee everyday. Cleaning a handheld milk frother is so much easier than cleaning a blender.

It has been established that the easiest way to make bulletproof coffee is to use a handheld milk frother. To ensure your perfect cup of keto diet coffee, use only the best handheld milk frother. Take a look and some of the best to help you make the best choice.

Aerolatte To Go, Handheld Electric Milk Frother

The aerolatte To Go is a travel wand that runs on two AA batteries. It froths up milk for perfect cappuccinos, milkshakes, frappes hot chocolates and bulletproof coffee. This travel milk frother wand comes with a storage case for protection.

The motor of all aerolattefrothers run on dry rotation. The spiral whisking head and shaft are made of food grade 18/10 stainless steel. the steel of the shaft is thick enoughso it won’t bend while blending.

The tightness and density of the of the coils in the whisking head ensures perfect frothing. Handles are made from virgin ABS plastic making it durable.

A user says she found the aerolatte travel wand to be super great. She also found it easy to use and made steamed milk with professional quality at home.

The aerolatte To Go milk frother will allow you to easily and simply churn up professional quality hot beverages right in your own home.

Bean Envy Electric Milk Frother Handheld,

The Bean Envy handheld electric milk frother comes with a convenient stainless steel stand. This battery operated milk frother creates a creamy and rich foam which works great for cappuccinos, lattes, milk shakes. It can also mix bulletproof coffee and whip eggs.

This small machine has so much power. It can create a beautiful foam in less than 15 seconds because it spins really fast.

The one-hand ergonomic design perfects fits into your hands so you will not strain your hand using this device. This milk frother is rust resistant and durable.

A user says she is a caterer and this Beany Envy Milk Frother is handy and convenient to bring during events. She is always ready each time a customer asks for a cappuccino.

This milk frother is as easy to clean as it is to use. To clean the whisk, submerge the device in warm water and turn it on for a few seconds.

PowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker

This small but nevertheless powerful PowerLink milk frother can make 1900 revolutions per minute. Its black colored-body makes it easily blend with all the other gadgets in your kitchen.

This handheld milk frother comes with a stainless steel whisk for durability and a stainless steel stand for convenience. It can whip a beautiful milk foam in 10 seconds.

It is ideal for milkshakes even if it is thick, cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolate. It can also mix well bulletproof coffee.

A user says she was looking for a powerful milk frother for her bulletproof coffee. She did some research before buying the PowerLix. She likes this milk frother because it promised power and has lived up to its promise.

This PowerLix milk frother is extremely durable and powerful. It is easy to use without stressing your hand. It is easy to clean too.

LinsnField Milk Frother, Handheld Foam Maker

 the Lindfield handheld milk frother can make a nice froth from milk in less than 20 seconds. It is ideal to create a nice foam for cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate and for mixing bulletproof coffee. It works well in whipping up hot or cold beverages.

This milk frother comes with a simple ON/Off operation and runs through 3 AAA batteries. It is great for frothing milk at home. it is also convenient to bring on travels because it comes wigh a storage tube.

A user says she finally found the right milk frother. She says she loves the fact that they are made of high quality metarial. She appreciates the extra whisk, too.

The body and spiral whisking head of this milk frother is made from 18/10 food-approved stainless steel for lasting durability. It also does not make so much noise. It comes with 2 whisks and in a pretty gift gift box.

Milk Frother versus Blender versus Submersion Blender

To make perfect bulletproof coffee, you need to combine well the coffee, coconut oil and grass fed butter. All ingredients need to be combined well so the coconut oil will not slick.

You can use a spoon to mix the coffee, butter and oil. It will not mix well though and you will not achieve a nice foam.

Your next option is to use a blender. Pour the coffee, oil and butter, place the lid and turn the blender on. The pressure cause by the heat of the blended blew the lid and your bulletproof coffee will be all over the kitchen floor.

Another option is to use a submersion blender. It works just like a blender except that this device is handheld and there is no lid that will shoot off because of too much heat. It worked great. Thing is, it is such a hassle to assemble the submersion blender, disassemble it after using and pack it up.

The easiest and best option to make a perfect bulletproof coffee is to use a handheld milk frother. It is the cheapest of all the equipment mentioned above (except of course for the spoon). Mix brewed coffee, butter and oil.

Submerge the milk frother, turn it on and watch the beautiful foam form on top of your bulletproof coffee. To clean the milk frother, pour a small amount of hot water and turn on the frother for about 3 seconds.

Handheld milk frothers are of the immersion type which usually comes with a vibrating whisk for whirling and whipping milk in a pot used in warming the milk or in a cup. This is the cheapest type of milk frothing device for the home.


Of the 4 handheld milk frothers reviewed, I go for the PowerLiPowerLix Milk Frother . I find it to be so appealing but nor lacking in power and efficiency. It can effortlessly froth milk fast without tiring my hand.  I do not need to struggle with it, too.

It is also able to mix my bulletproof coffee extremely well.

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