A Definitive Guide to Finding the Best Pool Water Test Kit

Best Pool Water Test Kit reviews

Testing pool water can be a bit of a chore. However, it is very important to test one’s water in order to be sure that it is safe and clean. Especially for parents of young children, ensuring that pool water is safe is absolutely necessary. Some people even pay companies to test their water.

This is an expense that can be avoided with personal test kits.The best pool water test kit will not only provide accurate readings, it will be easy and quick to use. These kits should be able to test levels of a wide range of chemicals. These include chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, and PH.

As there are so many test kits on the market today, finding the right one can be challenging. The kit that is best suited for a given person will depend on their pool, time constraints, and budget. However, it is always important to buy a kit that provides accurate readings.

What to Look for in a Test Kit

It can be difficult to know which test kit is the right choice. Here are some of the most important features that buyers should take into account before spending their hard-earned money.

The Range of Chemicals Being Tested

Naturally, a test kit which only provides readings for bromine is not going to tell the buyer about the overall safety of the water. High-quality kits should provide accurate testing for many different chemical levels.

The best kits will include testing for: chlorine, bromine, PH, alkalinity, calcium, and cyanuric acid. While there are good products which leave out one or two of these chemicals, high-end products should provide readings for all of these.

Generally speaking, the more readings a kit provides, the better quality it is.

The Testing Method

Not every kit will test chemical levels the same way. There are three main ways to test pool water: test strips, liquid reagents, and digital testers.

Test Strips

Test strips are by far the most affordable option. In addition, they are extremely simple to use. Strips are simply submerged in the water and swirled around. They are then compared to a color-coded chart to indicate chemical levels. Their main drawback is that they are much less reliable than other methods.

Liquid Testers

Liquid testers are a step up from test strips. These kits use reagents that are added to pool water samples in order to test chemical levels. They are considerably more reliable than test strips. However, they still require color matching which can lead to some subjective decisions.

Digital Testers

Digital testers are the premier option for accurate and fast chemical testing. They test chemical levels and display results on a convenient LCD screen. Another key benefit is that they do not require color matching. Of course, this convenience and quality comes with a heavier price tag.

The Right Features for the Right Buyer

There are many benefits which come with the best pool water test kit. However, the kit that is best for one person may not be best for another. It is important to balance one’s budget and schedule with the need for accurate testing.

When buying a test kit, the kit’s speed, price, and accuracy should all be taken into account. For those with a very tight budget and limited time, test strips may be the only viable option. While these are not as effective as other options, it is better than no testing.

For those with more funds, liquid and digital testers are superior for providing accurate readings. In addition, individuals with conditions like color blindness will not be able to use testers which require color matching. Digital testers will be the best option in these cases.

Ultimately, finding the best pool water test kit depends on the needs of the buyer. Below are three of the best kits available for purchase today.

Top 3 Best Pool Water Test Kit Reviews





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LaMotte has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of quality pool products, and for good reason. The ColorQ Pro 7 is a highly accurate and reliable digital pool water test kit. It comes equipped with a water-resistant digital reader and liquid reagents. It also includes a carrying case.


  • Digital photometer is highly accurate
  • No color matching required
  • Tests for wide range of chemicals: chlorine, bromine, PH, alkalinity, calcium, cyanuric acid
  • Convenient carrying case included


  • Very expensive
  • Requires batteries

The ColorQ Pro 7 is one of the best pool water test kits available today. Its digital tester provides accurate and convenient readings for a wide range of chemical levels. In addition, it removes subjective judgements from water testing.

Naturally, the superior technology in this tester comes with a greater price. However, those with the funds should consider this tester to keep their pool water safe and crystal clear.

Poolmaster 22270 5-Way Test Kit with Case - Premier

Poolmaster 22270 5-Way Test Kit with Case – Premier



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The K-2006 from Taylor is a premier liquid pool testing kit. It comes with solutions for a wide range of chemicals and offers distinct colors to reduce subjective errors. In addition, this kit has several convenient features like a durable carrying case and clear guide book.


  • Tests for many chemicals such as chlorine, PH, alkalinity, calcium, and cyanuric acid
  • Clear instructions make it easy to use
  • Highly accurate results
  • Colors are clear to make matching easier


  • Limited quantities of liquid reagents
  • Requires color matching

Very few test kits in the mid-range price offer accurate readings of as many chemicals as the Taylor K-2006. It is a very comprehensive and reliable solution to testing one’s pool water. However, it can be daunting for new pool owners to test for so many chemicals.

While it does not offer the same convenience and objective readings as a digital tester, this kit is ideal for anyone who wants a quality all-around kit without breaking the bank.

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit



Our rating

Pool owners looking for a simple and convenient way to test basic chemical levels in their pool water should consider the Poolmaster 22270. It uses liquid testing to provide results for several key chemicals. This is not a comprehensive kit, but it is simple to use and is great for novices.


  • Testing for chlorine, bromine, alkalinity, PH, and acid demand
  • Tester is very user-friendly and easy to read
  • Comes with convenient carrying case
  • Very affordable


  • Limited number of chemicals tested
  • Only tests up to 5ppm for chlorine, becomes inaccurate at higher levels

This test kit is simple and provides basic testing for several chemicals. It is very affordable and user-friendly, making it a great choice for novice testers. However, it provides neither the range nor accuracy of high-end kits. For buyers on a budget, this is a great basic kit.


While any of the three water testing kits mentioned above are great purchases, the best pool water test kit is the LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7. This kit offers the greatest range and accuracy of all three kits. As well, while the other kits require color matching, this kit provides digital readings.

For anyone looking to have an accurate and convenient kit to test every possible chemical in their pool, the LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 is the way to go. As long as the buyer has the funds, this kit provides the best readings with the most convenient features.

Keeping one’s pool safe and clean is easy with a quality home testing kit. With the products reviewed above, pool owners will never have to worry about unsafe water. Using these kits is a great way to make the most out of the summer.

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