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To make the most delicious and decadent fudge, the run of the mill pans will not do. For the perfect sweet and thick fudge, you need the right saucepan. Here is the best saucepan for making fudge.

Making fudge at homes is a holiday tradition for most families. It is the most sought-after treat during holidays. Fudge is basically made of a supreme blend of sugar, butter, milk, and any of the various flavoring agents namely butterscotch, chocolate, maple, vanilla, etc.

Whether you love traditional chocolate flavor fudge or some other fresh flavors like mocha, caramel or vanilla, you need the right tools to get the unique fudge flavor, taste, and consistency. Using the right saucepan tops the list of important tools you need for making the perfect fudge that just melts in your mouth with its creamy and smooth texture. Let us look at some of the best saucepans available in the market now for making fudge.

Reviews Of The Best Saucepans For Making Fudge

1. Circulon Genesis Nonstick 3-Quart Saucepan

Touted to be of versatile use in the kitchen, the Circulon Genesis saucepan promises multiple uses with its special features. Made of hard anodized aluminum, the heavy-duty saucepan heats up fast and evenly which is necessary if you want your fudge to turn out creamy and smooth all through.

And nonstick (PFOA free) feature is a great advantage that avoids the hassle of struggling with sticky fudge mixture as you blend the ingredients. The non-stick layer is also handy when it comes to cleaning. Another attractive feature in this saucepan is its strong double-riveted handle made of stainless steel. All in all, the saucepan works great with its easy nonstick cooking surface, faster cleanup, and convenient design. Other than a few user complaints related to the handle heating up fast and being difficult to hold due to its flat shape, the saucepan is a good choice for fudge.

2. New DEMMEX Copper Saucepan with Lid

Demmex Copper Saucepan is a thick pan with its cooking surface designed for safe cooking and easy cleaning. The saucepan is provided with a lid. The copper pan is 1.2mm thick and has a main brass handle and a helper handle for added safety while cooking. The surface is made of tin-free of any lead. The deep saucepan makes it easy to prepare the entire recipe in the same pot without having to transfer candy to another pot for better finishing.

The non-stick tin lining free of lead helps in the easy cleanup and does not contain any harmful material as seen in other non-stick pots. Some of the users had issues with the tin lining and the lack of full copper body as the pan advertises. But overall, the pan satisfies your craving for fudge with its efficient features.

3. Copper Chef 9.5″ 6 Piece Set

The Copper Chef saucepan is a product with a set of 6 pieces that include a pan of 4.5-quart capacity, a glass lid, steam rack, fry basket. and a square-shaped frying pan. You also get a recipe book for induction cooking with the product.

On the brighter side, the copper induction cooktop is easy to clean with its non-stick coating made of Cerami technology. Its stainless steel base plate ensures a uniform heat distribution. The material used for the construction of the pan is very sturdy and can withstand a temperature of about 850ºC easily. Since it does not contain any harmful PTFE and PFOA on its non-stick surface, it is fully safe for cooking. The dishwasher-safe feature is an added advantage. In spite of the copper design, some users have indicated uneven heating, resulting in food getting burnt, which can be a problem when you are mixing the fudge ingredients.

4. Kuprum Solid Copper Saute Pan

The Copper saucepan from Kuprum comes with a lid and is made of high-quality copper. The cookware shows very good heat response. It helps in proper heat distribution and is considered ideal for fudge making besides sautéing tasks. The design is convenient and pleasing to look at with its tin lining, handle rivets, and a copper lid.

The base is wide and shallow with straight sides, thus eliminating worries about the ingredients spilling. Since it is shallow, air circulation is better when compared to the deep pans. The recyclable pan is ideal for cooking different types of dishes in addition to fudge such as searing, sautéing, and for reducing sauces. Some users have complained about the quality of tin used as it bubbled easily. With an elegant design and high energy saving, this fudge making saucepan is a cost-effective and convenient choice to own.

5. Cuisinart 4193-20 3-Quart Saucepan with Glass Cover

Cuisinart is a well-known name in cookware. The Cuisinart 4193-20 model keeps up the tradition of the brand by providing top quality cookware. Most of the premium products that use stainless steel heat up faster and the Cuisinart saucepan is not an exception. The design is ergonomic with sturdy handles for stronger grip and the lid made of tempered glass. The stainless steel design makes it ideal for cooking on multiple cooktops, including oven, stove, and even the broiler.

The aluminum base on the outer side helps in providing the best cooking performance due to good heat distribution without disturbing the natural flavors of fudge ingredients. Robust and elegantly designed, this saucepan is a perfect addition to include in your kitchen. The limited space for cooking is a drawback which could be rectified for better and convenient cooking.

What To Look For When It Comes To Saucepan for Fudge

Here are the things you should consider when you shop for a saucepan for fudge:

Pan material

The material of the pan should be able to heat up quickly and provide uniform heat, so you get consistent results every time.

Superior construction

The design should have sturdy handles made of stainless steel but not conduct heat, so you can conveniently handle it without the use of a glove or mitten. Proper contouring for imparting comfort to your hands is also a criterion to consider. Make sure the handles are riveted for balanced cooking.


Glass lids with rims made of stainless steel help to seal flavor and moisture, and are durable too.

Easy cleanup

The pan should be dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The rims should be tapered to enable easy pouring without dripping.


When it comes to making fudge, you cannot afford to miss the important details like the type of saucepan you are using. Choose a metal saucepan that is heavy with straight sides and holds twice the amount of the fudge you are making.

While considering the ideal qualities in a fudge saucepan, of the various products in our line up, Circulon Genesis meets with most of the requisites, including sufficient capacity, good construction, and ease of use. It has a safe non-stick coating and is sturdy to use. And it is also the cheapest, making it a great addition to your kitchen and one that you will not regret buying. Cuisinart comes a close second with its quality design and performance which is also a good choice if budget is not a consideration for you.

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