Best TDS Meter For Drinking Water

Best TDS Meter For Drinking Water

A TDS meter measures the Total Dissolved Solids in water measured in parts per million. This means that the higher the reading the more impurities like heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chloride, and other contaminants in the water.

It should also be noted that dissolved sugar and salt in water also increase its reading. Though it will tell you how many impurities the water has, it won’t tell you exactly what’s in it.

Generally, it’s best to have as low reading as possible. The lowest reading possible is a reading of zero, that means that the water is almost completely pure.

TDS meters are relatively small in size and aren’t too expensive. You can buy one for less that 25 dollars. Some high-end water filters even come with TDS meters so that you can see for yourself how well the filters work.

However, this is not always the case, especially for filters used in refrigerators and sinks. To really know how well these filters work, a TDS meter is absolutely necessary.

TDS meters can be used for pools, aquariums, and (most likely) drinking water in order to determine if the water is safe to drink. Usually, anything below 700 parts per million is fine so long as it has gone through some form of municipal filtration.

However, it’s understandable if you want to drink the purest water you can get your hands on. To do this you’ll need a TDS meter.

There are dozens of TDS meters on the market today, but how can you pick the right one? There are many things to look for when deciding which TDS meter to get, and how to find the best TDS meter for drinking water.


The one thing most of us always keep in mind is price. Thankfully, TDS meters are relatively expensive and can be bought for anywhere between 5 dollars to 25 dollars.

Of course, like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to TDS meters. The best TDS meter for drinking water will last you a lifetime because nothing is worse than having to rebuy the same product over and over again year after year.


Many TDS meters don’t just measure the amount of dissolved solids in your water. Some higher-end models also measure the electrical conductivity (EC) of your water.

Pure H2O has almost no conductivity, all the conductivity we associate with water comes from the dissolved solids in it. Measuring electrical conductivity is usually used for aquariums and pools and not so much drinking water, even though EC can be used to determine TDS.

Many meters also measure the temperature of water for added convenience. If you have a reason to measure the temperature and EC of water, then look for a meter than can measure them along with TDS.


It goes without saying that you want a TDS meter to measure dissolved solids accurately.

Thankfully, this isn’t much of a problem with modern meters (that wasn’t the case twenty years ago) and the best TDS meter for drinking water will detect dissolved solids within a two percent range.

Some meters can even be calibrated to give you even more accuracy, though this should only be done by people who know what they’re doing.


You don’t want a meter that will only last you a few months. The best TDS meter for drinking water will have a sturdy construction and precise electrical parts that will last you years. A reliable meter has a secure housing where all the electronics sit.

Usually, there’s a removable cap that covers the part of the meter that you submerge in water. This is how you get a reading. However, it’s important to only submerge the meter up to the specified distance.

If you submerge it too much you may damage electrical components. This is why a clearly marked immersion line that tells you exactly how deep to submerge the TDS meter is so important.

So now that you know what to look for, how do you find the best TDS meter? To give you a hand, here are reviews of the three most highly rated products on Amazon. Each one is put through the test in order to find the very best.

HM Digital Pocket-Size TDS Meter

The HM Digital TDS meter is the simplest one to use of the three. It only measures TDS. However, the HM Digital meter also saves readings for recording purposes and can be useful if you want to track the purity of your water over time.

HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket Size TDS Tester Meter with 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range
HM Digital TDS-4 Pocket-Size TDS Tester Meter with 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range

However, despite it’s lack of features the HM Digital is a bit more on the expensive side.


Simple to use Records previous readings Accurate


Doesn’t have extra features A bit more expensive


Digital Aid TDS Meter

The Digital Aid TDS meter is the least expensive of the three meters reviewed here, yet it not only measures dissolved solids but also conductivity and temperature. While this meter is accurate, has a great price, and a variety of features, there have been complaints regarding its durability.

Digital Aid Professional TDS
Digital Aid Professional TDS


Lots of features Great price


Fragile Many reported defective models


Ubante Professional TDS Meter

The Ubante TDS Meter is the most expensive of the three, but it’s also the most reliable. With that said, it’s only a few cents more expensive than the second most expensive meter. Many have said they have had this meter for years. As well, it can also measure the conductivity of water and the temperature. Best of all, it comes with it’s own leather case.


AccurateDurable, can last years with proper careHas many features


Is the most expensive


Which TDS is best for drinking water?

Ans: Bisleri water maintains a TDS level of 120 PPM, making it safe to drink.TDS Level Chart for Drinking Water.

TDS in Water (measured in PPM) Suitability for Drinking Water
Between 50-150 Excellent for drinking
150-250 Good
250-300 Fair
300-500 Poor, not good for drinking

(See more)

What is the TDS of Bisleri water?

Bisleri 20 litre cans maintain a TDS level of max 120 PPM, making it excellent for drinking. (Full answer)

Is 50 TDS safe for drinking water?

Not acceptable. Because water with such a low TDS level does not contain the essential minerals. Acceptable. However, the TDS level in the range of 80-150 is considered ideal.

TDS Level (mg/l) Rating
Less than 300 Excellent
300-600 Good
600-900 Fair
900-1200 Poor

(Full answer)

Is MI TDS meter accurate?

konvio neer TDS Meter Tester with PH Test Kit for Water testing D…Mi XMTDS01YM Digital TDS Meter.

Brand Mi
Type Digital
Range 0-9990 ppm
Temperature Range 0-80 degree C
Accuracy +/-2

(Full article)

What is the TDS of rainwater?

TDS of rainwater can be less than 20 to 50 mg/l. Pollution can be the main cause of higher TDS. (Full answer)

What is the TDS of tap water?

The typical sample of tap water in the U.S. contains approximately 350 parts per million (ppm) of TDS, which does not on its own indicate a health concern. However, lead concentration is found 1000 times lower at the parts per billion (ppb) level and is too small to be detected without sophisticated instrumentation. (Full answer)

Is RO water is good for health?

Yes, RO water removes negligible amounts of calcium from the water but also removes harmful nitrates along with it and we are preventing diseases when we use RO or other water purifiers. Only when the tap water we are supplied is as good as this purified water, should we think about drinking tap water directly.” (See more)

Is 35 TDS safe for drinking water?

Water is not acceptable for drinking. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the upper limit of TDS level in water is 500 ppm. The TDS level recommended by WHO, however, is 300 ppm. (More info)

Is 70 TDS water is safe for drinking?

TDS 75 to 90 ppm is ideal for drinking purpose. According to the BIS, the ideal TDS for drinking water is below 300mg/L and the max permissible limit is 600mg/L. It is recommended that people with kidney problem should drink pure water having TDS level below 100 mg/L for better recovery. 500 mg/Liter of TDS . (Source)

Is 200 TDS water is safe for drinking?

According to WHO, water with up to 300 ppm is considered good for drinking. And water with a TDS level of 1,000 or above is not recommended for drinking. (Click here)

Can we control TDS in MI water purifier?

The TDS reduction capacity of Mi Smart Water Purifier is up to 90% (As per standard lab test conditions), TDS reduction is totally dependent upon input water quality, which causes the taste difference. If input water TDS is ≤ 300, then TDS reduction can be more than 90% and taste can be flat/dilute. (More…)

How many batteries are used in MI water TDS tester?

2 LR44 batteries

Brand ‎MI
Operating Distance ‎5-38 Degrees
Item Weight ‎24.7 g
Package Dimensions ‎18.9 x 4.8 x 2.2 cm; 24.7 Grams
Batteries ‎2 LR44 batteries required.

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What is the warranty period of MI water TDS tester?

Accessory Product Limited Warranty

Item Scope of Warranty Warranty service
Mi Water TDS Tester 6 months Walk in
Mi Portable Wireless Mouse 6 months Walk in
Mi Truck Builder 6 months Walk in
Mi Dune Buggy Builder 6 months Walk in

(The full answer)


After reviewing all three products, it becomes very clear which one is the best TDS meter for drinking water: The Ubante Professional TDS Meter.

Unlike the Digital Aid model, the Ubante had less problems with unreliable construction and parts, and it only costs a few cents more than the HM digital model but had many more features and even came with a nifty leather carrying bag.

The Ubante is the most reliable of the three, has a good price that won’t leave your wallet light, and is accurate within two percent. If you need to get exact readings at a low price, the Ubante TDS meter is the best choice and well worth the money.

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