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Megan Ann How to Season Cast Iron Griddle

How to Season Cast Iron Griddle

Image by Gary House from flickr.comDoes food stick in your cast iron griddle? It’s either you did not season the griddle or did not season it properly. The proper way on how to season cast iron griddle will allow you to enjoy your griddle for long years. Seasoning is the first step you need to do with […]

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Megan Ann How to Make a Charcoal Grill Hotter

How to Make a Charcoal Grill Hotter

Charcoal grilling utilizes a method of direct grilling. It is a method where food is directly placed over a heat source when cooking. The heat from the cooking grate provides grill marks on the food. There are several grilling tips that can help you get a flavorful cook every time you use your grill. One of […]

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Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 Knowing the Difference

Weber Q1200 vs Q2200: Knowing the Difference 

Barbecue is an all-time favorite cooking method, especially when grilling meat. It can also be referred to as a social event that is often tied up with this type of cooking. Before the invention of barbecue grills, such as weber q1200 vs q2200, people use a wooden framework to grill meat by placing it above the fire. Over the […]

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