How to Clean a Gas Grill with Oven Cleaner

Megan Ann blog How to Clean a Gas Grill with Oven Cleaner

Food residue on your grill may leave unwanted smell and taste on your next meal. With this, it is essential to regularly wipe the grates ever after use. This minimizes the residue build up.

Wiping the grates will not be enough in the long run. If you are utilizing your grill more than once every year, deep cleaning is necessary. It is recommended to conduct deep cleaning at least one time every year.

A great equipment to utilize is an oven cleaner. This standard equipment aids in breaking down food residue no matter how bad the build up is. You just need to let it set for a few minutes. It will do the trick of breaking up the build-up on your grill and grates.

How to Clean a Gas Grill with Oven Cleaner

In today's time, oven cleaners are a necessity for people who regularly use their grills. Wiping the grills may not do the trick all the time. Thus, deep cleaning using an oven cleaner is a must.

Despite its benefits, you must be cautious when using it. It may damage your grill should it be not used properly. Here is a simple guide of using your oven cleaner for grills cleaning.

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    Prepare the materials – Gather the required cleaning supplies. You might need some gloves, rags, paper towels, detergent and water. Remember to turn the gas supply off. During the cleaning process, you may detach the tank of gas from the grill.
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    Ash pan removal – The first step in cleaning is to remove your ash pan from the inside of the oven. Empty the contents of the pan and wipe it until only a few particles remain. After wiping the residue, replace the ash pan on the grill.
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    Spray grill/gates with oven cleaner Using the spray nozzle of your oven cleaner, coat the surface of the grill/grates with an ample amount. You may also opt to spray the inside of the oven with the cleaner. Nevertheless, avoid the external part as it may cause potential damage to the enamel surface.
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    Let it set – Allow the oven cleaner coating to set for at least 20 minutes. You can extend the setting process up to 30 minutes to loosen the food residue better. By letting the grime soften, you can easily wipe or scrub it.
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    Wipe it clean – Using fresh sheet of paper towels, wipe the grates thoroughly. Should the towels become soiled, replace them with a clean one. You can then wipe the interior of the oven by lifting the grates from the grill.
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    Wash the grills and grates – In a gallon of water, mix in two tablespoons of dishwasing detergent. You can use this solution to wash the grill and grates.

Using the same detergent, wipe the exterior and interior of your grill. This is only an optional step but it will make a difference when it comes to cleanliness. Rinse everything with water until no detergent is visible or the grill is squeaky clean.

Over-all, it is important to clean your grills to make sure that it is ready for another use. It will keep it in good condition and may help it last for a long time even after multiple uses.

Final Things to Note for Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

There are several actions that you may need to do to keep your grill maintained and can last for a long time. You can start by checking the grease tray every time that you grill. It is advisable to remove the contents of it to prevent grease fire.

Final Things to Note for Grill Cleaning and Maintenance

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As you preheat your grill, you can brush or wad it with foild in order to eliminate any burnt remnants of food from the last session of grilling. Note that the bits are easier to remove when the grates are still hot.

When cooking, it is recommended to put oil on the grates. This will prevent the food from sticking. After you finish cooking, you may brush the grates again. For a deeper clean, you must use an oven cleaner. It is easy to use and will keep your grill clean and ready for your next cooking session.

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