How to clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors

Having a wood floor certainly adds beauty to your home, but keeping your floor their best can be a little tedious especially if you don’t spend that much time at home, and the time you actually spend there is for resting and leisure purposes. However, there are a few simples steps you can follow to keep your wood floor as beautiful as the day you have settled in your home.

1. Keep the floor cleared

Remove everything on the floor; this includes any furniture that is easy to move, rugs and carpets, any appliance than can be moved to another room for the time being, anything else that might hinder you from doing the cleaning thoroughly.

2. Sweep the floor

Sweep the floor using a broom to get rid of dust that is merely on the surface of the floor. If you prefer using a vacuum cleaner over a broom, you can use it but do not forget to choose the “bare floor” setting.

Get as much dust as you can. If there are streaks or marks on your floor, you can remove that by wiping with a little more pressure or using a cleaning solution especially produced to remove streaks on wood floors.

3. Mop the floor

Now it’s time to put your elbow into it. You can either use a dry mop or a regular mop for this part of your cleaning. If you are using a dry mop, follow the instructions on the product usage with respect to hardwood floors. You might need to put a cleaning solution that does not damage your wooden floor.

If you are using the traditional mop, you just need a little water. Keep in mind to put just a small amount of water on your mop or on the floor itself before proceeding with the mopping. Keep in mind to mop going with the grain of the floor.

In both options, remember not to soak the water too much as water can affect the wood’s look and structural integrity. Never use products intended for vinyl or tile floors – these compounds may contain chemicals that can make hardwood floor slippery and dull. If preferred, you can use cleaning agents especially made for hardwood floors.

4. Apply wax

Once you are done mopping the floor and it is completely dry, you can apply wax on it to give it a shiny finish. You can use a piece of cloth with the wax put on the cloth before wiping it onto the floor. Remember to use a small amount of wax each time you wipe it on the floor. Too much wax can result to the floor being slippery and can lead to household accidents.

5. Buff the floor

You will need a clean piece of cloth at this part of the cleaning. Use it to wipe the whole floor area until each area is equally buffed. If you do not want to get on your hands and knees, you can use a mop but remember that it has to be completely dry. A wet, or even damp mop can cause streaks being left on your floor.

clean hardwood floors

Additional tips

Additional tips

Keep a schedule to clean your floor

Sweeping or dusting can be done every day, this keeps dust from accumulating. Vacuuming can be done every week or so to make sure that dust is removed from thoroughly. You can use the steps above on a monthly basis to keep the hardwood floor from looking dull and grimy.

Every couple of years or so, you may need to hire professionals to do a thorough cleaning of the floor. This will include complete cleaning, preventive maintenance to avoid decay or rot, and professional coating to achieve your desired look.

Use rugs on your doorways

When you are outside, your feet are exposed to a number of elements that can stick to the soles of your shoes. Having a rug to wipe them at the entrance lowers the risk of debris or grime to be in direct contact with floor. If it is raining, it is logical to wipe your feet completely until any water residue is removed to avoid having streaks on a wooden floor.

Use material appropriate solutions

There are a number of cleaning solutions available on the market. Familiarize yourself with whichever is compatible with the make, or finish of your wood floor to ensure you use the correct product. Using a cleaning product intended for a different material can potentially do more harm than good.

Ultimately, these steps are for those who want to clean their house by themselves. If you want, and more importantly can afford to, hiring a professional is always an option. Did you find this helpful? Don’t forget to like and share so others can benefit from it too. Hit us with a comment for any questions or reactions you might have.

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