How to Clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes

Megan Ann How to Clean Weber Gas Grill Burner Tubes

Are you not getting the best performance from your Weber Gas Grill? Has the pre-heating temperature not been going beyond 400°F when it used to reach 550°F? It could be that the burner tubes are clogged and need to be cleaned. Here is how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes to keep your gas grill working in top shape.

Weber gas grills are incredibly tough and durable. Many Weber gas grill owners often think that when the grill does not operate at peak performance, the burners need replacement. This is not the case all the time.

When your grill burners are cracked, falling apart or burner potholes seem connected to each other, you will need to replace these burners. Rusty or clogged burnerson the other hand just need some cleaning especially the gas burner tubes.

The burner tubes of most Weber gas grills are located below the heat deflectors or flavorizerbars. Burner tubes allow gas to flow to the burner.  The burner tubes are also responsible for allowing the burners to provide even heat all throughout the grill.

While you are grilling grease, marinade, juices and sauces from the food go the flavorizer barsand eventually to the cookbox. While the burners are protected from these drippings, over time, surface corrosion will occur and the burner tubes will start to get clogged. These will lead to uneven heat inside the grill.

If your Weber gas grill is not having even heat (there are hot and cold spots), this means the burner tubes are not functioning well. Deposits in the burner tubes need to be removed to allow the normal flow of gas to the burners.

Cleaning Gas Grill Burner Tubes

Dirty or clogged burner tubes are caused by scaling of the burner tubes. Scaling is caused by grease, dirt, carbon, moisture, and oxidation and of course from cooking over time.

Scaling causes the ports or holes in the burner tubes to be smaller (other portions of the ports or holes have been covered by dirt and debris) and provide lesser flame. A visible proof of dirty or clogged burner tubes is a yellowish-orange colored flame.

Brushing the burner tubes of your Weber grill will keep it free from any debris and oxidation. You should do these at least once a year or at least every quarter if you often grill the entire year.


  • check
    Stainless steel bristle brush
  • check
    Soap and water


  • 1
    Turn off the Weber Gas grill or disconnect the propane gas from the grill. This is to avoid any gas from flowing to the grill burner tubes while you are cleaning. Make sure grill is completely cool.
  • 2
    Remove cooking grates and flavorizerbars.
  • 3
    Individually clean each of the burner tubes and crossover tubes.
  • 4
    Use the bristle brush to clean the holes or ports of the burner tubes with an up and down motion oracross the holes. Never brush sideways or lengthwise because these may block the holes or ports more with the debris you are cleaning off.
  • 5
    Make sure the bristles of the brush go into the holes.
  • 6
    After cleaning all burner tubes and crossover tubes, clean the grease collection tray and the top and bottom of the lid as well. Collect all ash and chunks from the bottom.
  • 7
    Replace the grates and flavorizerbars back into the grill.
  • 8
    Turn on your Weber gas grill and check if preheat temperature now reaches 550°F and even heat distribution is achieved.
  • 9
    With clean and de-clogged grill burner tubes, they should be emitting blue flame.

The burner tubes are the heart of your Weber gas grill. When it does not function the way it should, you will not be able to grill great and delicious food on your Weber. Before you decide on replacing the gas grill burning tubes, give them first a deep cleaning.

Weber gas grills are designed to last for long years. While you seasonal cleaning of the gas grill burner tubes is fine, it is better to clean them every after five or seven times of use with a dry grill brush. You can also insert a paper clip or a safety pin in each of the holes or ports to pop out anything that stuck.

For a nice blue flame and even heat distribution you should know how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes.

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