Experience The Best Of Coffee Maker Reviews – Hamilton Beach Flex Brew

Experience The Best Of Coffee Maker - Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Reviews

How important is coffee to our lives? I almost can’t function during the day, if I don’t get my daily dose of coffee. So naturally, when someone comes along and creates a coffee maker that is thoughtful in design offering flexibility in brewing options, whether it is for a single cup or a 12-cup pot, I have to talk about it. So after reading too many hamilton beach flex brew reviews, here goes my own review of the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew 2-way coffee maker!

So what can you expect from this review?

  • Features of the product
  • Pros and Cons of this product( based on customer reviews)
  • Overall rating of the product
  • My own personal review

Product Features:

1) Flexibility in Brewing: The biggest advantage to this coffee maker is its flexibility in brewing options. If you are rushing off to work, you can use the “single-serve side” which brews a cup for one or you can enjoy your Sunday with endless cups of coffee with the “carafe side” allowing you to make a 12-cup pot.

It also allows you to add your own ground coffee or a K-cup holder coupled with an attached filter.

2) Adjustable cup rest: The single serve side of the coffee maker comes with an adjustable cup set that allows you to adjust the size of your cup for if you want to brew for a standard-size cup or a 14-ounce travel mug.

I find this to be particularly helpful as there are mornings I want to sip on my 14-ounce travel mug while driving to work and this makes for the perfect size.

3) Programmable Timer for Carafe side: This makes the entire process really convenient. A programmable timer makes the coffee maker brew at your standard time for drinking coffee.

I usually set it to about 8 in the morning just before getting ready to work and once, when I come back during the day and I find my favorite coffee sitting there ready to be served.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

4) Pause and Serve function: This is a great feature as you don’t have to wait for the entire coffee to be brewed. There is a pause and serve function which allows you to stop the brewing process till you pour yourself your cup.

I’ve found this to be particularly useful because many times I’ve found myself brewing for a travel mug realizing midway that I don’t need so much. So the Pause and Serve function works best in these situations.

5) Automatic Shut-off: This for me is an example of thoughtful design. How many times has it happened that you’ve forgotten to switch off the on/off button on your coffee maker, crying over burnt coffee?

Well, the Hamilton Beach Coffee maker comes with a 2-hour window for shutting off, relieving you of the pressure of remembering to switch it off every time.

6) Non-obstructive Size: I felt like I had to mention this especially after reading so many Hamiton Beach Flex Brew reviews, as even though there are so many features packed into this coffee maker, its size truly astonished me.

It doesn’t take over my counter-top!

At about 11 inches wide and 10 inches deep, it gives me enough space to keep everything else around it. I also feel the need to add that at about 13 inches in height, it is shorter than a lot of coffee makers going around.

7) Dishwasher safe and BPA free: All the parts of the coffee machine, apart from the carafe pot are dishwasher safe. One of the other things I liked about this was that the plastic used is BPA free.

BPA free means it is re-usable and can be re-filled hundreds of times before replacing it. Also, during the manufacturing process, for a BPA-free plastic, fewer toxins are released into the atmosphere, resulting in less carbon foot-print.

Hamilton beach flex brew reviews

Having personally used it, I would rate the Hamilton Beach flexbrew 2-way coffee maker a modest 3.5/5.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49983A Single Serve / Full Pot Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49983A Single Serve / Full Pot Coffee Maker


  • 3-way brewing features for standard size, travel mug and 12-cup pot
  • Automatic timer and pause and serve function
  • Flexibility in brewing options for home ground coffee as well as K-cups.
  • Quick brewing speed and keeps the coffee pot hot for 2 hours.
  • Simple design with an emphasis on key features like measurement of water supply, single reservoir, dishwasher safety.


  • Crushes K-cups instead of puncturing them, making them unusable
  • Plastic odor/taste that comes with the machine
  • Noisy at times.

Analysis of my Rating:

I would still give it that rating purely because it is intuitive in its design and serves a great purpose of flexibility in brewing. It has been created with an emphasis on offering brewing options to the consumer and has focused on key features like pause and serve functions, automatic shut-off that makes a huge difference to the whole experience.

It has been made with an effort to make coffee making comfortable and its single-serve side and carafe side fulfill that purpose without doubt. This is a new design so one must understand how the design works in order to use this coffee maker effectively.

For example- after reading some of the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew reviews, I have found that many have complained about the single reservoir and one main pump. This is not a design flaw but an effort to save you counter-space.

The reason why I wouldn’t give this a complete 5 rating is because it lacks certain things that we, as consumers would expect. For example, an individual cup requires that you have only that much water in the reservoir, it is not able to take the required amount.

It is noisier at times, than expected and that can definitely turn off a consumer. I would also add that because it tries to serve so many purposes, it might not be the best coffee you have tasted.

Some final thoughts

Finally I would like to add that this machine does serve a great purpose despite some discontentment, judging from Hamilton Beach Flex Brew reviews mainly because its subtle design elements need to be understood completely before jumping to a conclusion about this.

There are some initiatives that they have taken which should certainly be brought to light in spite of the risk of losing face with their customers, like their decision to go BPA-free.

One needs to understand that they have made a huge attempt at accommodating all our needs into one machine, whether it is saving us space with its compact size or convenience in the form of 3-way brewing capacities.

Although it can be a noisy machine and sometimes can take slightly longer in brewing, I would think its pros definitely outweigh the cons. So if you had to give it a try, I would say go for it.

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