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Healthy Tips for Living with Diabetes

Healthy Tips for Living with Diabetes

Diabetes can dramatically change my life. I will be forced to adjust my eating habits and change my lifestyle. However, I can still enjoy my life even with diabetes as long as I make sure that I follow the tips in this article.

Remember that it’s not just all about eating foods that will help keep my blood sugars at healthy levels. I will have to exert other efforts too so that I can maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Staying healthy while diagnosed with diabetes is still possible. I have a list of the best tips to help me improve my condition and maintain a healthy lifestyle even with diabetes.

Manage my body’s blood glucose better

This is perhaps the most important advice that follow on this list. People suffering from diabetes have high blood sugar levels. What I need to do is to make sure I keep it down to a healthy level.

There are different ways to help me control my blood sugar levels. First thing I should do is follow and maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet. This means that I need to strictly avoid all types of food that can cause my blood sugar levels to rise such as sugary food. 

This being said, I also monitor my blood sugar levels regularly and take note if there are any sudden spikes that mike occur. Another tip is to exercise daily. regular exercise can help lower my blood sugar and keep my body fit. Engage in physical activities to keep my mind, body, and health in optimal condition.


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Understand how diabetes affects my health

Diabetes plagues millions of people around the world. It is a serious medical disorder that can potentially lead to complications if not treated accordingly. In worst cases, it can even result in death. 

Hence, it is important to learn everything I possibly can about this disease to help guide my journey with diabetes. There are tons of available resources online. Just make sure that follow a trusted source particularly a healthcare site.

Learn the causes, symptoms, how to address it as well as possible complications that may arise and how I can prevent it. Discuss this with the doctor and raise any concerns that I might have.

Keep my blood pressure healthy

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level will keep my health in good condition. It also promotes a healthy vision, brain, heart, and kidneys.

Have my eyes checked

It is important to take good care of my eyes especially when having diabetes as it can affect my vision. Visit an ophthalmologist once a year to see if there are any changes in eyes health. Early detection can prevent eyes from developing eye disease.

Plan ahead

Some illnesses can cause the blood glucose level to shoot up. Consult with a health care professional and ask if they can recommend OTC medications that are safe to use in case getting sick.

However, some OTC medications may possibly interact with the current diabetes medications while other pills may contain sugar. Make sure to check out the label first and discuss it with the doctor if it is safe.

To keep illnesses at bay, drink vitamins regularly. It will help strengthen the body so that I won’t catch a flu or virus easily. At the same time, it helps the body fight off infections.

Do not smoke

Smoking is hazardous to the health especially diabetes. This bad lifestyle habit can increase the blood pressure, damage the blood vessels, and weaken body’s ability to heal itself from infections.

It can also negatively affect the circulation in the body. Smoking can also increase the risk of eye, heart, and kidney damage when suffering from diabetes.

Don’t miss appointment

When I have an appointment with my doctor or health care provider, always show up. I don’t ignore the follow-ups on my Hba1C as well as other check-ups. Even if I cheated on my food or if I feel that the results won’t be good, I don’t miss my check-up. They are there to help me get better and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Keep my bladder healthy

One of the best tips for me is to drink lots of water daily. Stay away from beverages that contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Take some necessary steps to avoid developing bladder infections. Wear cotton underwear or any well-ventilated underwear and always clean myself after every bathroom break.

Take good care of feet

I always check feet and observe if there are any appearance of wounds and changes in my nails. Keep feet dry after taking a bath including the areas in between toes. Wear socks and properly fitted shoes.

When having diabetes, I become more prone to nail infections compared to the average joe. Some of the symptoms include flaking and discoloration. When I see any of these symptoms, I usually seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Take charge of my health

At the end of the day, I am the only one who is responsible for my health. This also means that I alone can make the decision to improve my health.

My doctor and team of health care provider can only do so much. So, listen to doctors, show up on appointments, and follow their orders on how to keep manage diabetes properly. After all, they are just looking out for me.

If I fail to follow any of these, then I only have myself to blame in case something bad happens.

Eat the diabetes-friendly foods

As mentioned above, it is important to eat a well-balanced diet. What I put in my mouth can directly affect my condition.

Read the labels, know the ingredients, and accept the risks that come with it before putting anything in the mouth. Ultimately, I know what is good and what is not good for me.


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Eliminate potential risks and complications

When I am diagnosed with diabetes, I will be forced to seek the advice of different medical professionals. I might be required by my doctor to visit an ophthalmologist, podiatrist, dietician, and sometimes even a clinical psychologist. 

I go to the doctor to my individual check-ups to eliminate any potential health problems.

Spread awareness

10.Some people who are diagnosed with diabetes feel ashamed to admit it mostly because of the negative concept that comes with having this disease. Some think that diabetes is for overweight people or those who eat too much.

However, instead of keeping it to myself, I make it my mission to spread more awareness about this disorder. Educate my family and friends so that they can also have the chance to support me and my cause. It also gives them an idea on how to deal with my condition so that they won’t continue giving me sugary sweets and unhealthy food. A strong support system can certainly make living with diabetes much easier.

Do not believe in miracle treatments

10.With the continuous rise of diabetes, many are getting into the diet frenzy. A lot of people are talking about low-carb, low-calorie, and other forms of diet regimens that claim it can cure diabetes.

The truth is, there are some reports of people who are pre-diabetic that were able to reverse their diagnosis due to their diet and lifestyle change. This being said, I seek the advice of my doctor so that both of me can make a plan that will effectively help me reach my goal of bringing down my glucose levels faster. not all types of diet will work for me.

Take the necessary steps

10.When I have diabetes, I will be forced to make drastic changes to my lifestyle. before I am a former couch potato, then i will have to get your butt off the couch and start doing some physical exercise.

It’s okay to start in baby steps as long as I do something about it. if I want to get better then I need to make the first necessary step to reach my goal.

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