How Long is Brewed Coffee Good For

How Long is Brewed Coffee Good For

Brewed coffee has been a popular drink to people for the past years. Several coffee shops are offering it on different sizes which makes it accessible to everyone. Drinkers can customize its taste by adding condiments such as cream, milk and sugar. Though readily available, many people still wonder about how long is brewed coffee good for.

Before answering this question, we can consider what is brewed coffee and the preparations needed in making one. This drink is normally prepared by pouring water which is hot in temperature on ground coffee beans. The process of brewing can also affect the life of the coffee.  In this article, we shall be looking into the preparation and creation of brewed coffee. Moreover, we shall determine the causes why coffee flavor turns bad after a period.

What are the Preparations for brewing?

When preparing for coffee brewing, there are things that you need to gather first. This is to ensure that everything flows smoothly. Here are some of the preparations you need to complete.

  1. Gather the appropriate tools or equipment - Get the tools that you will be using in the brewing process. These include the filters, coffee been grinders and coffee makers. Clean them thoroughly as unclean equipment may affect its taste and how long is brewed coffee good for.
  2. Get good-quality beans - An excellent coffee comes from good-quality coffee beans. Thus, get beans that promise good taste. You can also look for coffee blends that can give you unique flavor.
  3. Grind your beans - If you prefer to purchase your beans whole, it is best to grind them as soon as you are brewing. With this, you are assured of freshness. Utilize a grinder that produces a consistent granule size. Remember that finely ground coffee may taste bitter than those that are ground just right.
  4. Prepare appropriate amount of water - The water that you shall utilize affects the coffee quality. Tap waters can have a strong chlorine odor. We suggest that you use bottled or filtered water. Aside from the quality, the type of water you will use can affect how long is brewed coffee good for.

Excellent preparation aids in producing tasty coffee. With this, it is important to find your preferred coffee beans, grind type and water before starting to brew.

How can you brew coffee

How can you brew coffee

How can you brew coffee?

Given that there are many ways to brew a coffee, we shall be discussing the most common one which is using a coffee maker and French press.

Note that your materials and brewing process how long is brewed coffee good for. Here are the steps you need to complete before you can enjoy a cup of brewed coffee.

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    Determine water and coffee ratio: As a rule of thumb, you need at most coffee grounds of amount two tablespoons for every 180 milliliters of water. Nevertheless, you can adjust this according to your preference. Add more, if you want a stronger coffee.
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    Heat your water : Ideally, your brewer must have a temperature not exceeding 205 degrees in Fahrenheit. Note that cold water can result in under-extracted or flat coffee. On the other hand, too hot water can lose the taste of the coffee.
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    Pour the water in the coffee grounds: Once the water is in the appropriate temperature, you can now pour it on the coffee grounds. With the filter catching the grounds, you shall be left with an aromatic and flavorful coffee.
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    Wait for brewing time: The time when the liquid is in contact or seeping with the coffee grounds is essential in maintaining the flavor of the coffee. In a normal coffee maker with drip system, it takes five minutes. On the other hand, for French Press equipment, brewing can take up to four minutes.

Brewing coffee is simple. You need less tools but a few techniques. You must be mindful of the brewing time as it can make or break your coffee flavor. Over-brewed coffee can be bitter while under-extracted one can taste bland and flat.

How long can coffee retain its flavor?

Most brewed coffee drinks last for roughly 30 minutes. However, you can prolong its life if you place it on an airtight bottle or thermos.

When determining how long is brewed coffee good for, you need to look at the freshness of the coffee grounds. Aside from this, coffee oxidizes even after brewing. Thus, it may turn bad as time progresses.

1. Oxidization process

Coffee beans oxidize should it have an air contact. Oxidization impacts the coffee taste. The flavor of the coffee starts to deteriorate. Moreover, it is released to the air once in contact. Therefore, it is essential to store your beans properly to slow down the oxidization process.

One thing to note is that once the beans are ground, it facilitates quicker oxidization of up to 10,000 times. The brewing process enforces additional oxidization. This is the reason why it is recommended to grind coffee beans when you are about to brew it already.

2. Effects of Stale Coffee

Not only oxidization affects the longevity coffee. The quality of coffee also triggers a change in how long it will last. Similar with other food, a stale coffee bean will produce a stale coffee drink after brewing. As suggested by National Coffee Association, coffee beans can be placed on airtight jars for proper storage.

Though safe to drink, you may not fully enjoy the flavor or the coffee. Aside from this, you may experience unpleasant taste from brewed coffee from stale beans. You can save its taste by adding milk. But do not let it sit for two hours or more.

In general, the longevity of your coffee depends on the quality of its coffee beans and amount of oxidization it has completed. We recommend you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee to fully experience its excellent flavor.


The quality of your coffee depends on your preparation and brewing process. It is easy and needs simple tools in completing it. Nevertheless, it is essential to utilize high quality ingredients to ensure good taste even after brewing it.

It is important to know how long is brewed coffee good for. Commonly, it takes at most two hours before your coffee starts to taste bad. As soon as it oxidizes, its flavor starts to deteriorate We recommend you finish your cup before this period to maintain the flavor of your cup.

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