How to Change Keurig Water Filter

How to Change Keurig Water Filter

Keurig has been one of the top manufacturers of systems for coffee brewing. Their equipment utilizes a water filter that keeps the water clean and fresh.  Through this process, you are left with filtered water that will not alter the flavor of your coffee. How to Change Keurig Water Filter?

Nevertheless, there is a maintenance involved in this system. You need to know how to change Keurig water filter as it needs to be replaced every two months or upon 60 refills of tanks. This will keep the water chlorine free and with excellent taste.

Advantages of Using Keurig Coffee Maker

With most people becoming a fan of on-the-go products, there are some individuals who prefer easy brewing in just a little amount of time. Regular coffee makers and presses, take time to assemble and prepare for coffee.

A solution was presented when Keurig came out with their coffee makers. Not only are they easy to work with, you can just create a single cup every use. Here are some of the advantages that Keurig coffee makers provide.

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    Easy to use – Most Keurig machines utilize a single button mechanism. There is no need to look after the brewing process. You just need to leave your mug and the machine does the work for you. You are provided instant coffee cup every use.
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    Single-serve coffee – By allowing the users to create only a single cup every use, you are assured that no wastage of drinks shall happen. Moreover, you are given the freedom to create a coffee cup any time of the day without the need to prepare for ingredients and equipment.
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    Variety of sizes – Keurig machines offer a number of models equipped with different features. Thus, a variety of brews are available for the users. With this, you are given the flexibility of customizing your coffee.
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    Multiple coffee choices – With just one machine, you can enjoy several hot beverages. You can try regular, decaf ad other flavored coffees without the need to gather multiple pots. A single machine can create these for you.
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    Easy cleaning – Nothing beats an easy to clean equipment. Cleaning a Keurig coffee maker is easy. You just need to remove the K-cup and throw it in the trash. Then, you can rinse the basket to avoid build-up of coffee residue.
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    More control – In regular coffee makers, there is a risk of overbrewing your coffee grounds. This causes an unpreferable taste. As the Keurig machine has a predesignated time per coffee variety, you are assured that every cup is well brewed.

Aside from these benefits, users no longer need to source filtered water for their coffee. Keurig coffee makers have their own water filter systems. These aid in providing you fresh filtered water every time you brew.

Nevertheless, you need to replace the filters every now and then. Thus, it is important to note the details on how to change Keurig water filter.

Replacing the Water Filter

The water filters cartridges are easy to use and install. These are pillow-shaped charcoal filters which removes the odor and taste of chlorine before coffee brewing.

The filter is a few inches tall. It has a holder which resembles a basket to hold the cartridge at the bottom. Here are the steps to guide you in how to change Keurig water filter.

1. Activate the charcoal filter cartridge by soaking it for up to 10 minutes. In the middle of the process, you can remove it and rinse on fresh water. Place it back on the soak and let it stay there until fully saturated.

2. Wash thoroughly the steel mesh and ensure that all the film of soap is removed.

3. Lift the water reservoir cover which is situated on the side of the coffee maker.

4. Gently remove the cover to and locate the date dial for replacement. Adjust the date to two months from the current date. This shall remind you that you need to replace its filter after two months.

5. Insert the filter cartridge on the bottom of your filter assembly. You can do this by opening it and snapping it closed after.

6. Place the filter directly on top of the equipment’s water outlet. This is located at the reservoir’s base. You can push down the unit slightly to lock the filter assembly in place. You shall hear a clicking sound when it snaps into the right position.

To fully ensure that your water filter produces clean and fresh water, you can descale it every six months. You can use white vinegar and run it through the equipment every cup. You can then rinse your coffee maker by putting it under running water multiple times.

Replacing the Water Filter

Replacing the Water Filter

Importance of Replacing Water Filter

In general, replacing water filters regularly is a must. The Keurig machine utilizes a charcoal filter to reduce the impurities in the water. It reduces the amount of contaminants in the water making sure that it is safe to drink. Moreover, there is a less chance of altering the taste of the coffee.

What is the importance of replacing water filter? The contaminants removed from the water are trapped in the filter’s pores. The other contaminants stay at the filter media’s surface. As time progresses, the filter becomes filled and contaminants can no longer be absorbed.

When the contaminants are no longer filtered, this is the time when the filter needs to be replaced. Thus, you are assured of safe to drink water every time you enjoy a cup of coffee. All users must know how to change Keurig water filter.

Final Thoughts

Keurig machines offer a number of disadvantages when it comes to curating a coffee when needed. You can easily create a single cup and not worry about cleaning it afterwards. Nevertheless, there is a single maintenance feature that you need to attend to every two months – replacing the water filter.

Replacing the water filter in the machine is fairly easy. You just need to prepare the new water filter cartridge, install and you are good to go. It is important to replace the water filter as it eliminates any odor or taste from your water. By knowing how to change Keurig water filter, you can achieve a perfect coffee cup with great flavor every use.

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