How to Install Laminate Flooring yourself Like a Boss

How to Install Laminate Flooring

Do you want to change your current flooring? Are you wondering how to install laminate flooring like a boss? Installing laminate flooring can be challenging as it needs preparation and time to strengthen. Preparation includes removing the existing flooring and cleaning the floor surface. With this, you can have a leveled floor surface perfect for laminate flooring layout and installation.

In this article, we shall be helping you solve this dilemma. First, we shall determine the materials and equipment that you need to gather. Then, we can discuss the step by step procedure of laminate flooring installation.

Materials Needed

You need several materials and equipment to install laminate flooring. These are essential in making sure that your flooring has a perfect fit and layout on your floor surface. Here are the things that your will have to gather:

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    Metal putty knife
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    Hammer or prybar
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    Foot door undercutter
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    Laminate flooring planks
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    Floor plank glue
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    Measuring stick
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    Flooring cutter

With these in hand, you will have an easier try in removing existing flooring and installing new laminate flooring. Provided below are the steps in how to install laminate flooring like a boss.

Laminate Flooring Installation Guide

Laminate flooring installation may appear intimidating. Nevertheless, you can easily do it on your own with the identified materials and proper equipment. If you want to know how to install laminate flooring yourself like a boss, read on the step-by-step procedure guide below.

1. Remove existing flooring

Before proceeding with the installation of laminate flooring, you must first remove your existing flooring. If there are any padding, you should also remove it by utilizing a knife to easily scrape them.

Some floors also have tack strips. You can remove them by using a hammer and a little prybar. The prybar is usually used to directly remove attachment nails.

Remove existing flooring

Remove existing flooring (from:

2. Remove the wall’s base board

After removing the existing flooring, you can commence removing the baseboard. Gently pull the away the baseboard from the wall using a putty knife. By using this tool, you will not damage or tear the wallpaper. For the parts where the baseboard was nailed, you can utilize a prybar to loosen its attachment to the wall.

Remove the walls base board

Remove the walls base board (from:

3. Clean and level the floor surface

Should there be any glue or paint remnants, scrape them well with putty knife. To make sure that the floor is free from tack strips or nails, sweep it every now and then.

It is pertinent to maintain a leveled floor. Unleveled floors may provide a “spongy” feeling when stepped on. These are considered floating floors. After cleaning the surface well, you can use a level checker to if the floor surface is indeed leveled.

4. Layout the new flooring

After acclimating your new flooring, you may start measuring the floor area to determine the amount of laminate flooring material you will need. Next, measure the laminate flooring plank.

You may then compute and layout the planks that will fit the area. You may cut the planks should there be any area that requires a smaller plank size. Remember that you should keep at least two to three-inch width. Smaller sized planks can be less durable.

Layout the new flooring

Layout the new flooring (from:

5. Prepare the door frames and floor

Your door frames must have an under-cut to accommodate the flooring. You can easily know how much under-cut to remove be using a spare flooring and underlayment as a guide.

Prepare the door frames and floor

Prepare the door frames and floor (from:

Using the instructions provided by the manufacturer, install your underlayment on the floor. Remember to tape all the seams.

6. Lay the laminate floor planks

You can start laying out the first row. This is to check the length of the last plank that you will need. Make this as a guide in cutting planks for the next rows.

Lay the laminate floor planks

Lay the laminate floor planks (from:

Snap together the planks by attaching its groove joints and end tongue together. Exert a firm and even pressure when pushing these together.

Make sure that the joints are leveled and not off-angles. Unleveled edges may weaken the joined areas. Moreover, it can also cause issues on alignment for the next rows.

Keep in mind that all floor surfaces may be different. With this, you may consult a flooring expert to know the best options of laminate flooring and its installation requirements.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we answered some of your laminate flooring installation questions. It is important to take some time to prepare your floor surface before proceeding with the actual installation. In this way, you will have a leveled floor surface ready for laminate flooring installation.

Should you have any more comments or concerns, please inform us as we are glad to assist you. Remember to share this informational article to your friends to let them also know how to install laminate flooring  yourself like a boss.

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