How to Make Percolated Coffee

How to Make Percolated Coffee

Percolated coffee is made using a stovetop percolator. In today’s time, this old-fashioned way of preparing coffee has been into side lines. Nevertheless, it produces one of the best coffee with less preparation and effort. In this article, we shall be discussing how to make percolated coffee.

Amount of time it would take to percolate coffee

Coffee starts to percolate or “perk” when you see bubbles in the dome area of the coffee percolator. The time allotted for percolating varies depending on the stovetop kind you are utilizing.

Normally, gas burners that produce medium flame can percolate your coffee for at most 10 minutes. On the other hand, working with electric burners is easier as you can set it immediately to high. Once you notice your coffee to perk, you can turn the burner off.

There are also instances where you can use a hot plate which is electricity powered or campfires if you are in the outdoors. With this, you must be mindful of the time allotted in percolating your coffee. Thus, it entails you to know the steps on how to make percolated coffee.

Working with Coffee Percolator

Working with Coffee Percolator

Working with Coffee Percolator

There are five main parts in a coffee percolator – stem, dome, carafe, base and grounds basket.  Here is a brief description of each part and their purpose.

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    Stem – A metal hollow tube which sits in the bottom of the pot.
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    Base – this is the round and flat bottom which is commonly found in non-electric percolators.
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    Grounds basket – Also known as filter basket, this part slides on the tube. This part holds that coffee grounds.
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    Dome – This is a rounded lid which fits well on the basket top. It ensures that water fills the basket entirely and evenly.
  • Carafe – This is where the coffee sits as it is percolated. After the process, the user can filter the coffee or let it sit so that the stray grounds shall sink in the botton.

When wondering how to make percolated coffee, acquiring a good quality and durable percolator is the first step. This helps you achieve a perfectly curated coffee.

We encourage you to get a percolate made from components that are stainless steel. Note that there are aluminum pots available in the market. Nevertheless, stay away from these as the aluminum molecules may leach in your coffee.

Stainless steel is the best choice. It is more durable than aluminum and plastic. Moreover, plastic is not the best material that can handle heat. Remember to get an insulated handle. This is to prevent burns should you want to handle the percolator when it is still hot.

How to make percolated coffee

Making a percolated coffee is easy. You just need simple tools and follow uncomplex instructions and you are good to go. Here is a list of the things you need to do before you can enjoy a cup of percolated coffee.

  1. Wash your tools and utensils before initially using them. This is to keep the true taste of the coffee. Using unclean tools may also dissipate bacteria or germs which may be harmful to your health.
  2. Place the stem and stand in the pot. Notice that the spring is located in the two-thirds or middle part of the stem.
  3. Fill the pot with filtered water until it reaches the spring’s base. The basket shall rest on the spring. Thus, it must be located above the level of the water.
  4. Slowly put coffee into the basket for the grounds. One tablespoon is enough per cup. When you are making multiple cups, you can just add multiple tablespoons in the basket.
  5. Put the basket of the grounds directly on top of the stem. Place the basket cover firmly on the on the basket to secure it in place.
  6. Secure the glass bubble in the center of the lid. Then, put the lid on the pot. This is now ready to be placed on the burner.
  7. Gently place your pot in the cold burner and heat it gradually. You may notice it to begin percolating. You can see little bubbles forming in the lid which means that it is minutes away from completion.
  8. After seven to 10 minutes, remove the pot from the heat. You may adjust the time depending on your preference of coffee flavor. Longer time entails stronger coffee.
  9. Let it sit for a few minutes to allow the loose grounds to sink in the bottom. Then, you can pour yourself a cup of percolated coffee.

If you are wondering how to make percolated coffee, it is fairly easy. You just need the proper equipment and little time.

Taste of percolated coffee

Many believe that percolated coffee is bitter. Nonetheless, the taste of the coffee depends on how you create it. With proper preparation and practice, you can create a cup that is perfect for your taste. You can then enhance the taste by adding condiments like milk, syrup and sugar.

In general, percolated coffee tends to smell nice as the aromatics are well vaporized. Moreover, the longer the brew, the stronger the coffee tastes. Nevertheless, over-brewing can cause a burnt taste. Thus, you must look into it every now and then after the 10-minute mark.

Final Thoughts

Percolating coffee is an old-fashioned way of brewing a cup. Nevertheless, instant ones do not taste as great as those prepared over the stove. Thus, many people still prefer to prepare their coffee through the process of percolating.

Common percolators take seven to 10 minutes to prepare your coffee. You can brew it longer for a stronger taste. Moreover, it has a better scent as the aromatics are well vaporized. Thus, you need to be careful when brewing as extended time may cause a burnt smell to your coffee.

In general, creating a percolated coffee is easy as long as you have the proper equipment and ingredients. The coffee percolator does the work for you. It is suggested to get a stainless-steel variety given that it is durable and can handle heat better. By acquiring one, it aids you in how to make percolated coffee.

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