Keurig K200 Vs K250 -Which One Carries The Day?

Keurig K200 vs K250 -Which One Carries The Day

Getting more energy to tackle the numerous tasks for the day is necessary and the simple formula is nothing but a good night rest and fresh coffee flowing in your veins. Having your favorite coffee brewed under your roof makes it more interesting to consume. You can have it freshly brewed in your kitchen in the most hygienic state.

Your decision to investment in a coffee machine is not a bad one. The machine is a must-have in every home where members of the family cannot do without beverages. There are hundreds of fairly priced coffee machines in the market but the challenge is choosing the right one.

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In this article, we compared the Keurig K200 vs K250, which are the best budget-friendly coffee machines in the market. You will be able to take a decision on which to choose after reading through. We compared their features, benefits, pros, cons and more.

The Keurig K200

The Keurig K200 is a wonderful handy addition to any kitchen. It comes with a 40 oz reservoir that holds a good amount. The reservoir is located at the back of the machine for convenience and it is very easy to remove. The coffee machine is well designed, portable and solid.

The Keurig K250

The K250 comes with 2 water filters to let you enjoy rich and smooth coffee with better taste. The easy to use touch screen makes the entire brewing process stress free. With the easy to refill 48 oz water reservoir, you can brew up to 6 cups before having a refill.

Compare How Does it Work: Keurig K200 vs. K250

How does the Keurig k200 work?

The Keurig K200 is a unique coffee brewer that works with the push of a button. It is powered electrically and suitable for home, café and office use. The machine comes with a reservoir that holds water. It is easy to clean and can be hand-washed safely.

The strength control button once pushed, instructs the machine to use a special pulse brewing. This allows for deeper extraction to produce a richer and satisfying coffee. The machine can brew both coffee and chocolate.

How does the Keurig k250 work?

The K250 is another great machine designed for coffee brewing. It comes with a touch screen system and it is also operated electronically. The machine can be set to deliver different varieties of coffee. It can produce mild, strong, decaf or flavored coffee as needed.

The K250 is easy to clean and can be hand washed as in other brewing machines. The 48 oz water reservoir delivers about 6 cups of coffee for you and the rest of your family before having a refill. The drip tray can be used when brewing single cups. It can also be replaced with a Keurig 2.0 carafe when multiple cups are brewed.

Compare Features: Keurig K200 vs K250

Keurig k200 features:

The Keurig K200 comes with 40 oz reservoir, 9 brew sizes, 2 inches display touchscreen, 1 charcoal filter, a water filter handle, easy to follow instruction booklet, language and high altitude settings, dimension of 8.9 H x 13.4 W x 13.6 D, strength control, compact size, touch-screen display, weighs 7.5 pounds and it is available in eleven different colors.

Keurig k250 features:

The K250, comes with strength control system, large 48 oz water reservoir, black and white touchscreen display, Keurig 2.0 brewing technology, measures 15"L X 9"W X 13.7"H, compact in size, available in seven colors, 2 inches LCD touchscreen, weighs 7.5 lbs, and has 10 brew sizes.

Compare Benefits: Keurig K200 vs. K250

Keurig K200 benefits:

When comparing the benefits of the Keurig K200 vs K250, one advantage the K200 has is the superior charcoal filter which helps to purify the water. It means that the machine does not only make better coffee but one that is 100% safe for consumption. The water filter also eliminates any trace of variability and poor coffee taste.

Keurig k250 benefits:

The major advantage this model has is the Keurig 2.0 brewing technology and reusable water filter installed to give superior coffee taste. This technology makes the entire brewing process less stressful. It produces very smooth and rich coffee.

Now let’s use the comparison chart to compare Keurig K200 vs K250


Keurig K200

Keurig K250


7.5 lbs

7.5 lbs


8.9 x 13.4 x 13.6

15 X 9 X 13.7

Brew sizes

9 brew sizes

10 brew sizes

Water reservoir sizes

40 oz. water reservoir

40 oz. water reservoir

LCD Touch Screen



Drinks that can be prepared

Coffee, hot chocolate, tea

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa,

K-Cup Available

Charcoal filter

Keurig 2.0 My K-cup reusable coffee filter

Compare the Pros and Cons: Keurig K200 vs. K250

Keurig 2.0 Brewer, K200, Black

Keurig 2.0 Brewer, K200, Black



Our rating

This coffee machine is very portable and brews fast. It is ideal for different places; office, café, and home use. The reservoir is at the back of the machine to make it much easier for you to remove and refill. It also holds a considerable amount before having a refill.


  • The LCD screen is very simple to use. Everyone in your home will automatically become a coffee brewer with this machine.
  • It starts brewing your favorite coffee within seconds of pushing the button.
  • It is lightweight and very portable. It will not only fit your countertop perfectly but give room for other equipment.
  • The lightweight makes it very easy and comfortable to carry around.
  • It is also a fairly priced product and offers great value for money.


  • The carafe is not included in this model. It has to be purchased separately.
  • K-cups are not biodegradable so will remain in your landfill for long period. It also cannot use older or refillable K-cups.

Verdict:  The Keurig K200 seems to be a good investment. You get what you are paying for and even more. The machine is durable, so you will be brewing and enjoying coffee for a long time.

Keurig K250 Single Serve, Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K250 Single Serve, Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black



Our rating

The K250 comes with the latest technology which makes coffee brewing a breeze. Its new scanner automatically detects the type of pod you are brewing. This new generation machine also comes with some nice upgrade.


  • The removable reservoir makes coffee brewing less stressful. It is designed in such a way that you can easily remove and refill.
  • It is very easy to clean so you don’t have to worry much about that aspect. The removable tray helps to catch the drips and keep the surrounding dry and clean.
  • The machine comes with superior strength control settings that allow you to make coffee just the way you like it.
  • Coffee brewed with this machine always taste good. It has two filters that the coffee is always smooth and fresh.


  • The tray under the K-pod channels the drips to the dispense point but doesn’t drain completely. It can dry on the tray and flake off into the next beverage unless you clean regularly. Since cleaning the tray is not difficult, this is not a serious issue.
  • It is an upgraded brewer so comes with some new features. Most of the new features might be strange to the user.

Verdict: Overall, the K250 is one of the best models in the market. It is strong and comes with features that make brewing beverages less stressful. It is designed to process different varieties of beverages at a go.

The Final Verdict: The Winner of Keurig K200 vs. K250

The battle between Keurig K200 vs K250 has been very close, but there must be a winner. The winner is the K250, based on the two water filters which make the machine to produce better coffee than its competitor. However, we should also point out that the ultimate test comes down to what you desire as the buyer.

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