Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq: Which is the Better Garage Door Opener Upgrade

Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq new

Is it not great to be opening, closing and monitoring your garage door from your smartphone?

A garage door opener, the wireless type, is not a new technology. It was already used long before the advent of the Internet. Our grandparents have been using a remote control garage opener for ages.

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A garage door opener controlled from a smartphone app and accessed from almost anywhere and by multiple users is what is new and awesome! It is an upgrade coming with a lot of advantages. There are different smartphone garage door openers depending on your need.

When choosing a garage door opener / controller that can be accessed from your smartphone, you need to take into consideration:

  • Ease in installation
  • Ease in set-up, customization and activation
  • Required monthly/annual service fee to use the mobile app
  • Alerts and notification
  • Security features
Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq Which is the Better Garage Door Opener Upgrade

Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq Which is the Better Garage Door Opener Upgrade

When talking about smartphone garage door openers, the liftmaster vs chamberlain myq models are never left out. These controllers are almost often being considered. They are manufactured by the same company.

liftmaster vs chamberlain myq devices are popular across the country because they are the easiest and fastest to install, set-up, customize and activate. They both use mobile apps that are easy to download and use and most especially do not require monthly or annual subscriptions. Another thing is, they both can be integrated with select home security devices.

Which is the better choice? Let us take a close look at the Liftmaster and the Chamberlain and see which one is the best for your needs. Both have a huge price difference so your choice will depend on which of the two have the most features you need.

Liftmaster vs Chamberlain myq

LiftMaster and Chamberlain are part of the Chamberlain Group of Companies. LiftMaster offers garage door openers that require professional installation while Chamberlain garage door openers are a do-it-yourself line. They almost have the similar fea

Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller

The Liftmaster MyQ garage door controller allows the convenience and safety of being able to control your garage door and even lighting with your smartphone. With this device, there will never be a time that your garage door will remain unclosed because you will get an email or a notification if it does. Then, you can close the garage door with your smartphone.


It can actually be used by up to 16 devices with the MyQ. With this controller you can monitor your garage door from smartphone, computer and tablet equipped with the MyQ® Technology. Each member of the family with a smartphone can have instant access to the garage door as long as they have downloaded the free app.


This garage door controller can be used with two garage doors (extra door sensor sold separately). MyQ can allow your WiFi enabled smartphone, computer or laptop to work with most major brands of gate operators and openers of garage doors.

How it Works

This controller has an easy and simple operation. You just need to mount the WiFi hub close to the opener of the garage door and plug it into a power outlet. Through your WiFi connection the opener if the garage door will connect (wirelessly) to the WiFi hub.

You then need to download the 821LM MyQ mobile app. This mobile app does not need an annual fee to be activated. With the app working you can now control the opener of your garage door. You can open and close it through your smartphone or laptop. No need to take along any remote controller. You can also control the lighting in your home.

Should the sensor detect any motion or activity in your garage door, you will receive alerts in your email. Your smartphone will also receive notifications. This gives you the power to monitor the status of your home lighting and garage door at any time and from anywhere.

Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway Garage Door Openers

This Chamberlain garage door opener is powered by the internet and the MyQ CIGBU Gateway. It lets youtake full control of the door of your garage. It is compatible with most garage door openers but works best with systems made by Chamberlain.


This garage door opener connects to your router and with the use of the MyQ app, you can monitor, open and close the garage from your smartphone (Android and iOS). The MyQ app is a free app and is easy to use. It has various control and security features. It does not require a monthly /annual service fee, too.


This opener for garage doors is compatible only with garage door openers that are enabled by MyQ. MyQ can be access through Android and Apple devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. It is an easy to use app so the device gets to be user-friendly.

How it Works

This device is designed to install easily and fast. Once installed, it can connect to your home WiFi network in a jiffy. You can set up the system using your smartphone. It has a range of 150 so the device need not be close to the router.

This device has a simple operation. Connect the MyQ Internet Gateway to your internet router. This internet gateway, when used with devices of the MyQ band can allow you to control, open and close your garage door. It can work with your home lighting system, too (MyQ light controls, sold separately)

Aside from being able to open and close your garage door from your smartphone or any Android and iOS device, you can also receive alerts and notifications once an activity on the garage door is detected by the sensor.

Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq: Quickly Compared


Liftmaster MyQ

Liftmaster MyQ

Chamberlain myq

Chamberlain Myq


Open garage door

Close garage door

Monitorgarage door

Control home lighting

Open garage door

Close garage door

Monitor garage door

Control home lighting

Smartphone App



Number of garage doors

2 with use of an extra door sensor


Number of app users


Multiple with only 1 account

Alert Type

EmailPop-up (Push) Notification

EmailPop-up (Push) Notification


Professional installation

Do-it-yourself installation


Liftmaster / Chamberlain


Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller Review

It is going to be such a big relief to be able to know everything that is happening around your garage door even if you are not home. It is also super convenient to be able to do almost everything with your garage door from your smartphone. This device is not only meant to conveniently open and close your garage door, it is a security system, too.

Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller, 821 lm

Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller, 821 lm

Key Features

This device installs easily in minutes and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The free app can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. The app includes a lot of security features such as email alerts and pop-up notifications especially when door is left open.


  • It is compatible with almost all brands of garage door openers (models after 1993) as long as they have Photo Eyes.
  • You can control the door through your smartphone from anywhere.
  • For security, you will receive email alerts and push notification each time your garage door is opened or closed.
  • It easily connects with your home Wi-Fi network.
  • The app that works with the device does not require any monthly service fees.
  • It is easy to install and set-up.
  • App is easy to use and reliable
  • It can connect to up to 16 devices
  • It can be used with two garage doors (extra sensor needed)


  • Each time the garage door opens or closes everyone gets alerts.
  • It sometimes gets disconnected from the WiFi network.
  • Installation instructions are quite complicated

Final Thoughts

This controller for garage doors provides both comfort and security to the entire family. It is not only a garage door opener and controller it also is a security system. This device is a very smart upgrade from the previous remote control used to open and close garage doors.

Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway Garage Door Openers Review

The Chamberlain is a “smart” opener for garage doors. It is worth every penny you will invest on it. The device will give you assurance that your garage door will never be left open for unwanted guests. It connects to your smartphone using your home Wi-Fi system to allow you to monitor it at any time and from anywhere. It will also open and close your garage door.

This device can also control your home lighting anywhere you are with the MyQ light controls (not included in kit). Receive email alerts and notifications on your smartphone with any activity of your garage door.

Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway for MyQ Technology Enabled Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway for MyQ Technology Enabled Garage Door Openers

Key Features

This device is compatible with all MyQ garage openers and door openers as it is equipped with the MyQ Internet Gateway.

It is easy to install. It is also easy to set-up with your home WiFi system. Lastly, you can easily set it up in your smartphome for fast activation. The app it works with is free and does not require any monthly/annual service fee.

You can also control the lighting system of your home, especially the garage so you do not come home to a dark garage. Just install the MyQ light controls (sold separately).


  • Control and monitor your garage door through your smartphone no matter where you are.
  • Reasonably priced vis a vis the convenience, comfort and safety the features of this device provide and compared with other devices with similar features and benefits.
  • Lighting system of your home can be controlled through your smartphone.
  • Durable and strongly built.
  • User friendly. Easy to install and set-up and activate


  • Compatibility issues sometimes arise with certain home Wi-Fi systems
  • Inferior after sales services

Final Thoughts

Modern technology allows us to have all the convenience and peacefulness that we deserve. With this Chamberlain CIGBU Internet Gateway openers for garage doors you not only have a convenient way of opening and closing your garage door through your smartphone, you also have a built-in home security system/. The nicest part is it is easy to install, set-up and activate.

The Final Verdict: The Winner of Liftmaster vs Chamberlain Myq

The Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller is available at You will get your delivery 5-7 days upon ordering.

The Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway for MyQ Enabled Garage Door Openers  is available at Choose 1 day shipping upon checkout and get your order the following day.

Buying a garage door controller or door opener which you can control with your smartphone requires deep studying. You need to know what you exactly need from such a device before choosing which among the many models available in the market is right for your family.

Gone are the days when you need to have in your car the garage door remote controller. Gone are the days too when you do not have the slightest idea if your kid left the garage door open. Smart devices are here to make things a lot more convenient.

You always take so much care of your vehicles. Now, you need to make sure that you are parking it always in a closed garage. A garage door opener which can be controlled through your smartphone is a minimal investment but gives you over a thousand dollars’ worth of protection.

Having a garage door controller/opener that can be accessed through your smartphone is not a complicated device especially the Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller and the Chamberlain / LiftMaster CIGBU Internet Gateway for MyQ Enabled Garage Door Openers.

Both devices from the Chamberlain Group are easy to install. They are easy to set-up and activate. They both work with Android and iOS MyQ enabled garage door controllers/openers. Choosing between both devices depends on your need and preference.

I choose the Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller though. I like the fact that it can accommodate up to 16 MyQ devices. Every member of my family can easily access our garage door right from our smartphones.

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