How to Make a Charcoal Grill Hotter

Megan Ann How to Make a Charcoal Grill Hotter

Charcoal grilling utilizes a method of direct grilling. It is a method where food is directly placed over a heat source when cooking. The heat from the cooking grate provides grill marks on the food.

There are several grilling tips that can help you get a flavorful cook every time you use your grill. One of these is to set your grill on a good temperature.

In general, charcoal grill produces a higher temperature than gas or wood grills. Nevertheless, controlling the heat temperature on your charcoal grill is harder. In this article, we shall be looking into ways on how to keep your grill hot for a better and flavorful cook. How to Make a Charcoal Grill Hotter?

Keeping Your Grill Hot

Despite allowing your grill to spend some time in warming up, it may not necessarily go up to your desired temperature. It may still lack your required heat to get great sear on your steaks. Here are some tips on how you can get your charcoal grill on a high temperature.

  • Line the grill using aluminum foil – There are several cooking experts who recommend lining your grill with a sheet of aluminum foil. The black sides of common charcoal grills may absorb the heat that it generates.

Lining the sides of your grill will avoid this scenario. Make sure that the foil’s shiny side is face on the outside. This will help the heat bounce back to your food. Thus, this makes the temperature of the grill higher.

  • Pile and add charcoal in intervals – When starting the grill, you must make sure that you are using a sufficient quantity of charcoal. As much as possible, follow the directions indicated by your grill's manufacturer.

As soon as you get the heat going, add more charcoal after a period of time. Allow the air to flow by opening your grill's vents.

  • Maintain airflow – It is recommended to spread the coal briquettes in the grill. You can leave some space for the air to flow around them. Note that should the charcoal pieces do not get air, it may no longer develop heat and die. This means that you need to start over again.
  • Remove charcoal ashes – As the ashes accumulate at the bottom, it is essential to remove them. It may tend to smother the burning charcoal, allowing insufficient air to go around.

Most grills have a blade that resembles like that of fan which you can twist. By twisting it a few times, it will empty the dead ashes.

In general, keeping your charcoal grill hot is difficult as it cannot be controlled compared with gas or wood grills. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind these tips when maintaining the temperature of your charcoal grills. By getting the desired temperature, you are assured with the best cook on your favorite food.

Things That Hamper Your Grill from Heating

If you have already done the tips above but your charcoal grill still does not get hot, you must check for issues. Here are some of the grill issues or concerns that you should look into.

  • Dirty grill – If you are encountering a hard time in keeping good temperature for your charcoal grill, you might have dirty grill. Keeping your grill filled with ashes may hamper it from building up heat. It makes the briquettes of coal cooler. With this, it is essential to keep your grill and grates clean every use.
  • Low charcoal quality – Another thing to take into consideration is the quality of charcoal you are using. Utilizing a good charcoal brand, aids in getting better grilling sessions. The charcoal briquettes should be new and free from any moisture.

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  • Damper issue – Some charcoal grills have dampers located at the bottom. When you are still preheating your grill, it is pertinent to keep the dampers opened. This maximizes the amount of flowing oxygen. The oxygen ensures that the coals will burn on your desired temperature.

These are just some issues you need to address immediately to make sure that your grills function well. As soon as you attend to these concerns and follow the tips above, you are on your way in optimally using your grill.

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