Therapeutic Foot Massages: MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager Reviews

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MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager Reviews

From time immemorial, foot massage has been the number one remedy for cold feet, numbness in the feet and pain. Foot massages can also simply help your feet relax which in the long run will save you from crumbs and inflammation. Foot massagers have grown popular because they give you a needed personal massage at your own convince.

There are many quality foot massagers in the market that can help your feet relax and feel good. In the myriads of options available, however, not one can guarantee healthy feet according to MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager reviews.

I tried quite a number of foot massagers before I stumbled upon this product. The search finally stopped as I was completely blown away by its amazing features. My chiropractor, too, attested to the massager’s efficiency. Read on the following Medmassager MMFO6 11 Speed Foot Massager review to find out why it has received positive ratings, and why it is best equipped to relieve your foot problems.

I tried quite a number of foot massagers before I stumbled upon this product.

I tried quite a number of foot massagers before I stumbled upon this product.

Design and Feel

The MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager, as the name suggests contains up to 11 oscillation speeds. The user is free to choose which speed works best for them. The speeds are calibrated at between 1000 and 3700 oscillations per minute.

The oscillating Foot Pad provides excellent pressure points for your feet and calves. This helps to improve blood circulation in your feet. The Arch Bar is an included tool that will help ensure every aching point of your feet receives due attention.

At first, the vibration of the foot pad produces a buzzing feeling on the feet. When hooked to the massager you will notice that your feet feel alive as the numbness and burning sensations will fade away. You will be tickled pink by the extensive stroke of vibrations and the wide range of adjustability.


Although its running time is 15 minutes, this is all the time you need to get rid of cold and burning feet for the whole day. The product is well designed for therapeutic purposes for patients with feet inflammation, arthritis and neuropathy.

In the doctor’s book, circulation is the best medicine for cold feet. You don’t have to clad your feet in bulky woolen socks any more, according to MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager reviews, this massager will do the magic for you. With this foot massager, you will no longer burden your partner with the task of warming your frozen feet during winter nights.

Because it has so powerful vibrations the massager tends to move about on the floor. It is prudent that you place it over a mat or rug so you can get your massage at one place.

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


The powerful oscillations result to an even blood flow in your feet, akin to one you would experience when being treated with infrared heat. This helps to keep foot diseases at bay and alleviate the pain from arthritis and swollen feet.

The vibrations that induce increased blood flow to your feet and legs also catalyze the production of feel good hormones. This helps to alleviate your mental pressure and put your mind at ease after a long day. The overall benefits of a relaxed mindset can be overwhelmingly positive, including better performance at work and good relationships.

The machine offers a comprehensive massage to all your legs. The powerful oscillations will ripple the relaxation effect up to your legs and knees.

Users can adjust the oscillation to the speed they desire. This wide speed range was a much needed addition for patients with neuropathy. Neuropathy is symptomized by occasional numb feet and at times over-sensitive feet. No one oscillation speed can be perfect for neuropathic patients at all times.

It comes with a one year warranty that guarantees repair and replacement of working parts. This FDA approved product is recommended by doctors as the best tool to help improve circulation and blood flow in the feet. From regular use of the product, I have the audacity to say that it is the best investment for your feet’s health and I would give it a 5 star.


  • It is a simple machine and easy to use
  • It offers a comprehensive foot and leg massage
  • It lets you decide the oscillation speed and how powerful you want the vibrations to be
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials to minimize breakability
  • It is a proven therapeutic solution for feet complications


  • Perhaps the major drawback for this product is its vibration noise. The MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager reviews state that it is just a little too loud for a relaxation session. This can be a major impediment when your family members or neighbors are bothered by the noise. You will then have to get your foot massage only when you are alone in the house.


I give the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager a 5 star rating because of its user friendliness. The machine was definitely constructed with the end user in mind. Simplicity is elegance, so they say.

The designers got it right with the foot pad. It is placed just at the right angle for a comfortable foot massaging. Some foot massagers exist where users have to place their feet in awkward and tiring postures, but the Medmassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager is not one of them.

It is safe and brings to you a host of other health benefits. At the end of the day, your overall wellbeing is guaranteed because you can keep your feet warm. You get to have a free blood circulation and massage away the numbness and pain.

This product is a cut above the usual riff raff in the market. The price is reasonable and is inclusive of 1 full year replacement against failure and defect. Many people with neuropathy and other feet disorders have tried and benefited a great deal from this machine.

Analysis  - MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

Analysis – MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager


This is one of the MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager reviews you will come across that recommends this massager as a must have tool because of its simplicity, elegance and more importantly innumerable health benefits. A few minutes hooked to this machine in a day can keep all feet complications away.

This is not just another profit making product cramming the market. It has been tested and approved by the FDA, all its benefits are factual.

The machine is straightforward to operate and can work perfectly with all feet sizes and weights. The pressure points help you target the vibrations to the places of want on your feet. With a handle, you can use this product on your calves and shins.

The product performs well, and it definitely lives up to expectations. Its benefits overshadow any drawbacks you might experience with it. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an efficient and therapeutic foot massage.

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