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If you love making caramel treats for your family and friends, you will need to have the right tools for the job. Caramelizing is a delicate process and will therefore require the use of the best pan for making caramel. 

Caramelizing sugar and other fruits and vegetables especially onions may be a delicate and intimidating process but is not difficult. Bringing sugar and onions to the right dark color, almost close to being burnt but still with a sweet flavor needs some practice and the right tools.

When you heat sugar it will naturally melt into liquid. As you continue to cook sugar it will turn into a dark color or caramelize. Then they become the best caramel candies.

Many think caramelizing is just for caramel candies but truth is you will need to caramelized sweetened milk to make Dulce de Leche (eaten as is or used in ice cream, pastries) and Confiture de lait (spread for pastries and bread), such desserts asleche flan, caramelized pears and caramelized potatoes as well as caramelized onions for such dishes as French onion soup.

When fruits and vegetables are caramelized they become dark brown in color and develop a sweet taste similar to sugar. Most vegetables generally have high sugar and low acid contents. Carrots, onions and cabbage are the ones that are best for caramel making.

Caramelizing is an important cooking method to master. It enhances the flavor of a dish and at the same time adds some dark color to your food presentation. Caramelizing fruits and vegetables allows your dishes to have a new dimension without having you exerting too much effort.

When making caramel it is important that you use a saucepan that will ensure the even browning of sugar, fruits and vegetables. Remember that you want to brown the food close to being burnt to bring out their sweet flavor and not to burn them.

The Best Pan for Making Caramel – Saucepans Reviews

1. Scanpan Classic 2-Quart Saucepan

The Scanpan Classic 2-Quart Saucepan is a non-stick cookware that features a solid and thick base to ensure even cooking heat distribution. The non-stick coating of this saucepan is made from ceramic titanium with abase made from cast aluminum. It is able to caramelize sugar, fruits and vegetables with so much ease.

This 2-Quart Saucepan can withstand heat of up to 500˚F. It comes with stay cool handles that are neither riveted nor screwed but is securely attached through a patented system. It also comes with a glass tempered lid.

A user says she uses her Scanpan every day and nothing really sticks to it.

The nonstick coating of the Scanpan Classic 2-Quart Saucepanpreserves the flavor of food. It also makes the saucepan easy to clean.

Check it out on Amazon or see this video:

2. Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan

Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan is constructed with the finest multi-cladmaterials to ensure even heat distribution. This multi-clad cookware comes with 18/10 stainless steel interior and exterior layers with an aluminum core.

Stainless steel is durable but not a very good conductor of heat. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat but not very durable. With this design construction you have a durable saucepan that can cook evenly without any hotspots. 

A user says this is a great saucepan for its price. It works well in coil electric and induction cooktop. It cooks effectively and is super easy to clean. It is very pretty, too.

The Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Stainless Steel 2-Quart Saucepan is ideal for frying, sautéing, searing, caramelizing as well as simmering. It comes with a wide body and a specially designed lip for easy pouring. It also comes with an ergonomic and stay cool handle for easy tilting and grasping.

3. Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan

The interior and exterior layers of the Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan is made from 18/10 stainless steel reinforced by an aluminum base for excellent and even heat conductivity.

This saucepan comes with a glass lid which doubles as a strainer. The pan features a pouring spout for easy pouring. Stainless steel handle stays cool and is designed for a good grip.

A user says this is really a beautiful saucepan that heats up quickly and evenly.

The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan is an ideal choice for caramelizing the right way. It is also dishwasher safe.

Check it out on Amazon or see this video:

4. Calphalon Classic Nonstick Sauce Pan 2.5 Quart

The Calphalon Classic Nonstick Sauce Pan 2.5 Quart features a glass tempered and straining lid. The saucepan also comes with filling lines and convenient pour spouts. It comes with a non-stick coating for easy caramelizing and clean-up.

This saucepan is features a hard-anodized aluminum design construction for fast and even heat distribution. Stainless steel handle remains cool even when cooking in maximum heat.

A user says this is a well-made saucepan as is typical of Calphalon cookware. It is not too heavy and the lid that sits on the inside of the pan is ideal for condensing liquids. Its pouring spout is convenient and its non-stick coating makes the saucepan easy to clean.

The Calphalon Classic Nonstick Sauce Pan 2.5 Quart is ideal for cooking sauces, soups, rice, caramel making and reheating food. It is oven safe to up to 4500F.

Check it out on Amazon or see this video:

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Saucepan 

As mentioned abovecaramelizing is a delicate process and you will need the right saucepan to do it right. Using the wrong saucepan may cause the sugar, fruits or vegetables being caramelized to completely burn and stick to the saucepan.

1. Heat Conductivity

To caramelize the right way you need a saucepan that is a good conductor of heat, one that heats up fast, maintains heat and distributes heat evenly throughout the pan without any hot or cold spots.

Stainless steel is a good conductor of heat but heats up slowly but once it does, it is able to maintain even heat.

Aluminum is also a good conductor of heat but it heats up too fast and is not good for caramelizing. Too much heat will burn what you are caramelizing.

The best material for caramelizing should therefore be a combination of stainless steel and aluminum with aluminum being sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of stainless steel.

2. Depth and Size

Choose a saucepan with tall walls. As you caramelize bubbles tend to develop. The tall walls will keep your caramelized ingredients within the saucepan instead of sticking on your stove creating a mess.

3. Non-Stick Coating

Many people say it does not matter whether you are using regular or non-stick pans when caramelizing.  They believe that the non-stick coating will mix with the caramelized ingredients. Truth is this will only happen when the coating starts to peel off.

Caramelizing in a non-stick pan can in fact will bring out more flavors out of your ingredients because they will not stick on the pan. Additionally, pouring the caramel when done is a lot easier and so is cleaning the pan.

Caramelizing is fun and easy when using the best pan for making caramel. In this case, the right saucepan is the Scanpan Classic 2-Quart Saucepan. It may be a bit pricey but it is going to outlast any saucepan you intend to purchase.

If you intend to do a lot of caramel making, this saucepan with non-stick coating and ensures even heat distribution is what you need in your kitchen. Its non-stick coating brings out the best flavors of food.

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