9 Easy Solutions to Prevent Acne After Shaving

Prevent Acne After Shaving

Acne after shaving is very common and of cause very annoying, but did you know you could prevent acne after shaving from occurring? Simple practices could help you not only get rid of acne but also prevent them from occurring every time you shave. Well, in this article, I will be showing you how to prevent acne after shaving.

The Reasons why you Get Acne After Shaving?

Even though acne that occurs after shaving is different from the common acne associated with a hormonal change of the body, the reason for acne formation remains the same. Hair follicles, dead skin cells, and oils clog the follicle opening forming acne and pimples. After shaving, this condition is caused by skin reactions, ingrown hairs, and bacterial infection.

Solutions to Help Acne after Shaving

1. Exercise Good Shaving Practices

One of the reasons why you get acne after shaving can be as a result of your shaving practices. More acne and bumps are likely to form when you shave against the grain. Also, the same case applies when you shave very close to the skin, this causes skin irritation and like I had mentioned earlier, skin irritation is the main cause of acne after shaving.

To prevent acne after shaving, always practice a downward stroke which goes by the grain. Equally important, be gentle on your skin, especially when using an electronic razor.

2. Always Use a Shaving Cream

If you don’t want to get acne and bumps after shaving, then, you will need to accompany your razor with a shaving cream. The shaving cream helps the razor glide over your skin instead of brutal shaving. This saves you from skin irritation which in turn prevents acne from forming. So, always apply a gentle shaving cream before you begin shaving.

3. Shave Gently

No matter how stubborn the hairs are, do not use excessive force when shaving. Applying gentle pressure while shaving is a way of escaping skin reaction and irritation. Less skin reaction means less or even no acne. So, if you are using an electric shaver, always adjust the closeness of the razor blade. For those using razor blade shavers, do not press too hard on the skin.

4. Warm-treat Before Shaving

Considering that acne occurs after the skin pores have been clogged with dead skin cells and oil residues, giving yourself a hot towel treat before shaving will help prevent acne. This is because the moist hot towel moisturizes your skin and help open the pores.

5. Be Sure to Use Aftershave Cream

When you shave, you constantly scrape the skin causing irritation and aggressiveness which results to acne and shave bumps. For this reason, it is important to soothe the skin after shaving by applying an aftershave cream. Have in mind that aftershave can at times cause more irritation and reaction to the skin, apply the best aftershave for your skin.

Be Sure to Use Aftershave Cream

Be Sure to Use Aftershave Cream

6. Don’t Use Old Shaving Tools

Razor bumps and acne can be caused by the shaving tools you use. If your shaving tools that have past their life time, chances are, you will get acne after shaving. An old shaving tool may introduce bacteria which might even cause other skin infections. To avoid acne after shaving, always replace old shaving tools with ones.

7. Avoid Multi-blade Razors

Whether you are using a razor or electronic shaver, it is important you understand their effects on your skin. A double or triple edged razor will cut the hair short beneath the skin, giving you a very smooth feel, but trust me, this smooth feel comes with a hefty price.

When the hairs are shaved and left beneath the skin, they experience difficulties when shooting and tend to curl forming bumps and acne. For this reason, it is advisable that you always use a single blade razor

8. Always Use an Antibacterial Gel

We talked about concluding your shave with an aftershave cream. Now let this cream be an antibacterial gel. Antibacterial gels help prevent the growth and spread of bacteria which are capable of causing acne. This technique is best for those who suffer from severe to moderate acne.

9. Wash your Face Regularly

The hair that you just shaved used to absorb sweat and any dirt embedding itself on the skin. Now that it’s gone; sweat and dirt will accumulate on the skin, clogging the pores and eventually causing acne. To keep this problem away, wash your face at least twice a day and moisturize

Final Verdict - Prevent Acne After Shaving

Having discussed the best 9 and easy solutions to prevent acne after shaving, no more getting sick when you think of shaving. Try practicing these solutions and bid goodbye to acne that occurs after shaving.

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