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Question: Is it normal for Instant Pot to leak steam while cooking?

Instant Pot is Leaking Steam

It’s normal to have small amounts of steam escape from the steam release handle/valve and float valve while pressure is building. Particularly if you’re making a recipe with a lot of liquid, like a soup, your Instant Pot will take time to come to pressure.

Why is Instant Pot releasing steam while preheating?

It’s normal for a small amount of steam to leak from the valve while the pot is heating up, but if it continues to leak steam during the pressure-cooking cycle, you may have a problem. This issue could be a sign that you need to clean out and reposition the valve.

Why does steam escape from a pressure cooker?

When the pressure cooker lid is not placed correctly on the cooking pot, it’s going to release steam. This is the simple reason why many of these pressure cooking tools leak steam from their pots. Since these tools produce a lot of pressure inside the pot, the pressurized steam often looks for small openings.