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Quick Answer: What can I use if I don’t have masa harina?

Corn flour is the closest substitute to masa harina. Derived from corn grain, the flour is ground down and used as a thickener. The difference in flavor comes from soaking the masa harina in the solution to get the tart flavor. Corn flour is a great masa harina substitute in chili.

Can you substitute cornmeal for masa harina in chili?

If the masa harina is used as a thickener (such as in chili), regular flour or cornmeal will give you the right texture, though the flavor won’t be quite the same.

Are cornmeal and masa harina the same?

Cornmeal is ground dried corn and usually has a coarser consistency. It’s used to make polenta and pizza crust. Masa harina is ground more finely and is often used to make dough for tortillas and tamales.

How do you make masa harina with cornmeal?


  1. Add nixtamal to your food processor.
  2. Add water and salt.
  3. Process the corn, stopping to wipe down sides as needed.
  4. If the mixture gets too dry, add a teaspoon of water at a time.
  5. Process the corn for 5-10 minutes until finely ground (stop here if making masa harina)

Can I use all purpose flour instead of masa harina?

Regular flour or corn starch can also replace masa harina, and because they are commonly used for baking, you may have on hand. Both regular flour and cornstarch have a similar thickening property of masa harina but will not provide the distinctive flavor of masa harina.

Can I use cornmeal instead of masa for tamales?

Masa Harina uses corn that’s been soaked in an alkaline agent and it has a distinct flavor. The corn used for cornmeal hasn’t been treated like this and won’t have the same flavor as Masa Harina — so if you try to make tortillas or tamales with cornmeal most likely you’re going to be disappointed with the flavor!

Can you make masa from cornmeal?

To be clear it is not corn flour and you cannot substitute cornmeal or corn flour for masa. Masa harina is nixtamalized, which we’ll get into in a bit.

Can I substitute masa harina for cornmeal in cornbread?

Masa harina

Since it is a kind of corn flour, it can also be used instead of cornmeal for certain meals. I’ve once replaced cornmeal with masa harina in cornbread, and it worked pretty well.

Is masa harina the same as Masarepa?

Masarepa is the flour of choice for making arepas. Masa harina, on the other hand, is made from corn treated with lye in a process called nixtamalization in order to remove the germ and outer lining before it is ground.

Is corn flour same as masa harina?

Is the substitute of Corn Flour Masa Harina? The answer is No. Both of them are entirely different, and using it as a substitute will make your food tasteless. Remember, the masa flour is the staple for the Mexicans, and it is mixed with lime water or calcium hydroxide, which changes the taste of the overall outcome.

Can I use cornmeal instead of corn flour?

Corn flour and cornmeal can be used interchangeably in recipes, but know that using one for the other will yield a slightly different result. For example, if you’re making pancakes or muffins, using cornmeal in place of corn flour will give them a grittier texture.

How do you make homemade masa?


  1. Rinse 2 cups of dried field corn in cold water.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of calcium hydroxide to 8 cups of water in a non-reactive pot (I used stainless steel).
  3. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer.
  4. Remove from heat, cover, and let sit overnight at room temperature.

Can I use polenta instead of masa harina?

Also, using polenta is no different from using masa harina, so you should have no trouble using it if you’re already used to the cooking with the latter. There are quite a few masa harina substitutes to choose from, but not all of them are the same.

Is masa and all-purpose flour the same?

Masa harina is a flour that is used to make masa dough. To get a clearer picture, think of the two this way: Masa harina is like the all-purpose flour used to make pie dough, or bread flour to make bread dough.

What is masa harina in South Africa?

Masa harina is a unique kind of flour made from maize that has been cooked in lime water through a process called Nixtamalization, invented by the Aztecs thousands of years ago. The maize is finely ground and then dried and sieved to form a flour.

How is masa harina made?

It is a type of flour made from dried corn kernels that are cooked and soaked in a lime solution to make hominy. After it has finished soaking, the kernels are rinsed, dried, and ground into a fine powder resembling flour. . Masa harina can be found in the international aisle at most major grocery chains.