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There is a fair chance that you might be collecting posters of your favorite movie or the one starring your beloved actor might be one of the things the moment they come out. Some of you might want to know that some of these posters can be worth a lot if preserved in the right manner and the best way to do that is to get them framed.

Framing your poster will not only give it the protection it needs but also make it look awesome wherever you place it in your house. But the best frames for movie posters are hard to find given the insane number of options out there. You don’t want to go to a retail shop and be tricked into buying more than what is needed simply because you love your poster to bits. The frames you need are available at your fingertips, online, and are up for grabs. Need some help with that? Sure!! We have sorted out the best ones available below and some of the might house your favorite posters.

Reviews of The Best Frames for Movie Posters

1. Craig Frames 26020 24 by 36-Inch Picture Frame, Smooth Wrap Finish, 1.26-Inch Wide

This is one of the better frames on the market as it has a very modern look and is designed that way. There’s the wrap finish which makes the borders very smooth and give them a great feel. There is a bit of assembly work required for the wire hanging mechanism for which a small kit has been provided.

There is the strong support made of cardboard which will back your poster and the front is made of plexiglass, protected by a blue film (which you should remove), that is clear and provides for a great view. The frame is suitable for a full-sized poster (24-inch by 36-inch) though you might not be able to see the whole picture if there aren’t any borders on it.

The frame molding has a width of 1.26 inches which works well for most people. It is manufactured in the U.S.A which tells you a thing or two about the great quality. You can buy it on Amazon from the link given below to preserve your poster for the longest time.

2. Poster Art House 27-Inch-by-40-Inch Poster Frame, Black Finish, Set of 2

If you don’t want one but two of the best frames for movie posters, you might want to consider this one. The size is 27-inch by 40-inch which gives you that little bit extra room for your full-sized poster. It does not make you feel like the picture has slid down to the bottom as it often happens in frames which are of the exact size as the movie poster.

As stated earlier, they come in a set of two and are very strong and will not bend at any point thanks to the 1-inch thick cardboard which is what you want from a frame. These are ready to hang as opposed to the earlier one which had to be assembled in order to be hung. Moreover, you can hang them in both landscape and portrait format which is great given that movie posters come in all orientations.

The quality is really good and worth the price being asked for it since there are two of them. These are up for grabs on Amazon where you can buy them by clicking on the link below.

3. Poster Frame 30×40 Inches, Black SnapeZo 1.7″ Aluminum Profile, Front-Loading Snap Frame, Wall Mounting, Wide Series

This frame is the biggest of the lot in terms of size and gives your poster the most amount of space to present itself. It is made as per the specifications of worldwide theatres and is one of the best frames for movie posters that you will come across.

The stark contrast between this frame and the others is that the frame is made of aluminum, 1.7 inches thick, which gives it extra rigidity and support. The back support is also unique as it is completely white and is translucent which makes your poster livelier. The snap mechanism makes placing posters easy.

The glass offers resistance to glare and protects the poster from UV and is truly great. The aluminum makes the whole frame very light and easy to carry. However, it has to be assembled in order to be hung (both vertically and horizontally) and the tools for that come along with the pack. It is certainly the most trusted brand in this category and you can have it on Amazon through the link below.

4. Movie Poster Frame 27×41 Inches, Silver SnapeZo 1.25″ Aluminum Profile, Front-Loading Snap Frame, Wall Mounting, Professional Series

Yet another one from SnapeZo, this is actually the most popular among all the four. It’s actually a bit smaller in width than the previous one but still provides enough room for any full-sized poster. There’s a great emphasis on the white, semi-transparent support which adds another dimension to your poster.

Changing posters is very easy due to the snap mechanism and the spring hinge eliminates the need for any tools or removing it from the wall to do it. The lens is anti-glare and UV resistant which is not common in this category.

There is a 5-year warranty on the metal which is very reassuring in the quality aspect and it’s safe to say that it’s the best buy at the price quoted for it. So, grab it on Amazon from the link given below.

Things you should look for in a movie poster frame

Your choice of poster frame should be very sturdy, something which keeps your poster the way it is until the time it’s in it. You can make the choice between the wooden and the aluminum frames based on your preference. We would suggest the aluminum ones as they are lighter and better looking. If you are looking to switch posters then choose something which allows for that easily. All these factors will play a big part in you choosing the best frames for movie posters that you love.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to give you prospects in the frames that you can buy. The last one clearly stands out as it’s the best choice of the lot and is inarguably the most popular one as well. If you’re looking for convenience and don’t want to spend time in assembling the hanging mechanism, then you might want to go for the second one. That said, you will have to make a trade-off in quality. So, get your favorite poster framed quickly.

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