The best indoor grill with removable plates – Reviews 2018

The best indoor grill with removable plates - for griddle steaks chicken and fish Reviews

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Summer time is coming and this means that everyone is gearing up for one exciting thing: more grilling time with family and friends! Nothing beats the fun time that grilling brings but sometimes some people would rather have an indoor grill for intimate occasions or when the environment is too hot, too humid or too cold or you just don’t feel like keeping up with the smoke.

Another primary concern when grilling is the cleaning time you’ll have to spend in cleaning the grill plates. If you prefer smokeless, less cleaning time grilling, it’s time to check out these indoor grills with removable plates.

Of course there are in the market but these are our recommendations for the best indoor grills with removable plates - for griddle, steaks, chicken and fish or more

Top 5 Best Indoor Grill with Removable Plates

1. George Foreman GRP4-1

The most commendable thing about the GRP4-1 is its sloped design. It can cook up to five servings having a 72-inch square cooking surface so it’s the best choice for family cooking so you can grill fiver burgers at once and still have space to sear some veggies on the side. Plus, it reduces the fat from those grilled meat without sticking so you are sure that you get that chef-style texture and tenderness from what you grill.

The GRP4-1 makes grilling worry free. Why? It has a temperature indicator which lets you know when it’s time to grill. If it lights up, it means that the grilling plates are already in the right temperature. It also has convenient side handles which stays cool all throughout the grilling. And the best part is it is easy to clean up. All you need is to toss the two grilling plates in the dishwasher and you’re good to go. 

Check it out on Amazon or see this video:

2. George Foreman GGR50B

If the GRP4-1 makes five servings, the GGR50B makes 15 or more servings so it is the best choice for party time! Aside from this, there are still a lot reasons why you will love this grill. One reason is because it has a non-stick coating which removes the need for butter or oil making it very easy to clean. And the superb feature of this grill is that it has two removable grill plates and a removable stand.

Reviewers particularly commend the removable stand because this allows you to feel the fun of outdoor grilling and at the same time lets you to remove the stand for indoor grilling all without the smoke.You don’t only get to grill anytime and anywhere but also anything because it lets you choose from five temperature settings for any kind of food with its unique temperature control. 

You will love this grill more if you check its other specifications in Amazon and after you watch this video:

3. Cuisinart GR-4N

Rated an almost perfect rating in Amazon, the GR-4N is a handy 5 in 1 indoor countertop grill. It can be used for pressing Panini, for full grill or contact grill and for half or full griddle. What people love about this grill is that it has removable and reversible plates which drains the fat out of the grilled food so you don’t just get the fun in grilling but also makes sure that you’re eating healthy grilled food.

There are other cool features to love about this grill. It has a stylish Panini style handles, a floating cover which adjusts to the thickness of the food and adjustable temperature control which lights up when it is already time to grill. You don’t even have to worry about dishwashing after because it is so easy to clean because it also comes with a scraping tool.

Get an all access information for this grill in Amazon or check this video

4. Zojirushi EB-CC15

Looking for a grill which will bring fine-dining in your home? The EB-CC15 might be the one you have been searching for. It is very versatile for any grilling because it has a large grilling surface and a heat range of 176-410 degrees Fahrenheit. As a matter of fact it is regarded by reviewers as the best fit for grilling steaks, seafood, vegetables, sausages, burgers and basically anything you want to grill.

But the best feature of the EB-CC15 is its drip pan. The drip pan serves as to catch the excess fats and oils from the grilled food. This does not only ensure that you eat healthier grilled foods but also makes the grill easy to clean. And grilling is totally guaranteed safe because the surface will not heat up unless installed correctly. 

5. Breville BGR820XL

Outdoor grilling has now the best indoor version with the BGR820XL. What reviewers particularly love about this grill is its Element IQ technology. How does this work? It has heat sensors which can detect a temperature drop when cold food is placed on it. These sensors then immediately recover back to the desired cooking temperature. It is so convenient because its plates allow you to cook faster with reduced pre-heating time. Plus, the top plate can be used for grilling while the bottom plate is very efficient for eggs and pancakes so it is basically all in one.

It is also very commendable because it can go on Panini mode by using the top and bottom plates for pressing and it can also go barbeque mode by opening the grill plates in 180 degrees so that it lies flat like your ordinary grill. What’s more? It has a separate timer and temperature dial to suit whatever food you are cooking.

Given an almost perfect rating, you can check other key details of this grill in Amazon or through this video

How to choose the right indoor grill

There only five mentioned best choices and still you may find yourself in a struggle to choose what will be the best fit for you. In this case, you have to narrow down your choice basing on these questions.

First, how often will I have to use it and for what purposes? All of the mentioned grills have a multi-purpose feature so any of them could be the best choice. If you think you’ll need an indoor grill for daily use, choose smaller countertop grills like the George Foreman GRP4-1, the Cuisinart GR-4Nand the Breville BGR820XL. If you think you would rather want both an indoor and outdoor friendly grill for special occasions and family hangouts, there’s the George Foreman GGR50B and the Zojirushi EB-CC15.

Second, which has the most complete grilling feature? If this is the basis for your choice, all of the recommended grills will suit you. They all have a non-stick feature, removable plates that are easy to clean and can be suitable for all types of cooking, safe and sturdy handles and temperature dials for you to regulate the heat.

The third reason is your design preference. Alongside function, this also matter because most of the time, the product that catches our attention first will surely be the one that is bought. The links and videos related to these products have been written to satisfy your choice of preference.

Concluding Notes

As far as all of these information are concerned, we think that the George Foreman GGR50B is the winner. With a removable stand, you get the most out of what it could offer. If you need it for everyday indoor use, you can just detach the stand and use it as a dependable countertop. If you feel like grilling outside, you can also just easily put it on and take the grilling fun outside.

The best thing is that, it can accommodate more than fifteen servings. This is essentially functional both for intimate family dining and for special events with more people. It is convenient for family dining because you can easily create a full-course meal as you can sear meat and grill veggies using just one grill. It is equally convenient for special events with friends and relatives since you can grill more than fifteen burgers or steaks at once.

Start up the fun in grilling with these best indoor grill with removable plates.

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