The Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes – Reviews 2018

Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes and what to expect from them

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Winter is gone and the summer is fast approaching. For sure, one of the things in your to do list is a massive closet organizing. Oftentimes, the problem is where to put those bulky winter coats and comforters without taking so much space. Other problems that might arise regarding clothes would be packing them for travel. The packing stage is always the hardest part right? No matter what fold you do, the luggage just overflows.

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If these have been usual problems for you, it is time to take note of the best vacuum sealer bags for clothes. Why? Because you get more than just the ease of packing and organizing your closet. Vacuum sealer bags also protect your clothes from mildew and unwanted scents caused by long storage time. For your reference, here are some of the best vacuum sealer bags for clothes that we recommend.

Top 4 Best Vacuum Sealer Bags for Clothes Reviews

1. SpaceSaver Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags (Jumbo)

The most awesome thing about these vacuum storage bags is that it can fit literally anything from small clothes to bulky blankets and towels because of its wide interior space of up to 40x30 inches. Astounded with how SpaceSaver could compress clothes, blankets and duvets by 80%, it is not questionable that they have given it a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

These bags are very dependable on home storage and fits well in suitcases. In instances where you find yourself with no vacuum cleaner for air suction, it comes with a hand pump so that should not be a problem. Most bags let air leak in after sealing but that is not the case with SpaceSaver because it features a unique double-zip seal and a triple seal turbo valve to ensure that no air leaks in.

The best part? It is anti-microbial. This means that it is completely sterile inside these bags so mildews and other sources of bacteria cannot niche inside. And it comes with free six jumbo bags so you can start sealing those clothes in.

If you need further information regarding the product, visit Amazon or watch this video:

2. Ziploc Space Bag (Variety Pack)

Reviewers all agree that the Ziploc Space Bag is the most efficient for any size of cloth. With the variety pack, you get medium, large and extra-large bags which gives up to 3 times the storage compared to the storage volume when uncompressed.

It also comes with specified vacuum travel bags which provides up to 2 times the storage compared when uncompressed. But how does it work? For standard vacuum bags, you can use vacuum cleaners for air suction. As for travel bags, all you have to do is roll them on for the compression to be activated. It has an easy seal slider but you have to take note that when sealing using these bags, never fill clothes beyond the fill line.

You are also sure that you get more than just sealing in and saving space because it protects clothes from dirt, bugs, mildew and from unwanted odors. And it saves you money. Why? Because these bags are totally reusable and it comes in a variety pack containing 14 bags.

For more details regarding the product, you can check Amazon or watch this video:

3. Home-Complete Vacuum Storage Bag Bundle

This storage bag is valuable for many reasons. First, it comes with fifteen bags sorted into one jumbo bag useful for blankets, three XL bags for bulky jackets and towels, four large bags, four medium bags, two roll-up bags for suitcases and one small roll-up bag. You really save up a lot of bucks with this one because you will no longer need to buy extra furniture for storage because they easily shrink the cloth for more storage.

It comes with a useful and portable hand pump to repack your stuff when in travel. It is airtight and water proof so you don’t have to worry about mildews, bugs and the odor that comes along with long-term storage. It is totally sterile inside that your clothes come as if you never packed them for long at all.

For other key specifications regarding this product, you can visit Amazon or through this video:

4. VacWel Jumbo Storage Bags

There’s a reason behind the high rating of the VacWel Jumbo. It is made of 25% thicker materials for better durability and for reuse. These storage bags are primarily useful for extra-large sized cloths like comforters, blankets and duvets. Even with their huge storing capacity, you can expect commendable air extraction, reduced vulnerability from tearing, and a simple seal system so superior reliability is guaranteed.

For air suction, you can easily use a standard vacuum cleaner. And with a triple-valve technology, you are sure that no air leaks out after sealing. Aside from this, your prized beddings are sure to be protected from mildew, mites and bugs. It has an easy to follow instructions list so it will give you all the ease that you need when packing. It comes with six jumbo storage bags which you can use for as many times as you can.

If you need more information regarding the VacWel Jumbo, check Amazon or this video

Choosing the best vacuum storage bags

It is fairly obvious that all the mentioned vacuum storage bags deliver when it comes to airtight sealing and in ensuring that your textiles maintain superb condition even after long time storage. In choosing the best vacuum storage bag, you have to choose the one which gives you more options to seal in clothing.

In this case, choose the one that can pack more clothes in one bag without air leak. Better yet, choose the one which gives you a variety of bag sizes. This saves space in your closet and luggage without the fear of mildews and mites. Roll-up feature is also a good reason for choosing a vacuum bag since not everyone have the standard vacuum cleaner at home.

With these in mind, the Ziplock Space Saver is the best choice. Why? It has fourteen reusable vacuum bags to accommodate various sizes of clothes and textiles. This means that you can seal in blankets in the extra-large bags, towels in the large bags and clothes in the medium and small bags. This offers you easy organizing. At the same time, it has roll-up travel vacuum bags which you can specifically use for your trips without the need of air pump or vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it is airtight and waterproof.

Some Concluding Notes

Vacuum bags are really necessary home essentials that you should start having. They work as your friendly assistants in seasonal clean-up and for travel purposes. They are also money savers because you no longer need to buy additional furnitures just to have more spaces for storage.

Aside from the fact that they are less expensive than these furnitures, they are also reusable bags so you basically just invest at a one-time-big-time manner but with a long-lasting convenience. So choose the best vacuum sealer bags for clothes today and see what they can do.

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