The Best Vacuum Sealer for Deer Meat, Fish and Wild Game Reviews 2018

The best vacuum sealer for deer meat fish and wild game

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Hunting is still widely done today for a lot of reasons. For others, it may be a hobby or experience adrenaline rush with friends. For others, it might be a source of income and food. Whatever the reasons are, hunting is definitely not for the weak strategist. 

Why do we say this? Strategy in hunting does not only begin and end after the catch. Think about it, hunting seasons are short and it may leave hunters the burden of finding ways to preserve their catch into their top quality. Venison, fish and wild game are pricey and as a hunter, you should find a strategy to keep the meat fresh. In this case, there is only one perfect and easy solution; vacuum sealer.

If you have been looking for the best vacuum sealers for meat preservation or just sheer curious of how these are preserved, here are our recommendations of the best vacuum sealer for deer meat, fish and wild game.

Top 3 Best Vacuum Sealer for Deer Meat, Fish and Wild Game Reviews

1. VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster is perhaps one of the most famous vacuum sealers used both for kitchen and commercial use. Rated 4.5 out of 5 in Amazon, it is preferred because it can keep food fresh and scent-free for five times longer. It is also loved because of its multifunctionality. Aside from keeping meat fresh, it can also be used to preserved stew, soups and other liquids. But how does it work?

This vacuum sealer seals by sucking all the air out of the chamber at once through a powerful pump. It does this without drawing liquid in the area that needs to be sealed. To avoid crushing, you are ensured to see the meat as it is sealed because of its see-through lid. Plus, it has a rapid cycle time. You can seal one bag in every one minute. And since we have mentioned about the bags, you don’t need to worry about where to buy becomes it comes with 75 assorted pouches; 25 bags per standard size of 6x10, 8x12, and 10x13.

If you think the VacMaster is truly a winning deal, you can check other information from Amazon or watch this video through this Video:

2. Weston Pro-2300 Double Piston Pump

The Pro-2300 is probably the most talked about countertop vacuum sealer as of the moment. It maintains the food’s freshness for five to six times longer. Considered as a commercial-grade vacuum sealer, it can be used for sealing fish, produce, prized game harvests and bulk food in an automatic one-touch vacuum to seal operation. At the same time it also features a manual seal where you can be free to calculate the amount of pressure you must put in every bag especially for soft foods.

It works with a double piston pump, one of its standout features, allowing you to seal pouches in less than a minute. The best thing about this is that you can seal bags that are up to 15” wide. You can also monitor each stage in the sealing process because of its useful LED lights and see through lid. It is fan motored to avoid overheating. It must be noted however, that because it is not a chamber vacuum, you must only use embossed and textured bags for sealing.

If you need more details regarding the Pro-2300, you can visit Amazon or these videos:

3. FoodSaver GM710-000

This is by far one of the most prominent vacuum sealers among hunters, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts because this sealer is made exactly for the outdoors. It features a rugged design, rubber buttons for the controls and side handles which make it totally portable. Reviewers particularly love the fact that it is lightweight and because it has this very flexible adapter and sunken cord prong which is compatible for car sockets.

With a four out of five rating in Amazon, reviewers indicate a lot of reasons to love this vacuum sealer starting with the fact that it can be taken during your hunts. This means that you can vacuum seal your catch right away. You don’t even have to worry about the sealing pouches because it is not picky. If you are using it on the road, it allows you to make customized sealing pouches made of rolls of plastic. Not only can it hold these plastic rolls but it also has an inbuilt cutter to cut the bags evenly. It is also very efficient for daily home use.

The best part? It has an intelligent sealing control which lets you seal 80 consecutive pouches in a short period of time. It also has an extra-large in-built storage compartment which makes it the perfect fit for small games to large fishes for fillets keeping them fresh for five times longer. It also has a patented drip tray that is dishwasher safe.

If you need more insightful information regarding this product, you can check Amazon or these videos

Making the best vacuum sealer choice

Narrowing down the vacuum sealer choice certainly depends on one important thing and that is the range of use you can get out a vacuum sealer.

For starters, vacuum sealers all do one job and that is to seal food for preservation. But some vacuum sealers are just more useful and flexible than the others. In this regard, the FoodSaver GM710-000 is the solid winner. Why?

First, it can be used for at home and on the road because of its extreme portability. You also save time because it can seal 80 consecutive pouches in a short span of time. Thus, if it will ever occur to you to make a living out of your catch, then you already have the sealing part guaranteed. It will also save you more bucks if you think about it. You no longer need to buy specifically embossed or textured bags because you can actually make your own bags out of plastic rolls depending on the size of the meat you will seal.

With it, you can make the moment after the hunt or catch more meaningful as you and your friends or family can gather around to prepare the meat for sealing.


Vacuum sealers are very underrated kitchen tools. Whether we realize it now or later, they are basically the solution to leftover problems. At the same time, with vacuum sealers, you are not just preserving the freshness of your food but you are also decluttering your fridge which saves you time and effort comes cleaning time. 

Indeed, vacuum sealers should be a must in every home and not just in the essentials of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. If you suddenly feel the usefulness of having one, you can refer to these recommended best vacuum sealers and make the right choice now.

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