The Best Lunch Boxes to Keep Food Hot – Insulated Lunch Container Reviews

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5990113616_613e910419_b The Best Lunch Boxes to Keep Food Hot - Insulated Lunch Container Reviews

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Gone are the days when lunches were packed in brown bags to keep them fresh and safe until the lunch break. Today lunches are packed in insulated lunch boxes. Insulated lunch boxes not only keep food fresh and safe, they also keep food at the proper temperature for hours.

You will find many options for insulated lunch containers. They are available in different sizes and colors. They are also made from varied materials. Some insulated containers come with two compartments while some may have more. Some of these containers also come pockets for utensils.

The many options available can leave you troubled and confused as which is the best pick. These insulated lunch container reviews aim to help you make the right choice.

Reviews of The Best Lunch Boxes to Keep Food Hot – Insulated Lunch Container


The THERMOS Foogo food jar is equipped with the vacuum insulation technology of THERMOS. This technology ensures that hot foods are kept warm for 5 hours and cold foods are kept cold for 9 hours.

It comes with vacuum insulation and a double-walled BPA-free stainless steel design. As such the food jar remains cool in the outside for easy handling. With cold food inside, this food jar is sweat-proof.

The lid of this food jar is ergonomically-designed and features a rubber grip for easy opening and handling. Its wide opening makes it easy to load food, easy to eat straight from the jar and easy to clean. Hand wash or top-rack in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar is ideal for packing healthy and fresh snacks and food for children.

One customer says it is a perfect size for her 6 year-old daughter and the food jar has kept her pasta warm for 4 hours. She says her daughter could easily open and close the jar by herself.

Verdict: THERMOS Foogo food jar lives up to the name the THERMOS brand has been known for years. Its stainless steel construction id of top quality. Its design is perfect for children.

2. Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar

The Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar comes with 4 round containers of different sizes allowing you to securely pack multiple hot and cold meals. It also comes with a spork with a protective cover.

This Bento stainless steel lunch jar features the Zojirushi vacuum insulation technology which makes the two layers of stainless stain air-free. This allows outside temperature not to penetrate the inside of the lunch jar maintaining the hotness and coldness of packed food. It comes with 4 food containers.


The 4 round containers comes in a nylon carry bag with zipper, strap and small exterior side pockets. The containers are recommended to be hand-washed.

The Mr. Bento Stainless Steel Lunch Jar is ideal for packing large snacks and lunch for adults and children. It is perfect to take to a picnic.

One mother says it is a lunch jar of high quality. She found the lunch jars to be light and nice. She brought to the park and it kept food warm. She further says it was easy to carry with the zippered bag.

Verdict: This Mr Bento stainless steel lunch jar keeps food warm or cold as they should. It can pack a lot of food in its 4 bowls. The best thing is the outside temperature does not affect the temperature of the jars.

3. THERMOS Stainless lunch jar

This stainless lunch jar is of the world-renowned THERMOS brand. A soup container, a rice container and a side dish container are packed in a stainless steel insulated jar with the THERMOS technology. The set also includes a pair of chopsticks.

The lunch jar is made from a double-walled stainless steel material with an acrylic resin painted design. The food containers are made from polypropylene. The set comes with an ABS resin carry-on bag. The outer fabric of the tote bag is made of cushioned nylon while the draw-string designed inner fabric is of non-woven polyester.


The lunch jar has a thermal insulation of more than 610 and can keep foods warm for up to 6 hours.  With 3 food containers, THERMOS Stainless lunch jar is ideal when you need to pack multiple foods for school, office or a trip to the park.

A satisfied user says the food containers can hold large portions of food. The best part, she says is the lunch jar can keep foods hot for an entire day. The lunch jar fits in the carry-on bag with enough space for a cold drink.


Verdict: With the THERMOS brand to back this product, this is a good buy in terms of quality, functionality and price.

4. Lunch Box Vacuum Container by Chefcoo™

This double-walled high grade stainless steel (interior and exterior) lunch box vacuum container by Chefcoo™ comes with 2 leak-proof stainless steel food containers packed inside a Thermos jar with 2 flasks and a carry-on bag. The double walls allow food to remain warm up to 6 hours.

This Chefcoo™ lunch box vacuum container is ideal to take to the office, school, picnic, camping and hiking trips. It features a vacuum food thermos features a design that combines style and function.


One owner of this lunch box says she heated some soup and a muffin at 4am, placed it on the stainless steel containers. At 8am the muffin was still warm. At 11am, she amazingly found her soup still warm, too.

A satisfied user says the food containers can hold large portions of food. The best part, she says is the lunch jar can keep foods hot for an entire day. The lunch jar fits in the carry-on bag with enough space for a cold drink.


Verdict: This is an amazing lunch box. The double-walled stainless steel in the lunch box allows food to remain warm despite the cold temperature outside.

Picking the Best Insulated Lunch Container

Picking the right insulated lunch boxes or containers can be confusing. Of course you would want to pick the one that you really need and want. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice.

What Material is the Insulated Lunch Container Made of?

Insulated lunch containers are made from a variety of materials. The material used is what will keep your food hot or cold as well as fresh. So, you will need to choose the lunch box material that does just that.

Insulated lunch boxes or containers are commonly made from plastic, fabric or neoprene. Neoprene is the material than lasts the longest because it stretches and does not easily tear.

Don’t forget to check if the materials id food safe and BPA free to make sure no chemical materials gets into contact with your food.

What Size do You Need?

There are several sizes to choose from and your choice depends on the size of the meal you will be packing.

How Many Compartments do you Need?

Determine how many types of food you need to pack in one insulated lunch box or container. One compartment is right if you are packing just a main meal. If you are packing a variety of food, you may opt for one that comes with different sizes of containers.

You can also choose one that can pack both hot and cold meals.

Does it Provide Value for Money? 

Before shopping for an insulated lunch box, know how much you are willing to spend for one. There are a lot of options available so there is definitely one that will fit your budget. Materials and size are two of the prize determinants.

Is it Easy to Clean?

Choose a material that is easy to clean. It must be resistant to stain. You may also want to check if the insulated lunch box is dishwasher safe or hand washed. Your insulated lunch box should always be clean at all times to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Of the 4 products included in this insulated lunch container reviews, I would choose the THERMOS FOOGO Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar. First it is made with the vacuum insulation technology of THERMOS and has a double-walled stainless steel construction.

Materials used are always a major consideration in choosing am insulated lunch container because you want to make sure foods remain hot and or cold for long hours. It also comes with 4 leak free containers making it ideal to pack large quantities of food.

For the quality and functionality you will get from this product, it is reasonably priced. You will never miss with a THERMOS product and the THERMOS FOOGO is one of the best insulated lunch containers available in the market.

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