Fundamental tips to take care of your feet and toenails

Fundamental tips to take care of your feet and toenails

On a day-to day basis, our feet receive the worst kind of exposure to different kinds of elements. Put that together with the abuse due to the amount of work our feet are required to do, it is no wonder that there may be times when they will require special attention and caring.

However, when it comes to beauty and care routines, we often neglect our feet and toenails. It is good to keep in mind that in order to avoid more serious problems, we can do a few home-friendly steps to care and pamper our feet and toenails. You don’t need an expensive trip to the foot salon to keep your feet and toenails from being neglected.

Train yourself in foot hygiene

As with any other health concerns, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid developing different kinds of fungus/bacteria build up, make it a habit to clean your feet every day. This is the easiest thing to do as you only need to soap and rinse your feet, you can even do it while bathing or showering. Just remember to pay closer attention to those spaces between your toes as they are easy to be overlooked. Once you are done cleaning and rinsing your feet, be sure to dry it thoroughly before putting on any foot wear to avoid fungal or bacterial development.

Trim your toenails

Keeping your toenails clean and short is key to avoid more serious problems. Every day cutting is not necessary, but a trim whenever they get longish is recommended. Regularly trimming your toenails will keep them from strong and healthy. Be mindful that a good toenail cut is straight across and not curved around the edges, and never cut them too short as this could result to the development of ingrown toenails.

Trim your toenails

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Soak your feet

If you’re on your feet most of the times, chances are your feet feel sore, tired, or hurt. To mend this feeling, soaking your water in warm water can do wonders for you. Forget about any special items marketed for this specific method, all you need is warm water and a little liquid soap. Mix them together and soak your feet in it while rubbing and massaging every now and then. Remember not to use too hot water so as to remove the risk of burns.

Moisturize your feet

After washing your feet, chances are your skin will be dehydrated due to the scrubbing, chemicals applied, and too much time soaked in water. To prevent developing fungi or bacteria, apply a small amount of moisturizer regularly; nothing too expensive is needed. Regular lotions and/or creams should do just fine. Once the moisturizer dries, you can also put a little amount antibacterial or antifungal foot powder before putting on your socks or footwear.

Soak your feet

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Get a pedicure

Having your nails done professionally is good. Most nail salons often offer a foot massage together with getting a pedicure – and this works to your advantage. Just remember to tell your attendant exactly how you would like your massage to go. Additionally, make sure that the tools used by the salon you visit are sterile and in good condition. If you see even one out-of-shape tool, ditch that place and find a new salon to visit. Better yet, learn how to give yourself a pedicure, there are a lot of online tutorials that can help you do this.

Invest in good shoes

A good shoe should provide your feet, and in turn your whole body, a very good support. If at all possible, stay away from shoes that do not have supportive arches. Having a flat footwear could result in premature soreness, pain, and even turn your feet flat. If it is not avoidable to wear shoes with heels, choose ones that have wide heels and not more than 2 inches. This will minimize the added tension your feet are being subjected to.

Buying good shoes and socks

Buying good shoes and socks (Via:

Caring for your feet and toenails can seem a bit tedious but remember that in the long run, this will payoff nicely. Though it is very easy to neglect our feet, giving them the care, pampering, and sometimes spoiling that they deserve, it will keep more serious concerns at bay. Feel free to share this if you found it helpful. For comments or suggestions, hit us in the comments section.

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