Technivorm vs Bonavita – Which Coffee Maker Is Right For You?

Technivorm vs Bonavita - Which Coffee Maker Is Right For You?

Tired of coffee that slows you down? Then maybe it’s time you were introduced to the coffee machines which make a quality cup that suits your taste. Leaving space for your coffee becomes mandatory when you consider the decadent delights you get when you use a suitable coffee making machine.

To assist you make an informed decision we are going to compare Technivorm vs Bonavita so that you can uncover which coffee maker is right for you.

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The path to getting a nice cup of coffee that is not only easy to brew but also gives you the expected high quality starts from getting the right coffee maker. This detailed review will give all the features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of each of these coffee makers.

Compare What is it: Technivorm vs Bonavita

As always, it is easier to fully understand the Technivorm vs Bonavita only when we begin by defining them and knowing what they truly are.

Technivorm (Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe, Polished Silver): This simple to operate hand-made coffee maker is made from recyclable materials. It has a metal housing and comes with manual drip-stop brew basket with copper heating element.You can brew full or half carafe and it maintains a maximum level of temperature.

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe

Bonavita(Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel) : The easy to use Bonavita has one touch brewing and automatic power off. It has a heater to maintain the can easily reach optimum and maintain constant temperature level.The shower-head works together with the filter basket for better saturation. The lid and vacuum-wall design maintains the heat levels of coffee. Further, the lid and the brew basket can be used in the dishwasher.

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer

Compare How Does it Work: Technivorm vs Bonavita

How does the Technivorm work?

Filling it with water is made easy by its wide mouth and can measure the quantity through its markings. The lid can easily be put in place. The filter basket uses either of these two: number 4 cone paper filters and/or the permanent gold type.

The lever is for controlling the manual drip. There are three levels in which you can use the level.

The first lever will ensure that the drip is open and you can brew a full carafe. The second lever partially shuts it to get a half carafe and lastly, the third lever closes it. Once it’s closed you can pour your cup of coffee even when it’s still brewing

How does the Bonavita work?

When using this coffee maker, you first of all remove the filter basket and thermal carafe out of it. Then you pour the amount of water in the tank.

The water indicator will show you the amount of cups that you require and this depends on your needs.

Then you place the ground coffee using a scoop and insert the basket on the carafe. Once the basket is placed into position, turn the coffee maker on. It will show you that it’s working by its lights and only remove the carafe after the brewing is over.

Compare Features: Technivorm vs Bonavita

Technivorm features:

This comes with a stainless thermal carafe and manual drip-stop brew basket. The heating element is made of copper and brews full or half carafe. The housing is made of metal.

Bonavita features:

The Bonavita has a 1400-watt heater and also comes with a shower-head. It has stainless steel which lines the thermal carafe.

It has one touch operation buttons that are used for brewing. You can use the carafe lid, filer basket and shower-head in the dishwasher.

Compare Benefits: Technivorm vs Bonavita

Technivorm benefits:

The copper heating element ensures that the temperature is reached at between 195-205F. The thermal carafe retains heat for a few hours and can still drink hot coffee without brewing another cup.

The funnel-mouth design prevents any spillages when pouring your coffee. Even better, you can pour your coffee through the fixed lid and there will be no spills.

Bonavita benefits:

The Bonavita has one-touch brewing and automatic which makes brewing your coffee easier. The 1400-watt heater ensures that the highest level of temperature is reached and also maintained.

The heater also helps to raise the temperature of water as quickly as possible. The shower head is designed to work with the filter basket to give the desired flavor by evenly distributing the grinds. The thermal carafe retains heat and it will stay hot for reasonable amount of time without brewing another cup.

In addition, the lid tightly fits in and the vacuum-walled design is there to maintain the heat. The sleek carafe is easy to clean. The filter basket and shower-head can be washed in the dishwasher

Comparison chart: Technivorm vs Bonavita





7.1 x 12.2 x 15.4 inches

10.8 x 6.2 x 12.2 inches





40 oz/ 1.25 liters/ 10 cup

40 oz/8 cups


6.5 pounds

6.4 pounds


Black/ Silver




Stainless Steel

Compare the Pros and Cons: Technivorm vs Bonavita

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe, Polished Silver

Moccamaster KBT 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Thermal Carafe, Polished Silver



Our rating

The coffee maker is durable and keeps the coffee hot for some time. It brews coffee very quickly and is quiet. The reviewers also agree that it brews excellent coffee with nice flavors.


  • It brews coffee fast
  • Simple to use
  • It hits consistent high temperature
  • Efficient thermal carafe
  • No spills carafe


  • No enough programmable features
  • The glass liner for carafe not strong
  • Doesn’t fully extract

Verdict:  The Technivorm is fast and hits high temperature quite well. The thermal carafe is efficient and retains the heat. There are no spills when pouring the coffee.

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel

Bonavita BV1800SS 8-Cup Original Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel



Our rating

It gives good quality of coffee and its design is impeccable. It brews 8 cups of coffee at one time. It’s simplicitty to use and has brewing cycles of 6 minutes


  • Brewing cycle of 6 minutes
  • Round shower-head ensures grinds are evenly distributed.
  • Makes a nice cup of coffee
  • It keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Easy to clean


  • There are no features you can program
  • The lid hinges are weak
  • The carafe is small

Verdict: there is no doubt that it brews quality coffee and has a brewing cycle of just 6 minutes. Furthermore, it’s easy to clean.

The Final Verdict: The Winner of Technivorm vs Bonavita

The closeness of the features and benefits for these two remarkable coffee makers is unspeakable. But looking at the Technivorm, you can make 10 cups of coffee without refilling water, the funnel-shaped design to avoid spilling when pouring coffee and even better when you are pouring through the lids there is spilling which ensures that the place is kept clean.

Therefore, taking into consideration all these factors we have no choice but to declare Technivorm the winner in this round of the Technivorm vs Bonavita contest.

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