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34142031286_3ae7fb59f5_b Best Bento Lunchbox for Adults to Make Food More Appetizing

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Bento is a Japanese word that means convenient.  It is one of the oldest types of boxes used to pack meals in Japan culture. They are practical, compact and aesthetically beautiful.

Bento lunch boxes have been increasing in popularity in the US party because of its aesthetic appeal. The thought of having a feisty, multi-compartment and self-stacking container to pack your lunch has caught the attention of many people.

Bento lunch boxes allow you to have a more appetizing meal. This is because it packs your meal into sections with compartments which means different foods are separated from each other in one box.

With a wide variety of bento lunch boxes available in the market, picking the most ideal one that meets your specifications can be an overwhelming task. Here then are the best rated lunch boxes reviews to help you make the most ideal choice.

Reviews of The Best Bento LunchBox for Adults or Teacher or Personal

1. PlanetBox ROVER Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

The PlanetBox Rover is a stainless steel bento lunch box with 5 compartments. This bento lunch box can be bit costly but considering that it is made of high quality stainless steel and comes with 2 round leak-proof food containers in an insulated carrying box, justify its price.

The 5 individual compartments neatly pack food making them more appetizing. The 2 round food containers with silicone lids allow the packing of messy or saucy foods. This lunch box is not designed for packing hot foods,

This bento lunch box is made from non-toxic materials without any led content. The rainbow designed carrying bag is made from recyclable materials with room for the lunch box and a water bottle.  It also comes with a set of magnets making it cool for kids to design their lunch box. 

Although the rainbow design of this bento lunch box is ideal for kids, it is also great for adults who want to pack healthy foods in small quantities to avoid overeating.

A user says she at first found this bento lunch box costly but bought it just the same for her daughter and herself. The sections are of the right size and she lust loves the 2 containers and the cute bag.

Check it out on Amazon or see this video:

2. MAIRICO Premium Bento Lunch Box

This freezer and microwave bento lunch box from Mairico is made food grade plastic BPA free materials. It is It is 100% leak-proof, odorless and is dishwasher washable. It comes with 5 compartments including 1 small compartment for dips.

This insulated bento lunch box is equipped with an airtight lid making it leak-proof so food remains fresh until it is consumed.  Packing sauces or liquids is also not a problem as it is mess-free.  This lunch box does not come with a carrying bag but it is safe to be placed on your bag because food will surely not spill out of the lunch box.

This convenient bento lunch box is ideal for cold or hot food. It is great for packing foods to take to school, the office or on the road. Kids will love this lunch box as it is easy to open and close. It has pass the drop-resistant test for durability.

A grandmother says her granddaughter loves this bento lunch box so much, she packs her own lunch. She also got one for herself because she loves the compartments which does not leak and is ideal for controlling food portions.


This premium bento box by GRUB2GO combines a rubber and wood-pattern exterior giving it a unique appearance. It also allows this bento box to be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

This stylish bento box features two layers of food containers with air-tight lids lined with silicone. Silicone lined lids prevent any food spilling. It also has a vent to keep food tasting good and fresh until ready to be eaten. You have an option to use one or both layers of the lunch box.

Free utensils come with this bento lunch box as well as an idea guide showing different creative ways to use the box.

This GRUB2GO PBento Box is a traditional Japanese bento box is ideal for kids and adults. It is made from food grade materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free. 

A user says this bento lunch box is awesome. She sometimes uses one of the containers and in some instances both depending on the amount of food she feels like packing for work. She says that when lunch time comes, she simply slips the box into the microwave. She also finds the accompanying spoon, fork and knife convenient.

4. Modetro Slim Lunch Boxes

The Modetro slim lunch box comes with an equally slim insulated carrying bag. It consists of 3 leak-proof compartments, 1 large and 2 medium compartments separating each food and making sure they do not mix with each other. Being leak-proof packing wet foods is not a problem even if you need to carry the lunch bag on your bag.

This is a versatile bento lunch box as it can be placed on the fridge, freezer and is also microwave and dishwasher safe. It also comes with a 12-month warranty and a 41-paged recipe guide (World of Bento). 

This bento lunch box is ideal for office workers, students and frequent park goers because it can not only pack multiple portion-controlled dishes, it is also slim and not bulky to bring.

One mother says, this bento lunch box is perfect for her college daughter. She says her daughter loves that it is slim enough to fit into her backpack and is airtight thus she does not worry that food will mess her books. She says she will purchase one for her to take to the office.

Qualities of the Best Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento lunch boxes allow you to packed multi foods without fear of them mixing with each other. Here are the qualities you need to look for when picking the most ideal one.

The Right Size and Shape

This depends on what you want to pack. Do you frequently pack just a small snack or a sandwich or do you want to pack multiple foods for lunch or enough for the day? Determine, too how many compartments you prefer.

You may also want to choose one with separate containers which fits inside the box for dips and sauces.    With those in mind you should be able to determine how many compartments you need and the size of the bento box.

The shape is also a consideration especially when you need to place the lunch box inside your bag.


You may not need an insulated bento lunch box if you will be packing foods in room temperature. However, if you will frequently pack foods that need to remain hot or cold, you will need an insulated bento lunch box.


Of course you will always prefer a durable lunch box. Check reviews and warranties to make sure. Meticulously look at the materials they are made of.

Materials and Construction

Materials should be of food grade quality, BPA-free and non-toxic. Be mindful that you are packing food in your bento lunch box so it should be a safe container.

Leak or Spill-Proof

This is a must for all lunch boxes. This way it will not be a problem to pack foods with sauces and soups. A leak and spill-proof bento lunch box ensures no food will ever get into your books or anything inside your bag.

A leak or spill-proof bento lunch box is tightly sealed so this will also maintain the freshness of your food.

Easy to Carry

The bento lunch box should feature a handle that is easy to carry. If it comes with a carrying box, it should also have a comfortable shoulder strap.

Easy to Clean

Lunch boxes with compartments can be difficult to clean. The best bento lunch boxes should be dishwasher safe to ensure it is cleaned well-cleaned and so it will not get stained and flavors will not mix with each other.

Microwave, Fridge and Freezer Safe

The best bento boxes should be versatile. This way you can pack your lunch the night before and heat it in the microwave the following day straight from its container.


Bento lunch boxes provide the convenience of packing different kinds of food without fear that they will mix with other.

Of the best rated lunch boxes reviews, I love the Modetro Slim Lunch Boxes the best. I like the fact that it is an insulated bento lunch box with 3 compartments. More importantly I like that it has a slim design in an equally slim carry bag making it convenient to carry or place inside your bag or backpack. It is dishwashing, freezer and fridge safe as well as leak and spill-free.

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