The Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio – BBQ Grill Mats Reviews 2018

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The best grill mat for concrete patio, at first glance, may not be worth the investment.  They do not in any way affect the performance of your grill, neither do they make your charcoal burn any better. Most certainly, they will not make your barbeque taste better.

While grill mats do not have any direct effect on what you are cooking, they are able to protect your concrete patio flooring from stains and cracking.

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Stains caused by food splatters can cause grease spots on the concrete surface. Grease spots can be difficult to remove and when left unclean can leave a permanent mark on your concrete patio flooring. The hot embers falling on the floor can also cause the concrete patio flooring to crack.

Grill mats do not cost that much but the protective layer they provide to your more expensive concrete flooring makes them an invaluable asset to your outdoor barbeque area. Simply place a grill mat underneath the grill.

Do you want to avoid having to scrub or bleach the concrete patio area where your grill stands? Do you want to protect your concrete patio flooring form cracking? Choose from any of these grill mats.

Top 4 Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio – Bbq Grill Mats Reviews

1. Montana Grilling Gear Premium Grill Mat

Montana grill mat is made from a material that is absorbent and leak-proof enough to take in all the grease, food splatters and charcoal bits spilling from the grill. The backing of this grill mat has non-skid properties allowing it to stay in place underneath the grill.

It can protect your concrete patio from stains and cracks. At 30” x 48”, it can be used even for large gas and electric grills.

It is of lightweight material making it easy to place under the grill and to remove for easy washing. Grease and food splatters can easily be removed by wiping it with warm water and soap. You may also wish to run the hose on the mat.

A user says he bought this mat over a year ago to place under his grill. Once in a while, he checks the concrete surface under the mat has always found it 100% protected and looking new.

The Premium Grill Mat by Montana Grilling Gear is good at trapping everything that spills over the grill and keeping them from hitting the concrete patio flooring.

2. The Original Grill Pad

This 30” x 42” grill pad is big enough to have a large grill sit on top of it with some extra area around the grill to protect the concrete patio flooring from charcoal sparks, food stains, and tools that fall on the floor. It is recommended that there should be a 24-inch space between the grill and the pad to ensure the safety of the concrete floor.

It weighs 8 pounds thus it will not move under the grill while you are cooking. The Original Grill Pad is made from a material of fiber cement. This material does an excellent job of trapping oil, grease, and everything that spills over from the grill so it will not get on the concrete floor.

Fiber cement is a durable, lightweight, flexible and easy to clean material. This material traps anything that gets into it. Cleaning is easy with soap and water under the sink or with a hose.

A user says the solid design of the Original Grill Pad is able to hold up even under worse conditions and still looks good.

The Original Grill Pad comes in an ideal size, color, and shape that can easily match any concrete patio design.

3. Ultra Grill Mat by DiversiTech

If you are searching for a grill mat to protect your concrete patio from stains caused by grease and charcoal spills, the Ultra Grill Mat by DiversiTech is one of the top choices.

This grill mat made of the rubber material that is so durable that it can withstand grease and hot ambers of up to 6000F.

The Ultra Grill Mat is made from a lightweight material making it easy to slip underneath the grill. It is easy to clean too with only a light scrub with some soapy water.

A user says this is a reasonably priced grill mat that excellent do the job it is expected to do. She says she lives in a condo and this mat nicely protects the tile under her grill.

The Ultra Grill Mat by DiversiTech is a favorite of many grilling enthusiasts. This grill mat always gets a high rating from almost all customers.

4. The Gas Grill Mat by Splatter Mat

This grill mat for gas grills is made from a patented barrier media sandwiched by 2 non-woven fiber fabrics.  It functions to protect the concrete surface from grease and food splatters coming from the gas grill. The material will not allow the grill mat to stick to the composite decking.

This grill mat for gas grills is equipped with an advanced technology making it able to absorb liquids in high temperature spilling over the gas grills so they do not get to the concrete patio floors.

The Gas Grill Mat by Splatter Mat is easy to clean with soap and water but if you do not have the time to clean it in between uses, the grill mat is reversible.

A user says this grill mat did not leave any mark on her concrete patio. The size was perfect for her gas grill and it was easy to clean with just a hose.

The Gas Grill Mat by Splatter Mat is ideal for composite decking, concrete, and similar flooring materials as well as wood.

Choosing the Best Grill Mat for Concrete Patio

The main function of a grill mat for a concrete patio is to protect the concrete surface from staining and cracks. Preventing stains and cracks can keep your concrete patio flooring looking new for long periods of time. Cleaning stains can be such a hassle.

A grill mat is a simple and basic item such. When shopping for one you should only think of three basic things.

  • Big enough for the grill to sit on top. The grill mat’s purpose is to protect the concrete surface surrounding the grill. It should, therefore, be big enough to allow the grill to sit on top of it and its surrounding area.
  • Temperature-resistant material. Barbecuing comes with high temperatures. The material of the grill mat should be one that can withstand the high temperature of charcoal falling on it.
  • Durable material. The grill mat should be made of a durable material that is leak proof so grease and food splatters will not get through your concrete patio flooring.

Barbecuing is a fun activity. It should never be marred by the thought that such fun activity can ruin your concrete patio flooring.


The Original Griller comes out as the sure winner in this list of the best grill mat for concrete patio. First, this grill mat can be used both for gas or charcoal grillers. Secondly, the fiber cement material it is made of will be able to protect your concrete patio or deck effectively. Fiber cement will also not melt, rust or fade when exposed directly to the sun.

If you do a lot of barbecuing and still would like to maintain the good looks of your concrete patio, invest on one of the best grill mats for a concrete patio. A grill mat does not cost so much but it can so you on cleaning time and possible replacement because it will not stain or crack your concrete patio flooring.

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