The Best Grill Mat for Wood Deck – Under Grill Pad Reviews 2018

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It is always an enjoyable time to be relaxing in your home deck. Many homes have wood decks because they add value to the aesthetic appeal of their home. Barbecuing is one of the best things to do on the deck. Having one of the best grill mat for wood deck can make the activity safe.

Wood decks are not the best place in your yard for a grilling. Wood easily catches fire and your charcoal or even gas-powered grill on your wood deck can be a fire hazard.

A grill mat or under grill pad can provide the best solution so you can safely barbecue on your wood patio. Choosing the right under grill pad can give you the peace of mind that you are safety grilling.

Top 4  Best Grill Mat for Wood Deck Reviews

1. The Original Grill Pad – Brown Grill Pad, Rectangle

This brown and rectangular shaped grill pad in 8 pounds heavy and is 30” x 42” wide. Because of its somewhat heavyweight, it is firmly secured to the wood deck floor preventing any possible slippage.

The brown color of this Original Grill Pad blends well with any wood deck finish. Its rectangular design provides more area of coverage.

A user says the grill pad is great in catching ashes and hot coals. She has been using it only for two days and it has already saved her deck from having a burn mark.


The Original Grill Pad will protect your wood deck from any propane leaks or ember falls as its cement fabric material can effectively absorb anything at high temperatures. It can also protect your wood deck from any possible stains from food and grease splatters. 

2. Premium Grill Mat from Montana Grilling Gear

The Premium Grill Mat from Montana Grilling Gear is ideal for electric or gas powered grills used in wood decks. This 30 x 48-inch grill mat provides enough space even for large grillers to protect the wood underneath from any gas leaks that may set the wood deck on fire.

This grill mat / under grill pad is made from the synthetic PVC-free fabric material that effectively absorbs greases and food splatters and high temperatures.

A user says she bought this Montana Grilling Gear mat after painting her deck blue. She says she did not want her grill to damage her new paint job and the grill mat did just that.

This under grill pad is easy to clean with warm soapy water and a scrub or with a hose. It also comes with a non-obstructive hole on the top of the mat which serves as the handle.

3. The Gas Grill Splatter Mat

This 48-inch Splatter Mat is an ideal for gas grills used in wood decks. It functions to protect the wood deck from any charred debris that might fall on the flooring. It also absorbs grease or food splatters that may otherwise stain the beautiful wood deck floor.

This under the grill mat in black is made from reversible- two highly absorbent non-woven Self-TouchTM media layers with a barrier media in-between to absorb grease and other food splatters.

A user says she feels safe using her gas grill on her wood deck knowing that the e Gas Grill Splatter Mat is there to protect her wood deck floor. She says it is also great for saving the deck from being splotched with grease.

Having the Gas Grill on your wood deck is a way to ensure the safety of your deck and your home.

4. The Grill Mat by Diversitech

As its name says, The Ultra Grill Mat by Diversitech provides ultimate protection for your wood deck against any fire that may be caused by gas leaks or burn marks that may be caused by sparks high-temperature food. This under the grill pad can protect the wooden floor from anything up to 6000F.

It can also protect your wood deck from stains due to food drippings, and grease. This grill mat comes with a 10-year warranty ensuring that is durable and effective.

A user says this is a heavyweight grill mat that can effectively hold up to the elements. It has protected her wood deck from all grilling mess. She also feels safe having this grill mat under her grill.

The Ultra Grill Mat by Diversitech is made to effectively withstand all food splatters and grease coming off the grill. It works well in protecting the wooden deck from burn marks and even a possible fire. 

Tips on Grilling on Wood Decks

Your wood deck looks gorgeous and it is the favorite spot in your home to relax and have some barbeques. But is grilling on wood decks safe? It actually is not but there are safety precautions you can take to make grilling on your wood deck safe and enjoyable.

Grilling on a wood deck can lead to these problems and if you are not careful can set your home on fire.

  1. Propane Leak. When lines are not installed well, barbecuing using your gas-power grill on your wood deck can cause a fire.
  2. Natural Elements. Many wood decks in homes are located near trees and plants so leaves and branches. Positioning your griller, especially charcoal grillers away from these elements so they do not become a cause for fires.
  3. Many will say that if you intend to do a lot of barbecuing on your deck, it is best to have a concrete deck especially if you are using a charcoal grill. Wood decks though are ideal locations for grills as long as you constantly keep an eye on your grill and have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Checking on your gas wires, locating your grill away from trees, having a fire extinguisher nearby and keeping a close watch on the griller while in use are some of the safety measures you can take to enjoy grilling on your wood deck.

The best safety measure you can take is to set your gas or charcoal grill on top of a grill mat. Grill mats are available in different materials, sizes, and shapes. Many of them are fire-retardant, too. Grill mats serve as a protective layer to prevent stains from food splatters and grease coming out of the grill to settle on your wood deck.

More importantly, grill mats or under grill pads can protect your wood deck from catching fire due to embers or steaming hot food falling on the deck.


If you have a wood deck and like a lot of barbecuing, the Original Grill Pad is the best grill mat. This brown and rectangular-shaped grill pad stays secured to your wood patio floor so no one trips on it. It works best to protect your wood patio against any charcoal that would fall on it or an unlikely event of a gas leak.

Always have your wood deck protected against any possible fires or burn marks that may affect your wood patio due to the use of your grill. Always make sure to have one of the best grill mat for wood deck underneath your grill

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