The Best Yogurt Makers for SCD Diet – Reviews

The Best Yogurt Makers for SCD Diet

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There is a whole new reason why we should love yogurt more and more! We all know that aside from its delicious goodness, yogurt is a special nutritious food packed calcium, protein and Vitamin B to mention some.  As you have probably observed, yogurt is a mainstay in diet plans. And now, it is again making a buzz in the health and fitness world because it is at the center of what is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or SCD.

Ever heard of SCD? Well it is a restrictive diet which works well with individuals who have gastrointestinal problems like lactose intolerance. This means that high carbohydrate foods like grains and dairy are eliminated. You might think, yogurt is fairly a dairy product right? Yes. But when it undergoes a 24hr fermentation, lactose is removed which makes it viable for SCD.

The next question is probably; if I go for SCD, can I ferment my own yogurt? Yes.  But not all yogurt makers have a 24hour timer so if you are considering buying one anytime soon, you might want to take note of the best yogurt makers for SCD diet that we recommend.

Top 4 best yogurt makers for SCD diet Reviews

1. CuisinArt CYM-100

Get creative and make endless yogurt flavors with this electronic yogurt maker from CuisinArt. Rated 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon, this yogurt maker easily offers a 24hr fermentation by just pressing one button. All you have to do is set the timer and just leave it until it is done. You won’t even need to chill it in the fridge after because the CYM-100 has a built-in cooling system to do just right that.

The CuisinArt is a good find because it can contain up to 50 ounces of yogurt which is equivalent to six 8-ounces. Thus, your weekly yogurt need could be achieved in just one processing time so you can save time, money and effort. If you wish to create your own yogurt recipe, all you have to do is put milk and soymilk inside the container, press start and wait for the CYM-100 to culture the soymilk to become yogurt.

For more information regarding the product, you can visit Amazon or watch this video:

2. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

You will definitely love this yogurt maker from Yogourmet because it makes yogurt making easy breezy. It is very dependable in terms of size and speed of fermentation. Speed-wise, you can make as much as two quarters of yogurt in just a matter of 4.5 hours. How cool is that! In terms of size, you can choose to make up to two liters of yogurt in one processing. You don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled at an instant because Yogourmet has an inner container with a special seal-tight lid where you can store your yogurt which can last for three weeks as long as refrigerated.

These are made possible by its unique water-bath system which is known to maintain the ideal temperature needed to make a healthy and safe yogurt with the right texture. It features a precision thermometer so it is very good for people under SCD to make their special 24-hr fermented yogurt.

For further inquiries regarding the product, you can check Amazon or get insightful information by watching this video:

3. Euro Cuisine YMX650

Aside from doing all the work for you, this yogurt maker from Euro Cuisine prepares SCD fit yogurt in just 6-10 hours depending on your desired thickness. Coming with seven 6oz glass containers, it can make up to 42 ounces of yogurt in one press. Reviewers particularly love this feature because it means that they could diversify the flavors of their yogurts.

It is very easy to operate. Just prepare your yogurt mixture and wait for its 15hr LED timer display to beep as soon as the yogurt is ready. The YMX650 has an automatic shut-off so you can put on the glass lid jars at night and wake up to six yogurt jars without fear of overheating.

If you think you need more information regarding this product, check it out on Amazon or consult this video:

4. Gourmia GYM1610

Make 7 jars of yogurt at a time with the GYM1610 of Gourmia. It comes with seven twist on jars with tight lids to ensure that no air leaks in. It features an on/off light indicator which will let you know if the yogurt is ready. It has a 15hr timer that will surely give you the right thickness and an ample fermentation time to meet SCD requirements.

You can also enjoy creating your own yogurt recipe because it comes with a free recipe book to get you started. It is a perfect fit for newbies under SCD in terms of making their own yogurt mixes. It is compact, easy to use and fairly cheaper compared to other yogurt makers. If you have other key specifications you want to check regarding the product, visit Amazon.

Making the verdict on which yogurt maker you should choose

Your choice of yogurt maker should rest primarily on two very vital features. First, does the yogurt maker you like meet the prescribed number of hours in terms of fermentation time? It has already been mentioned that not all yogurt makers have 24hr timers. Although all of the mentioned yogurt makers take pride in being SCD friendly, SCD specifically requires a 24hr fermentation process for yogurt. Remember, SCD is a restrictive diet and you should adhere to what it prescribes.

Second, does the yogurt maker you want complete feature-wise and cost-efficient? With these two questions in mind, we think that the CuisinArt electric yogurt maker is the winner. The basis for the choice? It is the only one of the four who can meet the 24hr fermentation time requirement. Plus, it is spacious enough to accommodate just the right supply of yogurt for you which is cost-efficient because you won’t have to worry about not being able to consume it on time to avoid spoilage. 

You will also not exert too much effort in monitoring the preserved yogurt every now and then or in constant check if the lids are sealed tightly. Plus, it generally does all the work for you for it does not only ferment, it also does the chilling process while you control the ingredients that go with it.

Takeaway on yogurt makers

The thing about yogurt makers is that they provide an opportunity for health conscious individuals, people who just really love yogurt and for people under the SCD to provide for themselves the health benefits of yogurt in a homemade pack. 

Yogurt makers are SCD essentials because they are given the freedom and use of judgment to decide in terms of their thickness preference, ingredients to be used, sweetness and fat content. Having this kind of liberty when it comes to yogurt make SCD a fun diet plan albeit it being restrictive.

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