So Really, What is a Pedicure and What is it For?

What is a Pedicure

Are your feet dry? Are your toenails out of unhealthy and shape? Do you want to relax your feet and give them the treat that they deserve? Well, then you should continue reading.

While pedicures have been around for centuries, many people find themselves asking, “What is a pedicure?” Because of the lack of understanding, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding pedicures. But did you know that pedicures are very beneficial? I, for one, walk around all day and have no time to sit down and shape my nails—therefore, my biweekly pedicure is my time for relaxation.

How Does a Pedicure Work?

Pedicures are a way to look after the health of your feet. First, your pedicurist starts your session by soaking your feet in hot water to relax your skin, toes, and toenails. After which, the dead skin and calluses are rubbed off your feet with an emery board. After removing all the dead skin, your pedicurist will rub moisturizer into the soles of your feet to retain the softness of your skin.

Makes your feet smell better

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Only after this initial treatment will your service provider trim your toenails and shape them just the way you like. He or she will also use cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticles and remove dead skin. After trimming your toenails, he or she will ask you if you want to add color to your nails with a little nail polish—this step is totally optional.

The overall goal of the pedicure is to relax and refresh your feet, moisturize your skin, and clean your toenails. Adding nail polish to your toenails makes them prettier, but that bit is optional.

What is a Pedicure For?

As has been established, contrary to popular belief, a pedicure is not just for beautification purposes. Pedicures have been used for ages to relax the feet and refresh the sole, so to speak (pun intended).

Aside from relaxation, though, pedicures have also proven to improve posture, remove dead skin (thus improving foot health), and treat certain foot problems.

Because we walk, stand, and run on our feet on a daily basis, it is no surprise that it is among the most stressed parts on our body. Moreover, most people neglect foot hygiene and treatment, taking the feet for granted because the skin is not as sensitive as on other parts of the body. But did you know that accumulated stress to the feet takes its toll on posture? Through relaxing the feet, pedicures improve posture and help you walk more naturally.

Promotes mental well-being

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As stated earlier, after soaking your feet in hot water, your pedicurist will remove dead skin and callouses. Through rubbing the soles your feet with an emery board, your provider ensures that the excess skin that can later lead to peeling feet or even small wounds are removed.

Lastly, pedicures treat or relieve certain foot problems. Have you ever had an ingrown nail? This occurs when a sharp part of your nail pushes against the sensitive skin surrounding it. This nail can cause your skin to swell and gives you a painful sensation when pressed or while you are walking. Well, pedicures remove that. Your service provider will trim and cut your nail to ensure that all ingrown nails are removed. Additionally, the foot soak at the start of your pedicure can also relieve pain from bunions.

Who Needs Pedicures?

The better question is—who doesn’t? Pedicures are a universally loved relaxing treatment for your feet. Most people think that pedicures are only for girls, but that is a huge misconception. Even men can benefit from a good pedicure every now and then.

Because pedicures treat certain foot ailments, if you have any of those, then a pedicure is right for you. If you need to relax your feet after a long day of walking, then a pedicure is the right way to go. If you do not have time to cut your own nails, then get a pedicure. Really, even if you have no reason at all, get a pedicure.

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After reading this article, you can now answer others when they ask you, “What is a pedicure?” Now you know that a pedicure session starts with a foot soak and ends with your feet being both happy and healthy—from the heel to the toenails. More than that, you also know that pedicures are beneficial for relaxation, posture, and foot health. And lastly, you know that whether you are a boy or girl, office worker or bakeshop assistant, getting a pedicure is always the right move.

Apart from having your nails shaped and your skin refreshed, there is also the added benefit of increased relaxation and better foot health. So why not book one now? You won’t regret it.

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