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You Asked Does the Instant Pot automatic shut off?

The Instant Pot is nothing like Grandma’s pressure cooker! It has loads of built-in safety features including automatic pressure controls, shut-off fuses, overheat protection, lid locking, and temperature controls.

Can I leave my Instant Pot unattended?

In conclusion, a well-functioning Instant Pot can be left unattended while cooking if it is placed in a safe location (on a flat surface, away from clutter). Moreover, you can keep food in it (without worrying about your health) for a few hours, until everyone is ready for dinner.

How long does Instant Pot stay on on?

With either the pressure cooker or slow cooker functions the Instant Pot will hold at a “Keep Warm” temperature after cooking, so you can actually cook your food long before you’re ready to eat it and then just hold it at the automatic warm temperature for up to 10 hours.